Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Exellent for shaping the bottom cheeks

Even though I love jogging - I have to agree spanking is a lot more fun.

Fellow joggers, can anyone recommend any simple exercises for strengthening the quads and knees please?

Got to get back into work mode.



dave94015 said...

hi - check out this 5 min. youtube vid (or )
deep squats, leg raisers, kick squats, straight leg bridges, side squats, done by a woman for women without any fancy exercise equipment! Like your blog! -D

Anonymous said...


Straight leg raises are the safest way to strengthen the knees.

Using a bicycle will strengthen your quads.


Hermione said...

What a cute cartoon. Having a personal trainer can be very motivating.


ronnie said...

Dave - Hello and thanks so much for the link, appreciate it. Will take a look.

Joey - P did mention leg raises as well so I'll give them a go. I do stationary bike riding but doesn't seem to be helping. Thanks Joey.

Hermione - P does help a lot with tips and motivation so I suppose I do have my my own personal trainer:) I just wondered if there were any other exercises P hadn't mentioned.
Hope you enjoyed the concert. Thanks Hermione.


sunnygirl said...

I keep telling my husband that spanking is good exercise for both of us.

Red said...

What a nice rest while jogging. smiles...
Be very careful in trying to strengthen quads and knees... Slowly increasing speed and/or distance is the safest.
Although many people use stationary bicycles, they have caused me severe knee pain, so I avoid them...
Just like your garden, improving your muscle strength is a work in progress...
BUTT training is far more fun.
bottoms up

Emen said...

And quads would be..... ? No, no, it'll come to me.
Unfortunately I don't think that's a truism. If someone smacking my bottom would give it any shape that would have happened years ago. Still, one can dream, whilst quad strengthening.

Good luck with that!

Dee said...

Sorry Ronnie, I'm not a jogger...... or an 'excerciser' at all really.... although I have nimble fingers due to my keyboard skills if I could count that :) ....... but love the pic :)

Dee x

Lea said...

I bet that tops burn some calories while spanking, a right handed man I know who practically has a Popeye arm on the side he spanks with can attest to that. Lol. But do bottoms burn calories while being spanked? Maybe I need to kick my legs more. Better than having to jog.

Erica said...

Wall squats are a simple, isometric way to strengthen quads. They look deceptively easy, but you sure feel them, trust me.

As for shaping the butt, I WISH spanking did it. I could forget about all that gym work!

Anonymous said...

Great cartoon, I must take up jogging :-)

ronnie said...

SG - I'm sure he agrees. Thanks SG.

Red - Yes, P said I have to be careful. He has given me a few exercises to do and said he's very happy to motivate me if I slack:) Thanks Red.

Emen - I wish it would help my cellulite:) Thanks Emen.

Dee - Keyboard skills, definitely that counts:) Thanks Dee.

Lea - I swear P's arm has more strengh now. Wouldn't be good if spanking helped weight loss. We would have found the worlds best diet:) Thanks Lea.

Erica - P mentioned wall sits and I have been doing them. Your right about them not being easy, really burns the quads. Thanks for the link Erica. Appreciate it.

Anon - Hello and thanks.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Ronnnie, I'm a swimmer.I have started more walking recently because I need to weight bear...age is creeping up with me.I def feel ready for anything after a long swim or a long walk.Hope you get back into the swing of things soon.The weather doesn't help....our house is on the fellside and it's like Wuthering Heights up here.Sarah,LD,UK

Anonymous said...

LOL i realy enjoyed reading that you actualy prefered spankings to joggings, my wife thinks the opposite but having been together over 42 years there must be something we are doing correctly; and a vigorous OTK spanking can certainly provide an excellent workout for both parties.
Correction Man.

ronnie said...

Sarah - So do I. I'm going to give it a go. It's the early morning I love being out but If I have to stop the jogging, I'll just walk. How lovelynto be up walking on the feels but I know what you mean about the weather. Thanks Sarah.

CM - And a vigorous OTK can certainly motivate if she's slacking:) Thanks CM.


Val said...

ronnie, effective exercises are very simple, such as 1)Squats, and 2)Lunges. My opinion. Good luck!