Friday, 15 June 2012

Black & White Friday.....

.....sharing more of my black and white finds.....

I know but I like it:)

I love the detail in the above drawing - a talent I wished I had.

Have a fun weekend.



1manview said...

Great pics Ronnie, you got me looking at those bloomers again. I'm going to have to break down and bite the bullet and buy ML a pair. There so inviting, enticing, intriguing... And since I don't have to buy any spanking utilities, why not.. lol ...
Thanks for sharing...

Have a great day,
And better tomorrows...

Michael M said...

Hi Ronnie
Some nice drawings thanks.
That US magazine Strictly Spanking and its sister publications were great finds in the Janus shop many years ago.

I can remember discovering Directoire knickers in the early Janus magazines.
Their accessibility for spankings and birchings is very practical.


Emen said...

I remember that one with the lady in the mask! And the BJ/tawse is intense. Thanks, I love these so much too.

joeyred51 said...

Very interesting drawings and photos ronnie. Thank you.


Hermione said...

I like the last one too. Imagine taking such care to write down all those punishments. I wonder if they were added after the hands were drawn.


SNP said...

Great finds, Ronnie. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I particularly like the 4th picture down were an errant young lady is over a stool awaiting the biting sting of the riding crop, brings back some distant memories of something i was engaged in many moons ago .

Correction Man.

PK said...

Ohhhh... they are wonderful! That would be a wonderful talent to have. All these pictures running around in my head world really come to life.


ronnie said...

1MV - Your more than welcome. You should but would she like them? I've been tempted to get a pair but I haven't found any in the shops and I would want to see and feel them before I bought. Thanks 1MV.

Michael - Glad you liked them. First time I'd seen the mag. Once when I went to London I was going to pop into the Janus store but it felt a little intimidating (was on my own) all men going in and out so didn't. Thanks.

Emen - I'm really glad you enjoyed them. I hadn't seen the mask one before, found that on Ebay. Thanks Emen.

Joey - I hope you liked them. Thanks Joey.

Hermione - I wondered the same. I've been looking at it again but no idea. Thanks Hermione.

SNP - My pleasure. Thank you for stopping by.

CM - Don't tell anyone but that's one of my favourites:) Thank you CM

PK - P has that talent. Thanks PK.


sunnygirl said...

Great drawings, thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

ronnie said...

You too SunnyGirl. Thanks for stopping by.


James said...

Hi ronnie:

You hit a chord with me with this artwork. Personally I think art shows so much more than photos. You can almost feel what's going on in the drawn picture.

Even though I'm more into the F/m aspect of what we do, this artwork moved me, the Wife may not be safe tonight, LOL. As a matter of fact I know She won't be!!

Thanks for the inspiration!!


Anonymous said...

We have a punishment book, but it is more than just a log.We both write an entry....usually Peter first.The position on number 2 looks abit awkward.But enjoyed them all.Sarah,LD,UK

ronnie said...

James - I hope you had a good evening:) Yes I totally agree you. Happy you liked them James, thanks. Enjoy your weekend.

Sara - Hello. We had one once but didn't work us. Glad you enjoyed them. Thanks. Have a good weekend.


david said...

Hi ronnie,you can tell how old our cricket bat is,as its marked 1/11d hows zat for value for money.?Its seen some service on my bottom but I don`t remember playing much cricket with it.have rosy cheeks soon.

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reneerose~closetgirl said...

Love them!! Thanks for posting.

ronnie said...

Dave - Cricket bat for spanking, yikes, pass on that:) Thanks Dave.

Reneeerose - Hello. Happy you enjoyed them. Thanks for stopping by, appreciate it.


Anonymous said...

Just a passing thought if you also like the picture of the young lady over the stool awaiting the attention of the riding crop.The aprehension on her face says it all, however if she was deserving of a good girl spanking which many of you delightful ladies are. May i suggest instead of the riding crop use a 5ft riding schoooling whip held entirely at the handles end and gradualy apply the last 18inches or so in a flicking motion and not to hard accross both exposed upturned bottom cheeks; and i am fairly certain the lady in question may just end up with a large lusty smile on her face instead of possable tears in her eyes from the crop, Just a thought dear lady and nothing more.

Correction Man.

Ana said...

What is it that you know and like?

And yes, the detail in that last book is pretty cool. :)

ronnie said...

CM - We did have a riding whip but not that long thank goodness) Thanks CM.

Ana - Meant I know it's not black and white like the rest of the pictures and drawings but I liked it because of the little colour it has:) Thanks Ana.