Monday, 11 June 2012

Attitude Properly Adjusted




...and later that evening we joined family at a local restaurant to celebrate his mother's birthday with me sitting uncomfortably on a sore bottom. My husband turned to me and whispered how nice to see my attitude was properly adjusted.

One thing I never found out.......what on earth had been wrong with my attitude in the first place? I didn't take up the query with my husband needless to say.

Hope you have a good week.


Please let me know if any of the pictures are yours so I can credit them to you.


Anonymous said...

Well you really can't ask for better than that ! A graduated approach to it all makes for a perfect w/e.Sarah,LD,UK

bobbsroom said...

Almost identical to my weekend, giving of course.

Have a good week

Stormy said...

Ouch! My husband loves those "attitude adjustments". I usually get them in the morning..

Michael M said...

What a splendid weekend you had even if the weather was bad. It must have felt warm inside.

Dee said...

I think you got the weekend I was supposed to have! Lol!

Dee x

PK said...

I certainly hope you find out what was wrong with your attitude - so you can do it again!


joeyred51 said...


Hand spanking on Friday, leather on Saturday and a cane on Sunday. Wow.

Thank you for sharing.


ronnie said...

Sarah - And it was Sarah, thanks.

Bobbsroom - Hope you enjoyed yours as much as I did mine:) Thanks

Stormy - So do I:) Thanks Stormy.

Michael - I didn't notice the weather:) Thanks Michael.

Dee - I hope you have yours next week then:) Thanks Dee.

PK - LOL. I'll have to ask him. Thanks PK.

Joey - It was a good weekend Joey, thanks.


Hermione said...

Three days in a row! Lucky girl! You really must remember what your attitude was so you can recreate it as needed.


SNP said...

Spankings and good food with family. Sounds like a great weekend. Nice follow up post.

ronnie said...

Hermione - Sadly 3 in a row doesn't happen very often:) Thanks Hermione.

SNP - All three added up a lovely weekend. Thanks SNP.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

Our congratulations to you and P.

sunnygirl said...

Wow, 3 in a row, such a lucky girl. When you find out what needed to be adjusted please let me know so I can try it.

Kitty said...

I've always heard that good things come in 3's! It must be true, particularly in your case, ronnie!


ronnie said...

OBB - Thank you.

SG - I wonder if he'll remember. Thanks SG.

Kitty - LOL thought about "good things come in 3's" as my title post. Thanks Kitty.


1manview said...

Mmm, let's see, his mother birthday.. ronnie.. his mother birthday.. ronnie, yea, you needed a tune up before that happen... lol...

Emen said...

So hot. Almost picture haiku.

If I ever tried to go back and figure out where my attitude went wrong that's all I'd be doing the rest of my life.

MrJ said...

Ronnie, should P follow your blog, he may feel your final question leaves some room for the suspicion that something remains to be desired. I would be careful, with that picture he sent earlier in mind.

ronnie said...

1MV - I don't think it was his mom this time:) Thanks 1MV, lovely to see you.

Emen - Sometimes it's best not to ask. Thanks Emen.

MrJ - I know when not to ask and leave it as it is:) Thanks Mr. J.


Daisychain said...

Oh, yes, you need to know, for obvious reasons! Bet he enjoyed giving them as much as you enjoyed getting them!xxxxxxx

Elysia said...

It's so much easier to (ahem) deal with some things, when our head and backside are in the proper state, right Ronnie? lol
A preemptive strike? ;-)

Anonymous said...

great pics. great post, funny how sometimes they think our attitude needs a helping bhand eh? it looks like ive got a memorable attitude adjuster episode coming up when my arm is mended. this post gave me a good idea, i know ive got it coming, so its pointless arguing, but rather than one almighty butt busting spanjing, i might ask if we can spread it over a few days.....wish me luck
love and hugs KIWI xxx

ronnie said...

Daisy - Personally I didn't think my attitude needed adjusting but then I never do:) Thanks Daisy.

Elysia - So right there Elysia:) Thanks.

Kiwi - Oh dear it will be a very memorable one for you Kiwi. Make sure you have plenty of cushions available:) Thanks Kiwi.


Anonymous said...

I also hope you find out why your attitude was not appropriate in the first instance, but i am fully in favour of any incorrect attitudes being addressed when required. And although your bottom was probably throbbing i hope you both enjoyed the celebrations.

Correcton Man.

ronnie said...

CM - I don't think I want to ask now and at the time it didn't seem appropriate. Yes both enjoyed the weekend enormously:) Thanks CM.