Monday, 28 May 2012

Victoria's Secret coming to UK

My husband told me, I didn't know it myself, he sent me a link to an article and told me great, more choice for you, competition should keep prices down. Apparently they're starting off with as store in Bond Street then adding one a few days later in a London shopping centre then see how it goes.

"Thanks, P," I said, "but how did you come by this knowledge of women's lingerie stores?"

"Ah, that would be telling, I like to keep track of things not just boring stuff," he said, obviously pleased with himself for spotting something which might interest me.

"No really, did you just happen to see the article?"

"To be honest, in the same article there's a piece about Agent Provocateur and google pinged me because of that, I've got some shares in the owning company, 3i, you see. They make some nice marketing videos." He's right there, Agent Provocateur do some lovely classy videos often with a S&M undercurrent.

"Oh, boring boring, and I though maybe you'd been searching for a little present for me or something." My husband smiled.

Ah well, a girl can hope.

So ladies, please tell me what do you think of Victoria's knickers, are they of good quality, sexy, not too thick, provocative perhaps, which will aid and abet me in enticing my lord and master to deal with me?



bobbsroom said...

Hi Ronnie

I do like the bow but i normally find them to small to support my ball bag. The Ann Summers muppet ball bag is far better.
Hope that helps


Anonymous said...

Good news indeed . Mind you I'll probably still have to go on line.We only got a Starbucks in Carlisle 18 months ago !Sarah,LD,UK

Erica said...

I personally recommend the line of panties called "Cheekies." I have several pairs of those. Cute, feminine and flirty, AND -- best of all -- they don't make lines in your clothes!

Erica said...

Almost forgot the link:

ronnie said...

Bob - Thanks.

Sarah - Yes probably will. A Costa coffee has just opened in a small town not too far away and local are very suspicious:)

Erica - Thanks. They do look cute and flirty, not too expensive either. Just right me thinks.


Hermione said...

I took a peek at the website, and saw they have a section called "Pink". Secret code for the spanko section, no doubt.

I think we have VS in some of the larger cities but none near me, so it's online shopping, as usual.


PK said...

I've never tried them - so you let me know if you like them.


ronnie said...

Hermione - Didn't see the Pink section, have to take another look. Thanks.

PK - I'll see what the cost is one they open and if I buy a pair will definitely let you know. Thanks PK.


saffy said...

ooo these are beautiful, i think i will elave the web page open on this site.............thank you for sharing .

Anonymous said...


I think it is so cool that P found the site first. Keep us posted on future developments.


Emen said...

I've been wearing VS for years so I should do better than I'm probably going to. Overall the quality is good. I handwash even a basic bra so stories of people putting a frothy VS concoction in a washing machine and being stunned that it fell apart just mystify me. Overall the pricing is median but I mostly order online and $12 to ship a 32oz bra seems aggressive. I'm sure P being in the loop as he is, he has started a private account to get you the $10,000 diamond studded Christmas bra and thong. Maybe I'm too practical but the thought of being crushed over someone's knee in a diamond studded thong lacks appeal. The closest store to me is too far to go to try on because it's very poorly stocked, which is a shame because on me their sizing can be a bit wonky.

Erica's right. Cheekies, Cheeksters are great so they'll probably discontinue them. I joke. The stores are very cute and it's mostly good fun at good prices. Enjoy!

Red said...

Ronnie: Pink is for the teenage market, and possibly even younger.
We shop their frequently for Cindy, and I highly recommend them.
also look for opening sales, or be willing to purchase either three for a set price or five for a set price, (different ones obviously, but from a specific category of quality and material -- or :) a lack of material]being much cheaper than purchasing a single item.
Enjoy and compliments to P for finding the info before you...
PS:we bought a few for me to wear also
bottoms up

ronnie said...

Saffy - I need to look at the site again. I like the cheeky knickers Erica mentioned, Thanks Saffy.

Joey - He thinks so as well:) Thanks Joey.

Emen - Thanks so much for the info on the underwear Emen. At $10,00 I'd want more than just the bra and thong:) Definitely worth taking a look.

Red - After reading the comment from Emen, yours and the link Erica sent I'm going to have to make a trip to London. I must admit I rarely order underwear online, I like to feel, touch and try on. What colour did you go for? Thanks Red.


Rogue said...

Love the underwear line. My husband doesn't even blink at the price as long as I model what I buy. He shops there for me occasionally, bought me a sleep shirt that I love!!

overherlap said...

Ah yes Ronnie, the Cheekies are all nice, I imagine the spanking will be nearly half over before P will need to take them down to finish up a good sound bare bottom spanking :)


SpankCake said...

Hi Ronnie,

As Erica and Emen have already commented, I also love the cheekies. I'm wearing a pair of them in my latest post... more coverage than a thong, but more revealing than regular bikini bottoms. Also, they're great if you're feeling modest but still want a bare bottom spanking.

Now that I think of it, I think all my panties are from VS... they usually have great deals- 5/$25 which is comprable to what you can find at discount mega stores like Target. They're also super comfy, and last a reasonable amount of time.

Happy Shopping!


Michael M said...

Look forward to seeing you model them in the future.
My wife's opinion is that they are fun but they are not designed to be worn for long as they are a bit 'nylony@

ronnie said...

Rouge - I'm convinced to try them. Thanks Rouge.

Dave - As long as he does take then down then I'll buy some:) Thanks Dave.

SC - Hello. I'm not a thong girl so they sound perfect for what I need to entice P. Thanks SC.

Michael - Only if P takes a picture:) Using then for fun would be perfect. Thank your wife for me Michael.


sixofthebest said...

Ronnie, will Victoria's Secretm sell my favourite, 'Directoire Knicker's those 'old-fashioned bloomer's. I love to take a pair down, before I spank a naughty lady, on her voluptous bare bottom.

Lea said...

I didn't realize you didn't have those out there! I think it's a bit too pricey for many things so don't shop often. But compared to what I've seen of your Agent P store, it may look like a good deal.

ronnie said...

SOTB - I will take a look as I've always wanted a a pair of those knickers. Thanks SOTB.

Lea - I do love AP's limgerie but too expensive. I've only looked at VSs Cheekies and they seem quite reasonably prices compared to some places I uses. Will see when they open. Thanks Lea.