Monday, 14 May 2012

Spanked like a sack of potatoes

My husband's words not mine. Needless to say I would never refer to myself as a sack of potatoes.

Still, dubious choice of imagery aside, it is apparently how I was spanked the other day. I hadn't wanted to be spanked, not at the start anyway, but P asked me if I had a moment to spare and said he wanted to see me in our little home office and when I got there he wasn't at the desk working away but sitting on our futon sofa. He told me to get across his lap, he was going to spank me. I asked him why, I hadn't done anything, but he didn't answer, just patted his lap and I did as I was told. I hadn't been spanked for a while but I was really indifferent, I had other things on my mind. He spanked me over my jeans, I didn't say anything or make much movement, then his left hand went under my tummy and he undid me and wrestled my jeans down over my hips and bottom, me not helping.

He spanked my bottom hard, stroked it, massaged it, pulled my knickers down and spanked it again and still I didn't move. By this time I would normally have wiggled considerably, gasped quite a lot, maybe cried out, maybe giggled, maybe used some profanity or other, you know how it goes, depending on the circumstances.

Suddenly the spanking stopped, my knickers were put back in place and I was told to get up and pull my jeans up. I didn't want the spanking, I hadn't sought or earned it, but being rejected from one was almost as bad as getting one I didn't want in the first place.

To make matters worse, I was just starting to thaw and I think with a little I asked him why he'd stopped. I sounded surprised, a bit indignant, but P just said 'sorry, bad idea, it's like spanking a sack of potatoes, it's not going anywhere'. I went off, it was as if I'd been dismissed.

The stupid thing was, when I got downstairs I actually wanted to be spanked. Funny how we misinterpret things sometimes and wish we'd done things differently, but unfortunately hindsight's never there when you need it. It didn't make for a bad day I'm pleased to say but the spanking opportunity didn't return as we had visitors later.
Lesson learned, not to look a gift horse in the mouth. Still don't like being compared with a sack of potatoes though:)



Lea said...

Referring to a spouse as a sack of potatoes is never a good idea. ;-)

Erica said...

Oh, dear. Sometimes, it just isn't right, is it. The body was there, but the mind was not. And how wretched, having it end like that and feeling like it's your fault somehow. :-(

Hoping your next spanking will be blissful and fulfilling, and erase that one bad taste.

Dee said...

Uh oh! Yes hindsight is a wonderful thing eh. Hope you both get the chance to 'right' things soon :)

Dee x

bobbsroom said...

Hi Ronnie
Not wishing to be forward at all but I have been going back over your post and if one of the pictures is you in Ouch 12 Jan 11 then are rest assured the sack of potatoes line is as far removed as it gets. You certainly have a fantastic figure but remember us tops do like a little reaction from our spankee’s. Have a good week.


Hermione said...

Sometimes you just aren't into the right mindset, and that's what happens. You can't respond. I give P credit for trying, though.


ronnie said...

Lea - LOL. Too right but I know what he meant. Thanks Lea.

Erica - Your so right. Thanks goodness it doesn't happen too often:) Thanks Erica.

Dee - I wish I had it at that moment:) anks Dee.

BOB - Hello - your making me blush. Yes one of them is me and the one on Cane-Iac's site. Just one of those things. Have a good week yursself. Thanks Bob.

Hermione - Thanksfully doesn't happen that often with me:) Thanks Hermione.


PK said...

Hey Ronnie,
Been there, done that. I was in a bad/sad mood. I think it would have help if he'd kept going. But I'm not sure. Chalk it down as another experience, and look forward to nest time.


Emen said...

Thanks so much for writing about this. I've gone indifferent to one I'd been promised and looking forward to. Yesterday. Sounds so perverse but I wasn't trying to be. Schedules got changed, we thought we couldn't do it, then we could, I didn't care anymore. Getting a spanking I'd been thinking about for days and in my head I wanted to be off visiting spanking blogs. Hate that dull, stupid feeling of missed opportunity but it'll come right next time. :)

SNP said...

I am glad it did not make for a bad day, but sorry for the missed opportunity. Communication with your spouse -spanking or otherwise is not always easy!. I am with Lea,..never good to refer to your spouse as a sack of potatoes. I just know your next personal story will be a satifying one!

Our Bottoms Burn said...

It happens. I doubt P feels any better about it than you do.

Anonymous said...


My wife and I had a long conversation about the topic of being emotionally ready for sexual/spanking play. Men and women are so different in our emotional responses. We have an "instant on" switch and forget that we must communicate and be patient.

And, another gender difference, we will never be accused of finding the right expression to describe how we are feeling at the moment. I would be sleeping in the guest bedroom if I used "sack of potatoes" to describe my wife.

I hope you and P talk about how you were feeling.

Big Hug,

ronnie said...

PK - I'm not sure either but no problem didn't upset the day. Thanks PK.

Emen - That's the one good thing - I know everything is always fine the next time. Thanks so much Emen.

SNP - I'm always ssaying communication, communication and more communication but I didn't that day:) Thanks SNP.

OBB - It does happen to all of and your right P didn't feel any better than I did. Thanks OBB.

Joey - Your so right there. Normally I can instantly switch on where spanking is concered:) but not that day. Sleeping in the spare room LOL. All's fine Joey. Thanks a bunch.


sunnygirl said...

We are always sorry for missed opportunities. Hope it gets rectified soon.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't sound like he views you very highly. My husband would NEVER say something like that to me. He knows how insulting it would be.

Anonymous said...

I think he read you well and didn't force the issue.Men are literal creatures and that description captures the lack of response.Forget it.Regroup.Move on.Hugs.Sarah,LD,UK

Daisychain said...

Oh, yes, I have done the whole sack of spuds thing.... but it was when I was angry and determined not to show any reaction....
I think it is fairly unanimous...tops like a reaction of SOME sort, or they don't think they are making an impact!!! xxxxx

SpankedWifeUK said...

Lovely post

SpankedWifeUK said...

Lovely post

Michael M said...

Maybe you could go back and apologise and ask P what he would like as a present, since you were not very gracious accepting his spanking present to you.

That might clear the air.

ronnie said...

SG - I wish we never missed opportunites but it happens. Can't always be on the same page. Thanks SG.

Anon - I know my husband and what he's like. He was actualy referring to my lack of response. You wouldn't get anything out of a sack of potatoes if you spanked it, now would you? Thanks for your comment.

Sarah - Luckily doesn't happen very often and yes we've moved on. Thanks Sarah.

Daisychain - I've done that one as well but got spanked harder for it and yes he got his reaction then. Thanks Daisy.

SpankedWife - Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.


overherlap said...

It seems that so may times in life we have missed opportunities, and afterwords we are wishing for a "do over". Just know Ronnie that you are definitely not alone in the missed opportunity department.


ronnie said...

Dave - Just wasn't on the same page at the time Dave. Appreciate you stopping by. Thanks.


Red said...

Ronnie; I have not read the other comments, so here are mine.

I think you did behave like a sack of potatoes.

If you wish P would spank you more often, then you have to readily accept a spanking, and show a reaction, even if you are not in the MOOD!

I know the feeling (occasionally), but in retrospect, you wished you had reacted.

So apologize to P, and make a promise to yourself that no matter what you are doing, it cannot be more important than quality time with P, specially if that quality time is over his knee. (unless, of course, you are putting the finishing touch on a multi million pound profit from your business)
bottoms up

Spankedhortic II said...

P is (or at least was) a professional cook. Are you sure that he was not referring to some kind of special potatoe preparation method, rather than it being an insult :)


ronnie said...

Red - My mind wasn't there but I should have explained that, would have been the right way. Thanks Red and bottom us to you too.

Prefectdt - Now that could be the explanation:) I didn't like being compared to a sack of potatoes but I know my husband and he wasn't actually insulting me. Thanks Pref.


1manview said...

Ronnie, I think he was referring to the none emotion he got from the spanking. You didn't say a word, you didn't moan, you didn't wiggle. I'm sure he was disappointed about the way it ended.. I know I would had been disappointed that I did something my spouse likes and it also gets her aroused, but nothing happen.
Hey, we guys hide our feelings, but we have them...
Sometimes I use the term a sack of potatoes toward my spouse. It doesn't defer to her body, it's usually about her mind set sitting lost in space when I'm trying to get her attention about something. A sack of potatoes just lays in place motionless, like you did across P lap...

ronnie said...

Yes I know that's what he meant 1MV. Not me looking like a sack of potatoes.

Thanks 1MV. Have a good weekend.