Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Revitalising, firming, toning cream

...clinically proven etc etc...and some fit looking women rubbing it lovingly onto her thighs.

It was some ad on TV and P happened to be watching it with me at the time. He chuckled and said 'My god, do any of you women believe the sort of crap these marketing guys come out with? It's incredible in fact the Advertising Standards Agency is a joke for allowing it.'

'Of course we believe all the ads, P, I mean they wouldn't be on TV if they weren't genuine, surely.' I'm not really that naive but I do like to play to my husband.

'I see, so if someone brought out a study showing semen clinically proven to make you look younger, would women believe that?'

'P, I already know it makes us look younger, I've known it for years, has to be taken orally of course,' I teased.

He put his hand on my knee, then the movie came back on and his attention was gone. I thought about what he'd said though, I guess if the marketeers did their job well women would be gagging for it (pun intended) and they wouldn't need to go to Boots to pay for it.



Michael M said...

I guess that marketeers can sell anything for beauty and age-defying treatments, so why not this.

Perhaps spanking could become a cellulite reduction treatment at health spas?

Dee said...

Hahahaaaa! True or not...... I think I'll probably stick with No7 protect and perfect....Intense :)

Dee x

Hermione said...

What would the SPF be? You can't be too careful these days:D

Do you remember a book called Her written in the 70s? There was a passage in it about its beneficial effects.


Anonymous said...


Terrific story.

Thank you for sharing,


faerie said...

LOL, very funny. Smart women already know regular doses of semen is beneficial. And it's so much fun getting it out of the container, lol.

ronnie said...
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Blondie said...

That is so funny. Sounds similar to conversations my husband and I have had. And if spankings did help with the cellulite I would have the firmest legs around. I was also told by my husband that semen cures the common cold too.

ronnie said...

Michael - Spanking is certainly good for my cellulite so maybe I should suggest it to a friend Iwho works in a Spa:) Thanks.

Dee - Maybe I should write to No7 and suggest they do some research:) Thanks Dee.

Hermione - Oh has to be at least a 15:) No, don't remember that book will have to Google it. Thanks Hermione.

Joey - Thanks for stopping by.

Faerie - LOL. That's the best part. Thanks Faerie.


ronnie said...

Blondie - LOL, That's exactly what P says when I have a cold.


sunnygirl said...

Is that why I look younger than my years. LOL

We are still working on the cellulite though. I don't think it's ever not going to need work.

Anonymous said...

I'm doomed then.Only use E45 creme every day.Sarah,LD,UK

Spankedhortic II said...

May I also inform all the women out there that it is scientifically proven that regularly spanking men keeps breasts firmer and slightly enlarges them.


SNP said...

Always creative, Ronnie. I wonder about the cosmetic you mention Boots. Do you have a store there?
Dee mentions above as well. They sell Boots brand at our Target Stores on the specialty make up aisle. I have bought some recently and I did not know of the brand until then. I think it is French.

ronnie said...

Sunnygirl - I tell P spanking does really help my cellulite but it takes continous spankings to keep it at bay:) Thanks SG.

Sarah - Nothing proven. E45 good cream. Thanks Sarah

Prefectdt - I'd like to see some marketing for that:) Thanks Pref.

SNP - Thank you. Boots here is a health, beauty and pharmacy store. British, started in 1849 (had to look it up) then sold to an American firm but sold back to family of original founder. No7 that Dee mentions is one of Boots own branded beauty products so not sure if the boots cosmetic you brought is part of them or not. Thanks SNP.


1manview said...

You do know that swallowing semen clears your complexion... hehe...

Red said...

Ronnie: love you being a wee bit cheeky... I was going to advise taken orally, but you already stated it.
I did read somewhere that it does have medicinal benefits when taken internally,so I must look that up... besides stress relief, lifting one's spirits, feeling attached to someone...etc
bottoms up

Lea said...

Haha, I think men have been trying to sell that lie for years!

ronnie said...

1MV - So that's why I have a clear complextion. LOL Thanks 1MV.

Red - And not many calories in it:) Thanks Red.

Lea - LOL and still trying. Thanks Lea.