Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Jimmy got me Spanked

No, it wasn't some friend (or ex boyfriend) getting me into trouble over something. It was Jimmy Choo. Yes of handbag fame, or purse if you're stateside.

I told you we were going to a wedding on Saturday, and all very nice it was too, but I didn't tell you I was getting a new outfit for it and nor did I tell my husband. I know I've also told you I run a small online fashion related retail business and, in the course of same, I use eBay quite a bit for buying, selling and keeping in touch with the competition. Well, I picked up a bargain Jimmy Choo handbag at auction, it's really nice, it was lightly used (I don't mind) but honestly you couldn't tell it from new and it matched my outfit and shoes perfectly so I was a happy bunny. (no picture isn't me or the bag)

So that's the background, now I suppose you can put two and two together and guess more or less what happened. Oh you can? Alright then I won't bother telling you.

Only joking, here it is - we were running on time according to my husband, who doesn't like being late, or early for that matter; he reckoned we had about a twenty minute drive to the church and we had a little time to spare. He was ready to go, just finishing a coffee downstairs when I made my appearance. Ta-da! I swirled around and waited. His response was minimal, he slurped the last of his coffee then after a minute or so asked me when I'd bought it, where from and how much. Crap questions I didn't want to hear let alone answer, what I wanted was same as we all want, to be told I looked nice, great even would have been better. So I asked him how it looked, I shouldn't have to do that but I know my husband, and he said it suited me (big deal, what's that supposed to mean) then asked again where I'd got it from. I told him and said it had been reduced a lot which was true, then I told him what I'd paid.

"Lot of money for a one-off wear," said P.

"It won't be a one-off, I'll get plenty of use out of it, you'll see."

I don't think that convinced him and I'll admit he's more practical minded than me, I'll also admit I do occasionally make purchases which don't see the light of day for ages, in fact sometimes only once. Anyway my husband overcame his obsession for viewing everything like an accountant, came over to me and pecked my cheek and told me it looked good, then corrected himself and told me I looked good and we'd better get going. Feeling happier I said just a minute and went back upstairs to get my handbag, I was back in a trice and beaming, I knew the handbag must have at least doubled my 'looking good-ness'. Well perhaps not to my husband's eyes but it certainly got his attention.

"Is that a new bag," he said. "Not too sure about it, isn't it a bit trendy, a bit young to go with the outfit?" You don't say that sort of thing to a girl when you're about to leave for a wedding and you don't mention young. At least he said young to go with the outfit, I thought, but then again I was wearing the bloody outfit so it obviously applied to me.

"No, P, you're just old fashioned, it's perfect, I'll just have one last check in the mirror." He'd got me worried now. I turned to go upstairs but he caught me arm, he'd spotted the Jimmy Choo brand. He asked me if it was a ripoff and I told him it was the real thing. He said I had to be joking, he knew how much they cost, but I told him I wasn't joking at all it was real and it looked good.

"So how much?" My husband asked. I told him and his eyes widened, I think he was incredulous that it was more than the outfit had cost.

"I suggest if you've still got the packaging that you send it back and tell them it was the wrong colour or something, use one of your other bags and lets get going." I was quite angry and probably a bit emotional too, why couldn't he see how obviously perfect the bag was. I almost stormed off and said stuff the wedding then, I'm not going. But I didn't, instead I stood my ground, in fact anger got the better of me. The 'young' word was still gnawing at me and now the suggestion that I might send my handbag back. No way.

"Fuck you, I'm not sending it back, I paid for it and it's coming with me to the wedding and it looks good, I know it does." But my confidence was waning, emotion was taking over again, think my eyes might even have been welling up, I think P thought so too. He took me over to the sofa, sat down and pulled me across his lap, my handbag fell to the floor, my little tailored jacket pulled half way up my back, my snug fitting skirt was raised up over my stocking tops and then with some difficulty over the cheeks of my bottom. Down came my knickers and down came my husband's hand,

repeatedly and very hard, the sort of spanks that would have had me oohing and aahing and wriggling for more under different circumstances but at the time had me gritting my teeth. I did kick a bit because it hurt and one of my shoes flew off and hit the flat screen, so I was told later, but there was no erotic undertone to it, just a wife getting a sound spanking for swearing at her husband. Yep that was what triggered the spanking, he told me that later too, that and the fact that he reckoned my emotion level was about to peak and he thought it best to step in and take charge.

I was snivelling a bit when he let me up, not crying, I think it was hay fever. Anyway he told me I looked lovely, and to put myself straight and he reckoned we'd still make the church no problem. I said I had to re-do my hair and I'd got creases in my suit and my makeup I was sure looked messy but he said nonsense, just straighten my skirt and jacket, the creases would drop out and the rest of me was perfect. Then I picked up my Jimmy Choo and looked at him, he smiled and said it was ok really, he hoped it was worth a warm backside. Two minutes later we were pulling off the drive.

On the way to the church P put his hand on my knee and said he'd liked my stockings. I said I liked them too and had intended them to be a surprise, to be discovered in not quite the way they were. He said that was fine, they were still a nice surprise, he liked that I took the trouble. He loved being with me too, he said, and that made me feel warm, not that I wasn't already if you get what I mean.

So I reasoned it out on the rest of the journey, I know I shouldn't have sworn at P but it was Jimmy that was really the root cause of my denouement. I think I shall always treasure it a little bit more for the trouble it got me into.



Dee said...

Well a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do right? I'd say the handbag was well worth it and every time you use it, (if ever again :) you'll smile I'm sure. I really enjoyed this post Ronnie.

Dee x

PK said...

It was most definitely Jimmy's fault! Maybe a little bit P's. When one reaches a certain age certain words shouldn't be used in our hearing. You may have dropped the F bomb, but he pulled the Y word with you.

Still you have a nice memory.


mrandmrsb said...

He showed gross bad manners towards you by using the Y word. Spank him!

Anonymous said...

Coming from a spanker, this was a satisfying read. You did get to keep the bag, didn't you?

Hermione said...

P was way out of line with that "young" comment. But he obviously thought you looked lovely or he wouldn't have spanked you.


SNP said...

Thanks for sharing your story with us. Hope you get to keep the bag and I am glad it worked out in the end. You are only human. I bet you looked great! The stocking exchange was nice, too.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

You did not ask for advise,so I will not give any. Just saying that men need a little time to accept new outfits. We don't like having them sprung on us at the last minute.

Susie said...

LOL Ronnie. I like how you introduced him to your purchases in a step by step fashion.

I do wonder about this softening they go through during a spanking. Beforehand the purchases are going straight back. After they seem to have dispelled their angst and get all sweet.

Anonymous said...


Terrific story. It is amazing how a spanking can create a deeper connection between two people.

Thank you for sharing.


June said...

Hmm, I might have had to take a spanking for Jimmy, too! He's my favorite

Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: Well, you got a nice hand bag and a spanking so it was kind of a win win.

But maybe P needs a spanking, too, (LOL) for using the Y word on grilling you about the cost instead of thinking how nice Ronnie looks and feels good in her outfit with the bag. Hey what is the cost of a wife feeling good about herself: priceless.


sunnygirl said...

The "y" word should not be used after a certain age.

Maybe he just spanked because he has said you always look so refreshed afterward and he just wanted to you to look your absolute best.

Anyway, glad it all turned out well.

sunnygirl said...

The "y" word should not be used after a certain age.

Maybe he just spanked because he has said you always look so refreshed afterward and he just wanted to you to look your absolute best.

Anyway, glad it all turned out well.

dancingbarez said...

I agree with others, no way the y word should have entered into that conversation. The shoe hitting the TV is classic. Those last minute spankings are usualyy really hard ones for me, it's nice the car ride helped you reconnect. I hope you had fun at the wedding and got a lot of compliments.

ronnie said...

Dee - I'm be making sure I use it again and smile sweetly at P when I do. Thanks Dee.

PK - Yes, definitely the Y word, we'll forget the one I used. I should know better:) Thanks PK.

Mr&MrsB - LOL. Maybe I will, well maybe just a few swats when he's not looking. Thanks Mr&MrsB.

Mick - Keep the bag, too right I did Mick. After all I paid for it:) Thanks Mick.

Hermione - The Y word go to me alright. He did say later in the day that the outfit was lovely and really suited me. I was tempted to ask about the bag but didn't:) Thanks Hermione

SNP - I did pay for the bag myself so yes I'm keeping it but I'd better make sure I use it again:) P's loves stocking ans suspenders. Thanks SNP.

OBB - I know, I don't usually do that and I nearly always ask P's advice about a new outfit before if it's for a special occasion before I buy it but this one I knew was right for me. Thanks OBB

Susie - And aren't you glad that happens:) Thanks Susie.

Joey - That's one of thge things I love about spanking and how closer it brings you after. Thanks Joey.

June - LOL. Mulberrys mine but I couldn't find one to go with the outift. It's probably a good job it wasn't a Mulberry as he know they are very, very expensive:) Thanks June.

SG - That's what I told P after - never use the Y word when women get to a certain again. It turned out perfect, lovely day.Thanks SG.

DB - It's a good job the shoe didn't break the TV. Te bag got more compliments that I did:) Thanks DB.


mrandmrsb said...

The spanking apart, we would all love to know when he knew that he was going to get a stockings surprise, what happened later?

Erica said...

I'll chime in with the others, the "y" word was so wrong. It wasn't Jimmy's fault, it was the "y" word's fault.

You know, I've never owned a designer bag or a piece of designer clothing in my life. I'd probably see the price and keel over.

Lea said...

Hay fever, don't you hate that? ;-) said...

A post of yours led me to some expense. £15!!!!!!!!!
It was the post about you wearing a pair of hubby's microfibre trunks to provoke him to spank you.
Had to go out and get some!

ronnie said...

Mr&MrsB - We were at the wedding until very late so nothing I'm afriad. Thank you.

Erica - I'm not really one for designer clothing though I do have a couple of named clothing, 1 the Jimmy bag, second hand mind you and at a knock down price, a pair of polo jeans I've had for ages which cost me £9.00ish. I would never buy a designer item at the ful prices they charge. I'm late reading around the blogs so look forward to hear about your Broadwalk Badness weekend. Thanks Erica.

Lea - LOL, yes. Thanks Lea,

BW - I hope they work for you and please let us know. Thank you BW.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes the F word just rooooooolls off the tongue ! Nice, crisp nononsense aftermath.I do like that.Kudos P.Sarah,LD,UK

livescore said...
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ronnie said...

I really should know better than swear at my husband but as you say that word just rolls of your tongue before you can stop it:) Thanks Sarah. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Red said...

I wonder if you will regularly be purchasing things that P thinks are too expensive, just so you can be spanked. What a wonderful start to going to the wedding.

I wonder if on your wedding night did you want P to spank you?