Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Commis Chef Spanking

It was delicious to get an unexpected spanking last weekend, the only trouble was I wanted more.

We had guests you see, and they have children, and children play and pry, innocently of course, but in our house that could mean coming across something or other which is not so innocent and might be a tad difficult to explain away as 'props for a school play' and that sort of thing. Especially as the sort of places they might encounter these items might seem a bit odd, if not to the children then certainly to their mom and dad. (Or perhaps not to their mom and dad, who knows) I'm sure you understand. I mean why does 'Uncle P' keep a cane taped under his desk, why is there a leather paddle in the one of the drawers, what's it for? How come there's horse's riding crop under the bed in the spare room?

So we pre-empted any possible embarrassment, well I did actually, by gathering up all our bits and bobs and locking them in a suitcase. P's brother joined us in the afternoon, with his son and a friend, all in all we had a house full and we had preparations to make for dinner and things were a bit chaotic. P's brother could see the problem and suggested they all went out to the park for an hour or two, he had a football in the car, they also have small boats for hire, crazy golf and other amusements. So off they went to let off some steam, leaving us to get organised. P's department, I have to admit, and he soon had the kitchen sorted, stuff blanched, trimmed, chopped, marinated, garnishes done, all the little things that might get forgotten later P likes to know they're done, then he's relaxed about turning out some great food later. He told me he'd left the cleaning down to me, he did the skilled stuff, he said, his 'commis' had to clean up after him, all great masters had apprentices, he said, and patted my backside condescendingly.

I told him that truly great masters cleaned up as they went along. No not a chance, said my husband, and furthermore they don't tolerate any lip from their commis, and he led me by the arm from the kitchen and up the stairs, he told me he was going to set me straight, warm my backside, I'd soon find out how great masters dealt with cheeky commis.

He took me into our little office but he'd forgotten all our implements were locked away, so we went to the bedroom and he pulled the suitcase down from the wardrobe top and asked me where the key was. I was sure I'd put it in a little jewellery case but it wasn't there, I told him I didn't know where it was then I must have dropped it somewhere. I'm sure he believed me but he pretended he didn't, he said I needed a very sound spanking and maybe my memory would improve. He took a slipper from my side of the bed, undid my jeans and had me across his lap on the bottom of the bed in no time at all, and he walloped me good and hard for several minutes with me initially giggling but soon struggling and genuinely ouching; rubber soled bedroom slippers pack quite a sting. He stopped abruptly,

I was a bit disappointed.

"Now go downstairs and I want that kitchen spic and span inside fifteen minutes, young lady, and while you're doing it you'd better jog your memory as to the whereabouts of that key. If I have to snap the padlock off to get into the case you won't be sitting comfortably at dinner I can assure you." Music to my ears.

"Yes, Sir, " I pouted and left the bedroom holding my bottom. I looked at my watch, fifteen minutes, eh, I reckoned I could do it quicker than that especially with the implied threat of further bottom warming.

It wasn't to be. I finished the kitchen no problem, P came in and asked me if I was going to tell him where the key was, I couldn't. Wouldn't have actually even if I'd known, I really fancied some further 'masterly' warming. Unfortunately we heard tyres on the gravel outside. P put his hand on my bottom and told me I was very lucky. I'd say I'd been unlucky, wouldn't you?

Great weekend though.

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Pictures from MarQe's Study and Miss Pink.


Anonymous said...

He's a resourceful chap, isn't he ? A slipper is def not second best if used with aplomb.I'm already trying to impress on my boys that culinary skills should be developed....the only problem with this fine weather is that the slob like men who consider such things beneath them become more apparent.I was sitting in an outside cafe at lunch yesterday and had to move when a group of men began talking about their wives/partners in the most condescending way.Sometimes you do just forget, don't you ? And yes, certainly such behaviour can be made good by a robust spanking.Sarah,LD,UK

Emen said...

What a great story. I love that you efficiently locked the implements away and couldn't find the key. Sorry you didn't get all you wanted but a surprise ouchy slipper attack isn't too shabby when you weren't expecting any at all.

bobbsroom said...

Hi Hermione

That sounded, giving the circumstances, a lovely weekend. If this type of visit happens regularly being the devious type i would get a nice straight rattan cane and place it in a house plant for camouflage purposes. This would be perfect for P in such emergencies.
You being on the receiving end i will understand if you don't mention it to him.

Have a good day


bobbsroom said...

Apologies Ronnie

I am getting you lovely ladies mixed up, Reading to many blogs at the same time. Note to self I am a bloke concentrate on one thing at a time.

PK said...

I'd say lucky you got some, unlucky you didn't get more. We have a combination lock on our toy box and neither of us has ever forgotten the combination! Hope you find the key, or if you think P will carry out his threat, I hope you don't!


Hermione said...

What a lovely story. P is right, none of the top chefs on TV ever clean up:)

Your post is very timely. We are having major home repairs done tomorrow then relatives for the weekend, so I am tidying away all signs of spanking.


Anonymous said...


I love your spanking stories. Thank goodness we have so many spanking implements around the house disguised as slippers and wooden spoons.

And, yes you were unlucky.

Thank you for sharing,


faerie said...

LOL Ronnie, did you ever find the key?

It's occasions like that when I am grateful for a lock on the bedroom door. I don't know if I could come up with a good reason for a flogger, a wooden spoon and clothespins on the headboard of the bed :)

abby said...

Where is that key? I can hear myself saying that! Find tht key so you can get 'luck' again.

ronnie said...

Sarah - Don't get me started on men like that. We have two of them in our office building. I really have to zip when I hear them talking. Slipper, I hate, give me the cane anyday, did I really say that:) Thanks Sarah.

Emen - I really couldn't think where the key was, honest:) Don't tell P but I hate the slipper. Thanks Emen.

BOB - LOL, no problem. P has improvised before and used a garden cane he took from a plant pot in a hotel in Ireland and has a few in the garden shed. Note to self, put one in the hall plant:) Have a good day yourself Bob, thanks.

PK - I think I need a toy box, so much better than our suitcase but I probably would forget the comination:) Thanks PK.

Hermione - Don't agree with him. Yes make sure everything is out of sight especially if kids are coming. Thanks Hermione.

Joey - Ah, someone who agrees with me being unlucky:) Thanks Joey.

Faerie - Yes, he made me search for it and I did find it. We don't have bedrooms locks. You could probably get away with the wooden spoon and clothpegs in the bedroom as absent mindness, the flogger - shooing away flies, would it work, no, not with kids:) Thanks Faerie.

Abby - Found and I've it away safely:) Thanks Abby.


sunnygirl said...

Oh, I agree unlucky. Hope you got lucky later.

overherlap said...

My belt is always a wonderful backup if the regular implements are not available.... maybe I should remind P... lol


ronnie said...

Sunnygirl - Very lucky later:) Thanks SG.

Dave - LOL. P doesn't use the belt very often so probably didn't think of it. Thanks Dave.