Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Caned in Jodhpurs

You remember I ordered some new jodhpurs, they came, they fit snugly, I think they're making them a little tighter round the tummy than the last ones but they're good and I'm keeping them. I casually told my husband they'd arrived, he seemed nonplussed he was concentrating on something, from the look on his face he didn't know what I was talking about. Then twenty minutes later he told me I should get more use from my old ones before throwing money at new ones. Frivolous expenditure he called it. I didn't disagree in fact I was willing him to further remonstrate but he didn't; instead he just told me maybe I'd better wear my old ones when we got home. Then he asked me if our son would be in or out, I said out. Definitely wear them then, he said, as soon as we get in, and no knickers, he sounded stern. My legs squeezed together and my bottom shuffled on my swivel chair, I managed to contain my smile.

Two hours went very slowly I can tell you, then just after 5.30pm P got a call from a client and was on till nearly 6 o'clock, oh god more waiting, I knew my pants were damp when we finally left the building.

Back home I went to put some stuff on simmer before getting changed but P stopped me and said why don't we try the new tapas bar that's just opened in town. That was fine by me, then he reminded me I better go and get my jodhpurs on (as if I needed reminding), I stopped for a brief moment, an horrific thought that he might want to take me out in them flashed through my mind, then it passed, he wouldn't do that it would be too embarrassing for him, too, if we met anyone. In the bedroom I was nervous, ridiculous isn't it, I mean the number of times I've been spanked and still I get apprehensive, tense, and excited too I'll admit that, but it's a funny combination and it still happens. I'm glad it does. I de-knickered, threw my shirt and bra on the bed, pulled on a thin Max Mara vest, the fabric always makes my nipples harden, and drew on my old jodhpurs and boots. The new ones were crumpled on the ripped packaging at the side of the dresser, I was so tempted to put them on but he'd specifically said my old ones.

I looked in the mirror, did my bum look fat, was it plump enough,

did I need some lippy on, did it make any difference if he made me do you know what to him, better with or without lippy? I rather like to have it on, I like to see my lips lustrous it makes me feel sexy, I like seeing the red all over his shaft after I've done it, I was about to apply some when my husband's voice rang out.

"You've been quite long enough, I want you in the office. Now!" He sounded so strict, I abandoned the lipstick and went immediately to our little office.

He was waiting for me, sat against the desk edge, his curly handled cane held loosely, tap tapping against his left thigh. I wanted to ask him where the crop was, I mean crops go with jodhpurs not canes, but it might burst the bubble and I didn't want that. I was going to get what I'd wanted for days, I just hoped it wasn't too hard but I mean you can't say that sort of thing when you've got something going, you just have to trust. And anyway I might want it hard once I was into it so I put my trust and my bottom in my husband's hands, so to speak.

"You know why you're here." I didn't know if that was a question or a statement and I didn't answer.

"You're here because you've been greedy." What? Where on earth was he going with that?

"Greedy to indulge, in fact over indulge, your little kink for equestrian accessories," he continued, "well we'll see what a trip across my desk does for your perverted infatuation. I doubt you'll be so eager to pull on a pair of riding breeches for some considerable time." Oh christ I loved what he was saying but I hoped he didn't mean it, the implied severity I mean, it can be a tad uncomfortable eating out on a very sore bottom. Anyway it was out of my hands and my husband got off the desk edge and pulled me forward, he placed one hand on my shoulder and one on my bottom and bent me gently but firmly into position, his cane was still in his right hand and I could feel the business end of it tickling my leg.

Then he was standing back, weighing up his target, I wondered if my bottom looked frightened, perhaps vulnerable might be the best description, its owner was frightened though. I shifted my weight from left to right, flinched my bottom a bit, I needed it to start, then I took the bull by the horns and stuck my bottom out and up, god I hoped it looked sexy and I hoped my husband knew I was offering myself up to him. Still nothing happened so I tried to plump my cheeks out even more and then I got my reward if that's the right word, I heard the briefest of whooshes and then a searing line of white heat across both my cheeks

which made me gasp so much could hardly manage a cry, and just as I was about to get into a serious howl and wiggle my scalded cheeks in a useless attempt to lessen the pain, another stroke followed swiftly causing me to arch up and OWWWwwwww!! as I twisted towards my punisher wide eyed from shock.

My husband stood smirking, he'd known the effect the strokes would have on me, he'd wanted it so.

"Shush shush," he said, "you've only had two strokes of the cane, it's nothing other naughty girls don't get, now bend back over or I'll cane you much harder." He sounded as if he meant it too. I bent over again but didn't push my bottom out this time, I wasn't going to invite that level of intimacy again, but my husband started tapping the cane lightly on my cheeks, then he said "Come on I want that bottom pushed right out to meet my cane again. Do it, I won't tell you twice." So I did, and I heard myself whimper as I did it and I had to really will myself to get it right up and I know my legs started to shake as I was doing it and then I heard the whoosh of the cane again but no pain came, I think P was having a practice swipe and it sounded terrible and I whimpered again and I'm sure by buttocks were quivering in the confines of my jodhpurs.

Then two more strokes landed across my bottom and I breathed a gasp this time of relief, they were nowhere near so hard. Then my husband's hands were round my waist searching for the side clasp and zipper which he soon opened. He said he needed to see how much damage he'd done but I could feel the hardness of his cock against my seat and thought he needed something else. He lowered the pants and looked at my bottom, decided it was nowhere near enough punished and proceeded to give me another four strokes of his cane across my bare flesh, they were very stingy and they made me wriggle but not howl,

they were very stingy and they made me wriggle but not howl, I could sense the worst was over and I was right.

The cane was thrown on the floor, P pulled me up and had me kneel on the futon which is a lot more comfortable, with my upper body over the back. He kneaded and soothed my burning cheeks and asked me if I'd learned my lesson. I thought no, P, I haven't learned it yet but I hope I'm going to learn it very soon. His hand strayed between my legs and discovered my slutty condition, hopelessly wet, I pushed my ravaged bum against his hand forcing his fingers hard into me, then his hand was gone and I heard his fly unzip and then his cock had replaced his hand, he was too big at first and I shouted out and loved the feeling and begged him to do it hard. And he did.

An hour later we were off into town, happy as newlyweds, I had two half welts on my bottom which played me up right through our meal and I shuffled about quite a lot, I think the tapas were a bit poor but I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. When we got back home later our son was still out, P asked me if I'd like some cream on my backside, he doesn't often do that, I thought he must still be feeling frisky and said yes please, but then we heard a key in the lock. Ah well.



Lea said...

It sounds like it was a delicious evening. I mean the dinner, of course. ;-)

blitzweed said...

Seriously arousing

Hermione said...

Oh, My, P certainly can be masterful when he puts his mind to it. I'm quite envious!


bobbsroom said...

Hi Ronnie
That is a great account of a nice little session. It is obvious to me you have a very close, exciting and trusting relationship. The line: I just hoped it wasn't too hard but I mean you can't say that sort of thing when you've got something going, you just have to trust. And anyway I might want it hard once I was into it so I put my trust and my bottom in my husband's hands, is spot on. I love to monitor what I am doing and hope the person under me trust me to know there needs are at that particular time.

Thanks for posting very enjoyable.


Anonymous said...


Wow. Very hot account of your caning by P. I really enjoy how you describe your every emotion leading up to the caning, the feeling of each stroke and the love making that follows. And clothed in jodhpurs! Wow!!!!

Thank you for sharing a fun night with us.


PS Cheers to P for his masterful topping.

Michael M said...

Great tale from the study. Perked things up no end on a Wednesday full of boring meetings. Thanks very much.

SNP said...

Many will enjoy this spanking account, Ronnie. Thanks for sharing. I like that you get excited and nervous still before a spanking. It is nice to read a couple having such a good time!

Our Bottoms Burn said...


And a picture in the new pair - please.

Anonymous said...

Very nice indeed! nothing like adminstering a riding crop or in your case cane, accross the rear of a females tightly filled jodpurs; while supposedly getting things in the tack room into order.

Correction Man.

ronnie said...

Lea - Yes delicious but not the meal:) Thanks Lea.

Blitzeed - Thank you.

Hermione - I'm sure Ron is just as Materful when he wants to be. Thanks Hermione.

Bob - My pleasure and thank you. I know my bottom was in safe hands:)

Joey - Thank you. I'll tell P you said so. I wonder if I'll get the same when I wear my new ones:)

Michael - Glad I could help liven up your Wednesday:) Thanks Michael.

SNP - Even after all the time P's been spanking me, yes I still get that little nervous exciting before hand. Thanks SNP.

OBB - Not this time Bogey. There are many women in jdhpurs on line that do them more justice than I could:) Thanks.

CM - Hello to you. I think I would have liked the cropped as I was in jodhpurs but P's choice was the cane:) Thanks CM.


Anonymous said...

I hope so and please tell us.

sunnygirl said...

Sorry the tapas were not as delicious as other parts of the evening.

Red said...

wow and double WOW!! Seriously a hot time for both of you folks, and for your readers. We may take up a collection to purchase a few more jodhpurs for you :)
bottoms up

Emen said...

Do I "remember" you ordering the jodhpurs? Yes, it's been the tiniest bit on my mind. Supplanted now by the fiercely hottest canerotica I've read in a while. Beautifully written. (Still shivering, still smiling over "lippy".)

You can never get rid of the old ones now. Even if he loves the new ones and never asks for these again. Practical though he is. These old ones you must carefully fold and tie a silken ribbon round and put in a memory chest. So some great great great grandchild can lift them out and hold them reverantly and ponder and ask "did she win a prize in these?"

Stunning effort. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I really like the way he takes you out for dinner afterwards.It must spin out the whole evening nicely for you both.Sarah,LD,UK

sixofthebest said...

Jumping Johosaphat Ronnie. Your discription of the caning given to you while wearing those loving Jodhpurs, and no knicker's, was awesomely joyous. And to you 'out of this world, so to speak. Congratulations.

Daisychain said...

Glad you had a fun night, but I can't work out if you are brave or mad, craving the cane so much! LOL xxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Lovely, but exceedingly HOT post!!!

I think I've changed my mind about being caned if the results are like yours;).


ronnie said...

Joey - Just for you I will:) Thanks Joey.

SG - Fund out since Tapas bar is run by an Englishman so no wonder the food wasn't that good. Thanks SG.

Red - LOL. Don't forget I still have the news ones he hasn't seen yet. Thanks Red.

Emen - Thank you so much. What a lovely idea to keep them in a memory chest and I'd certainly have stories to tell:) Thanks Emen.

Sarah - Would have been a longer evening had son not come back:) Thanks Sarah.

SOTB - Why thank you kind sir.

Daisy - I sometimes wonder myself:) Thanks Daisy.

Kitty - I think every girl should try the cane at least one in her life:) Thanks Kitty.


Dee said...

I'd say this more than makes up for the previous missed opportunity? :)

Dee x

1manview said...

Sounds like you kids had fun. Hot post... I liked that painted lip comment. It is sexy looking at the after affects. I did a poem on painted lips, I have to find it and put it out so the spouse can see it. I'm feeling frisky for the weekend... hehe..

Have a great weekend Ronnie...

1ManView ....

1manview said...

Sounds like you kids had fun. Hot post... I liked that painted lip comment. It is sexy looking at the after affects. I did a poem on painted lips, I have to find it and put it out so the spouse can see it. I'm feeling frisky for the weekend... hehe..

Have a great weekend Ronnie...

1ManView ....

ronnie said...

Dee - Yes indeed. Thanks Dee.

IMV - You will have to point me in the direction of that poem please. Enjoy your frisky weekend. Thanks 1MV.