Monday, 23 April 2012

Wouldn't I Just!

I was doing some photocopying Friday afternoon, quite a few actually, my husband says it's cheaper if its a large quantity of the same stuff to use the copier rather than run them off the printer (he must have read it somewhere, surely he wouldn't have worked that out, then again knowing P.)

Then on the weekend I found this delightful picture whilst, rulers?

Anyway I liked it and I'd like to get caught by P lazily printing instead of copying, and taken forcefully to the copier room and made to see sense. Phew wouldn't I just!

Have a good week.



Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: Yes, it would be nice to get caught like that and get a good ruler spanking. And do you have any garter belts like the one in the photo. You find such good pictures.


sunnygirl said...

Oh yes, I would like that too - only my hubby, not P, of course. LOL

PK said...

Oh yes, sign me up please!


Hermione said...

I was told that once at work, by a junior in the office, so I wasn't in any danger of being spanked and I kept on printing.

Aren't rulers lovely to keep on your desk, just in case?


overherlap said...

Ah yes Ronnie, that is a delightful picture. I would suggest just accidently let P see the picture and see if he gets the idea, I know if I saw it laying around my Wife's stuff I would definitely get the idea :)


overherlap said...

By the way I forgot to mention, I love the way she is holding onto his leg!


Anonymous said...

Wonderful image to start the week.


SNP said...

I agree w/ do find great pictures. Have a good week also Ronnie.

ronnie said...

FD - Oh yes do love to wear S&S's FD. Thanks.

SG - LOL I know what you meant.

PK - Wil do:) Thanks PK.

Hermione - oh yes. P has a plastic one on his desk at work
and a wooden one in our office desk at home:)

Dave - Thank you. It is quite a delightful one. A little obvious to leave around but why not:)

Joey - Glad you liked it Joey, thanks.

SNP - I do try and find ones I think my readers would enjoy. Thanks SNP.


Omega and mouse said...

Oh Ronnie...

The ruler conjures up so many mixed feelings in mouse...LOL In school they used to stand us on a chair, in the middle of the class and hit us on the back of our calves with it...OMG it would smart.

Honestly, not sure how mouse would have reacted had O ever used that...


Poetic Estrus said...

I wonder, did she make copies of her fresh red bottom?
Curious minds want to know... :)

ronnie said...

Mouse - I've heard and read about rulers being used in schools and I'm so glad I didn't attend yours:) Thank you Mouse.

PE - I think he would have made her take a couple of copies for his files:) Thanks PE.


ricky said...

Ruler, eh?
I know I'm missing the joke somewhere along the line, but what
about using the hand on such a
voluptuous bottom, eh?
Or, is it because, 'Well, that's
not proper and polite and dignified, and all that, eh, what?'

Red said...

Ronnie: hope your wish comes true, without having to waste money by using the printer.... Hee Hee :)
happy spankings

sixofthebest said...

I have always loved naughty lady's being spanked on their bare bottoms, wearing suspender-belt and stockings. May you 'rule'r the world Heart and Sould. Thanks, and Spanks.

Anonymous said...

Love the way she's gripping onto his leg.Prefer a wooden ruler though...our plastic one shattered on us and rather spoilt the moment !Sarah,LD,Uk

Daisychain said...

Oh, yes, Ronnie, now, I could go for that!!! Can I join the queue? Maybe we can all get our partners to "get the message?" xxxx

Daisychain said...

Perhaps we should invent a "RULER SPANKING" day???? Heehee! xxxx

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good fantasy except for the ruler part... I may get butterflies over being taken to the copier and bent over for a nice warming.. but I've had a few run ins with a horrible rubber ruler we have at home and I HATE it!
I hope it gets lost in a junk drawer... I'd take a nice firm hand warming or paddle before a ruler any day.

Galwaygiirl said...

Wow, hot pic, I must show hubby! Galway

Lea said...

There's never anything this interesting going on in my office.

ronnie said...

Ricky - Nothing wrong with the hand but I think the ruler adds to the scene being as she's being spanked over the photocopier. Thanks Ricky.

Red - I'll have to put my thinking cap on. Cheers. Red.

SOTB - My pleasure. Thank you,

Sarah - That's one of the reasons I like the picture. I sometimes grab P's leg when the spanking is getting to me:) Thanks Sarah.

Daisy - Of course you can but please, can I go first?:) "Ruler Spanking Day" love it. Thanks Daisy.

Em- A rubber ruler, now that's interesting. Thanks Em.

GalwayGirl - It is isn't it. Thanks GalwayGirl.

Lea - LOL I used to work at an office years ago and heard some very interesting tales. Thank you Lea.


Julia said...

Mh, lovely picture. I would really like to feel like she does.....Actually I just read a book with a secretary, and this pic really reminds me of the two main characters....

ronnie said...

Julia - Hello. Yes it is rather lovely. Did the secretary get spanked? Thanks for stopping by Julia.