Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Sexaholic? Moi?

You've heard of shopaholics, so have I. Well the other day my husband called me a sexaholic, I wasn't sure if it was a proper word but I knew what he meant. "Why?" I asked.

"Because you can orgasm too many times, well over the average I'd say, especially for your age, even after you say wow, that's it you're finished, you can still manage it again."

I overcame my horror that he used the age word (I'm sure he didn't do it intentionally) and told him that on the occasions when I do find extra, ahem, mileage in my tank it's a result of the expert ministrations applied by my nearest and dearest.

I noticed the beam on his face as the implication sunk in, I'm sure most men like to think their sexual prowess is appreciated and my husband is no exception. So it's really his fault, if fault is the right word, not mine.

"And in any case," I said, "I think I might be better described as a 'spankaholic' if you don't mind, I think that's a better description, I like it more anyway." I smiled and that was it.

Later I googled both words. Sexaholic is well enough known with thousands of references, there's even 'Sexaholics Anonymous' and all sorts of treatments, really.

Spankaholic isn't far behind although the listings are more obscure and I didn't find any treatments...I mean you could hardly threaten to spank one could you?



blitzweed said...

Nice picture, nice tights!

Spanky said...

Kallisto seems to improve steadily with age in her ability to orgasm too. Practice makes perfect, I guess.

PK said...

You're a lucky, lucky woman! Of course P's pretty lucky too!


Hermione said...

I'd say your achievements put you in the 1%. You are far luckier than most:)


Anonymous said...

You are both very lucky. Enjoy your special moments together.


Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: Is there a problem here? Is there such a thing as having too many orgasms. This is one area you always want to be above average, right?

I'm reminded of the old joke about people being asked how much masturbation is too much. They usually. The answer is one more time than they did it.

I have one word for both of you: Enjoy.


sunnygirl said...

Lucky no matter the age. I always say I don't mind getting older but I never want to be old.

Dee said...

Lol! Spankaholic sounds like a good word to me! And I couldn't help but zone in on Spanky's comment....... There's hope for me yet :)

Dee x

Red said...

Fabulous to be considered above average in having sex.
I truly believe that spanking and thoughts of spanking, and experimenting with other ideas fosters more sex. Use it or lose it.
Retirement also helps,with the children gone from the house, and time to indulge without having to be quiet.
Make love often, and be rewarded with a spanking often
Happy Spankings

ronnie said...

Blitzweed - Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

Spanky - Kallistos lucky. The more you have the more easy they become:) Thanks Spanky.

PK - We are lucky to have each other PK. Thanks.

Hermione - I know and appreciate how lucky I am. Thanks Hermione.

Joey - Keep us young Joey:) Thanks.

FD - LOL, no, nothing wrong with having too many orgasm. Hadn't heard that joke before. Thanks FD.

SunnyGirl - Funny, that's what my friend used to say. Thanks SG.

Dee - Use it or loose it they say:) Thanks Dee.


ronnie said...

Red - Sorry, missed you out:)

Yes it is a mixture of all that Red. Your never too old to try something new and that will keep you young. Thanks Red.


Anonymous said...


I'd choose having an orgasm over getting spanked any day ending in y. Of course, sometimes it works out that they both coincide, making it the best of both worlds;)!


overherlap said...

I agree Ronnie, sex is wonderful, but spanking is even better. Combine the two and it simply does not get any better!


ronnie said...

Kitty - LOL. I love to be spanked then again I love to orgasm so both for me:) Thanks Kitty.

Dave - I'd have to go for both Dave:) Thanks.


Anonymous said...

I'm mightily glad you did not find a 'cure' for being a spankaholic.In fact I hope it's a degenerative , lifelong condition with a prognosis that carries me into my twighlight years and beyond.Sarah,LD,UK

Riley said...

Spankaholic...hehe. Is that like a super-spanko? ;) Good for you!

Lea said...

I think P should just appreciate it and not worry about the labels. ;-)

ronnie said...

Sarah - LOL. It's definitely a life long condition.

Riley - That's a better name a "super spanko." Thanks Riley.

Lea - I know he does:) Thanks Lea.


Lea -

Anonymous said...

My poot
Whilst once inside
Now in the Breeze

Though in the wind
Still strong

Like my mother's arms
Rocking me

Daisychain said...

Heehee, you are both! And you do both so freakin' well!!!!!!!!!

1manview said...

Since they both go hand in hand, you will just have to deal with it... Darn.. :)

Have a great weekend Ronnie...

ronnie said...

RJ - Thanks.

Daisy - LOL. I suppose you could say that. Thanks Daisy.

1MV - Hard I know but I can bear it:) Thanks 1MV.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ronnie! I like Riley's idea - super-spanko - I can make your cape! It will be two pieces, overlapping in the back in the middle. Cream colored and shaped like .... checks. I'll even add a faint red blush material in the centers! The ties can be the shape of a long wooden paddle! ;) Hugs KayLynn

ronnie said...

KayLynn - LOL. Love the sound of it. Can I have stripes instead of checks please. Thanks for stopping by KayLynn. Hope all's well with you.