Monday, 30 April 2012

Senior Cane taken down a notch or two

Does anyone remember my husband buying a triple pack of canes from Coventry Canes? No reason why you should really, although you'd certainly remember if you'd been on the receiving end of one.

Anyway he did and I have had the dubious pleasure of receiving both the nursery and junior ones. The senior one (about 7/16" thick) was used only once, for testing purposes P said, and I found it a bit thuddy, nowhere near as springy, whippy and stingy as its junior counterparts, I didn't like it (I know I'm not supposed to). P said that from a user's point of view it was actually the best because its rigidity makes it more accurate, but in view of my comments he said he would find a different use for it.

Well I haven't seen it propping up any garden plants so I asked him the other day what had happened to it. 'Why, have you changed your mind about it?' he asked. I told him I hadn't, so he cut it down two notches, about ten inches smoothed the tip and brought it down to show me, looking pleased with himself.

'Perfect for OTK,' he said, 'and it fits easily into a suitcase.'

I smiled and thought to myself he must have summer holidays on his mind. I probably won't have to wait that long to test it though or at least I hope not.



PK said...

You don't mean to tell me those things come bigger than the one you sent me!! I was threatened one this weekend. Grrrr...

Hugs anyway,

Anonymous said...

I do remember the purchase and commenting about them. A "sawed-off" version for travel. How thoughtful?

Something not to look forward to on your next vacation.


Hermione said...

How thoughtful of P to make adjustments to the cane for your pleasure. I hope it fits into a carry-on bag; you wouldn't want to be without it if your luggage goes astray.


SNP said...

Look forward to your report on the new, improved cane in the future.

SpankedWifeUK said...

Ha, very funny! Though wont be if used efficiently I guess!

I hate the cane, especially on the backs of the thighs, owch!

faerie said...

I've never been caned, and don't think I want too. But, very creative of P to adjust it to your liking :)

Red said...

Another thoughtful spanker. How wonderful. I might doubt it being in carry-on luggage,as those bags get searched if they see something odd, and this would look odd!!! Do tell when you have felt the result of P's thoughtfulness.

overherlap said...

What a nice guy, I am sure he is only thinking of you Ronnie :) Hope you get to get to sample it very soon!


sunnygirl said...

Caning is not something I have ever experienced, thankfully. It just seems wicked to me. But good luck with the new version.

ronnie said...

PK - Only threatened:) Thanks PK.

Joey - He's very thoughtful like that LOL. I was just looking at flights for June/July but I don't think I'll have to wait that long before P tests it. Thanks Joey,

Hermione - Never thought of bags going astray/ That has actually happened one but luckily on the way home. Thanks Hermione.

SNP - Keep watching this space:) Thanks SNP.

SpankedWife - I used to hate the cane but don't tell P that I quite like it now:) Back of the thighs, no thanks. Thank you SW

Faerie - I hope it is to my liking:) Thanks Faerie.

Red - No, I don't think we'd put it a carry-on bag, though P has taken a thin green garden cane on board. Thanks Red.

Dave - Oh so do I Dave:) Thanks.

SunnyGil - The use of the cane can be very erotic - doesn't lways have to be used for punishment. Thanks SG.


Michael M said...

We have never done OTK with a cane, only with hand or hairbrush.
I think a short manageable cane will be quite a sexy and erotic instrument.
It will get to those little corners and curves that a cane does not usually reach. It will also be very useful for multitudinous, rapid- fire strokes which get the endorphins going madly.

I imagine you are looking forward to packing for the holidays already, particularly as the sun is out today.

Anonymous said...

Interesting.Never developed the cane into OTK.Because we have the springy,whippy ones I have to be placed over a stool: P holding the small of my back and me gripping his free hand.Otherwise I would just jerk up automatically.If it's punishment I'm secured.Ugh..Horridness ! Sarah,LD,UK

sixofthebest said...

Ronnie, 'six of the best' to you, and many more to come with these loveable spanking implements, called the cane.

ronnie said...

Michael - I couldn't have said it better myself. I was looking at flights yesterday but what a difference a day makes:) Heavy rain here now.

Sarah - I do like our junior one which is whippy and springy. The OTK cane (we had one) can be quite erotic, well I think so but can also be quite evil:) Thanks Sarah.

SOTB - Hope I do have many more SOTB:) Thank you.


Respecting Mistress said...

No suitcase should be packed without one. Great thinking by P. Couldn't have summed up my thoughts better than Michale M though: lots of rapid strokes with create a nice sensation, not to mention pattern. What a holiday to look forward to! Re-read the link back to your junior cane experience. So stingy aren't they?

1manview said...

Like I tell my wife. Nothing is like having a devilish husband, we are always coming up with something.. Enjoy...

ronnie said...

Respecting Mistress - Hello. I agree, couldn't have said it better than Michael. The junior one is quite long and yes very stingy which I like:) Thanks RM.

1MV - I hope enjoy is the right word:) Cheers 1MV.