Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Bankers starved of sex

I'm not a banker basher honest, although my husband puts them in the same category as lawyers, but a small article in the Sunday Times amused me.

Spain is in a bit of an economic mess as is well publicised, so it's nice to hear that the high class 'working girls' (prostitutes)

are trying to do their bit to help the economy by refusing to have sex with bankers until there is clear evidence that they are mending their ways and start making credit available again to families and small business instead of hogging all the EU handouts to themselves.

According to one of the striking prostitutes in Madrid, some sneaky bankers are trying to get round the ban by pretending to be architects or engineers but the girls aren't being fooled. They apparently know a banker when they see one.

Another of the girls told the Times that "it had been many years since these professionals could afford rates that start at 300 euros per hour".

Bloody hell, 300 euros an hour! I'm in the wrong business:)



PK said...

I think we all are! Glad to see that they are doing their bit to help. That ought to get the bankers working to solve the problems!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing world news Ronnie.

I wonder how much I could charge to let bankers spank me?

Sure wish I was a spanker, I know A LOT of men that want me to spank them.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing. And, I agree with your husband.


Florida Dom said...

Ronne: Tnanks for sharing. Maybe they should triple their prices for the bankers to get them to put more money into the economy. LOL.


sarah thorne said...

Good for them. Won't see ours doing that here!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear..I'm a lawyer...but legal aid so maybe P will cut me some slack.Still friends ?!! Sarah,LD,UK

abby said...

LOL...thanks for sharing a possible solution to economic problems. Interesting...LOL abby

sunnygirl said...

It's nice to see that everyone is doing their part. LOL

ronnie said...

PK - I bet the bankers wont be able to hold out too long without the girls:) Thanks PK.

Hedone - Your welcome. Think you'd be able to charge more if you spanked them:) Thanks Hedone.

Joey - He'll be pleased to hear that. Thanks Joey

FD - My pleasure. One of the girls told her client to go away and would give out no more sex until he fulfilled his responsibility to society. He moaned about it but three days later he returned with papers showing he had granted a line of credit to someone and approved a loan for a car. LOL. Thanks FD.

Sarah - UK girls wouldn't either. Thanks Sarah

Sarah - There are exceptions:) Cheers Sarah.

Abby - Definitely an interesting way. Thanks Abby.

SunnyGirl - I think we all have to do our bit to help the economy:) Thanks SG.


Hermione said...

I love it when ladies take the initiative and stand up for what they believe in.


Omega and mouse said...

This totally made mouse smile...


overherlap said...

At those prices, I wonder if the girls are willing to extend the bankers credit? Of course charging about 25%/day interest, giving them a taste of their own medicine


ronnie said...

Hermione - Don't you just:) Thanks Hermione.

Mouse - I thought it would make my friends smile. Thank you.

Dave - Only 25% interest:) Thanks Dave.


Red said...

funny...great idea though