Friday, 20 April 2012

Alternative Use

Did I ever tell you P comes from a family of chefs/ caterers/ restaurateurs? And that we used to own such places ourselves years ago, and that he's a wonderful cook? I did, yes I thought so.

It must be part of his genetic makeup or something because, although we don't do that now, P is always drawn to menus on restaurant boards when we visit places, he nearly always gets the proprietor or maitre d's attention (without courting it) in new restaurants and he hardly ever misses an opportunity to talk direct with the chef especially if it's an open kitchen. Maybe its instinctive, people in the same work or interest line tend to recognise each other, I've no idea how but it happens.

It happened the other day in a nearby town at the opening of a new cookware store, they sell the posh stuff Le Creuset and the likes, and we went because there were leaflets on car windscreens in the car park announcing its opening and P couldn't resist, perhaps the mention of special opening offers stimulated his interest.

Anyway we went and they had some lovely stuff, we didn't buy anything but we did get a large wooden spoon with their name branded on it. We received it as we walked in, they gave it to P not me, I mean the girl purposefully handed it to him, or that's how it seemed.

P said she could tell where the cooking expertise lay. I preferred to think she saw an alternative use for the spoon and thought P might appreciate it:)

Have a fun weekend.



Anonymous said...

Ouch. I hope it is just used for cooking.



Riley said...

That is one large spoon! Cute story, I like that she handed it to him. Have fun! ;)

PK said...

Wow the spoon in the picture would be one to recon with. LOL, I'm glad the spoon was handed to P. I bet the girl knew exactly how he'd use it when she gave it to him.


SNP said...

Have a fun weekend also Ronnie.
Funny that she gave him the spoon.

sunnygirl said...

Hope the spoon gets put to good use.

June said...

Oh my goodness! I'm not sure if I'm scared or in love with that very large, assuredly very mean spoon! Have fun!

Red said...

The distance between the camera nad the spoon, and the person behind,makes proportions different. However, I hope you get the pleasure of its use on your bottom ASAP!! Happy Cooking... Hope P likes his meat roasted to the category of well done.

ronnie said...

Joey - So do I. Thanks Joey.

Riley - I thought that funny. I wonder if she was one of us:) Thanks Riley.

PK - I think she did PK. Thanks.

SNP - Bought a smile to my face. Hope you have a good one. Thanks SNP.

Sunnygirl - Yes P will be using it this weekend but only for cooking I hope:) Thanks SG.

June - Hello. The one we were given wasn't quite as large:) Thanks for stopping by June.

Red - I hope I don't get the pleasure of it, I don;t like wooden spoons used on my bottom. Thanks Red.


Hermione said...

I love that kind of store too, and go as often as I dare. Lucky P, to be recognized as a chef and a spanko.


Anonymous said...

Lot's of euphemisms come to mind about cooking, sizzling, steaming.... you know. :).

Lea said...

I hate wooden spoons. I hope it remains in your kitchen.

Florida Dom said...

/Ronnie: Is he really going to use it only for cooking? Seems like it could be put to other good uses. LOL.


Anonymous said...

You with your glass of red....P cooking up a storm in the kitchen...can picture it certainly is not all bad, is it?! Best,Sarah LD UK

poured out said...

Oh wow.... That spoon makes mine look like a mini!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing about P. I must have missed the cooking info you shared before.

Hope you have fun with the spoon!


ronnie said...

Hermione - Some of the stuff there was very expensive. P did see a particular knife he liked so I may get that for his Birthday:) Thanks Hermione.

Mick - Roasting, tenderising, yes I certainly do know what you mean. Thanks Mick.

Lea - And so do I:) Thanks.

FD - I certainly hope he's only going to use it for cooking:) All wooden spoons should be burnt:) Thanks FD.

Sarah - P's cooking tonight and I will be sitting with my glass of red:) Thanks Sarah.

PO - LOL. The one we have isn't that big, thanks goodness:) Thank you PO

Kitty - Your welcome. I don;t mind saying it, P's a much better cook than me. Thanks Kitty.


MrJ said...

... and ... does he?

Christina said...

Talk about a spoon that could stir up some trouble! :-)

ronnie said...

Mr.J - Yes he appreciated the new spoon and it's sitting in the utensils jar where hopefully it stays:) Thanks Mr. J.

Christine - Your right there:) Thank you Christine.