Thursday, 22 March 2012

You Asked II

KiwiGirl - Do you get spanked for punishment or for pleasure, or for both?
Both but mostly pleasure; even though some of the pleasure spankings are administered under the guise of punishment to add spice both of us can tell, without words to pre-arrange, that the ultimate outcome will be pleasure. On the minority occasions when I've been spanked purely as punishment I haven't liked it, I think because I know I've seriously upset my husband not because of the pain of the spanking although that is not inconsiderable. I also have to say that genuine punishment spankings are the ones that fascinate me most and I have, from time to time, tried to engineer them but it's a very fine line.

Sarah - Have you ever met a real life D/d girl? (it's alright for those over the pond...they tend not to be as reserved as the Brits)
Dee - Have you D/d friends over here that you have met?
Sarah, I know what you mean about us Brits being reserved. Believe it or not and you wouldn't think so with me having a spanking blog but I am quite a shy person. In answer to our question, no, I haven't met a D/d girl and yes I would very much like to and I'm sure at some point I will.
Dee, I have D/d girlfriends over here who I email but have never met but would like to when the time is right.

Pref - I have read a few times about spankos "coming out" to their parent(s) about their kink and even one BDSM blogger who came out to her adult offspring but I have never read about the other aspect of coming out. As a hypothetical scenario, if your son came out to you as a spanko, what do you think your reaction to him would be, as a parent?
Hmm...well first of all I'm not sure about the concept of 'coming out' in relation to spanking, I mean I can see it's relevance with gay preferences but with spanking I'm not so sure; I mean, why not come out and say you practice oral sex or refer doggy style or love dressing in plastic macs or whatever, where do you draw the line? Anyway knowing our son I think I would be initially shocked...that he saw fit to tell me!!!...then curious as to why he felt it necessary and perhaps, after the shock wore off, whether he wanted any advice. Would I say "Snap!?"...No!!!.

James - Do you Spank each other?
Mr&Mrs. B - I know you get the spankings, but have you ever spanked an adult male?

No, we're not switches. I have spanked P, lazily and by sneaking it up on him in the right mood and he hasn't objected, but there was no enthusiasm either.

Mr&MrsB - Is it ritualised, or as and when?
I suppose there is a bit of a ritual element in many spankings, in terms of the way they are initiated and conducted, even if we don't consciously recognise the rituals at the time. We have tried formal rituals like weekly maintenance, punishment book etc, mostly at my instigation, but they have always faded away, I think P gets bored with them although to me they were good because they were regular. At the moment it's very much as and when and I think, although I complain of drought at times, it's probably the best way.


Excellent questions. Thank you - Mr&MrsB, Prefectdt, Sarah, James, KG Dee


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Anonymous said...

Thank you Ronnie.

Hermione said...

It's interesting that P wasn't enthusiastic about regular maintenance. That's what Ron likes best, because it's scheduled and part of our weekly routine.

All very good questions. Do you have any more to answer?


ronnie said...

Joey - Thanks for stopping by.

Hermione - I sometimes wish we still have the maintenance routine but it works for us. No more questions. Thanks.


Kaelah said...

Very interesting questions and answers, Ronnie!

Concerning the topic of "coming out" to one's parents: I'm one of those who have done that. I told my mum when I started reading blogs because it was such a revelation for me. We had a very close relationship and I even talked with her about the mails which I started to exchange with Ludwig a short time later. She also was one of those who made a safety check call when Ludwig and I met each other for the very first time. And she gave me a singing bowl as a present for the ritual ceremony which I had planned for Ludwig's and my first play. I later told my dad as well because it allowed me to be more open about how Ludwig and I met, what we do, and so on. I didn't go into any detail with him but I feel better now that he has a vague idea why it has taken me so long to find Mr Right.

Spankedhortic II said...

Thanks for your answer, it has given me a lot to think about. Not being a parent myself, it has been a subject that intrigues me.


Red said...

very interesting to read...
You never know, if p reads and remembers your answer for kiwi, you might be in for a disciplinary spanking soon.
Happy Spankings

Anonymous said...

I'm with you that the time has to be right.I don't know why, but when people come and go in blogland I get quite anxious.I somehow feel that the whole thing is so easily threatened and undermined.I'm selective with the blogs I read.Figure there is time aplenty and one could easily get hurt.Must be getting cautious in my old age ! Sarah,LD,UK

kiwigirliegirl said...

thank you for sharing :)
hugs kiwi xxx

Riley said...

Oh I can so relate to what you said in response to Kiwi's question. Punishments are my least favorite, but most fascinating. I've tried to understand why that is, I can't yet!

ronnie said...

Kaelah - They have been interestering questions. Gosh a very close relationship with parents, that's so lovely you were able to share with your mother and then dad. I could never have done that. Thank you for sharing this with us Kaelah.

Prefectdt - Thank you for the question. What actually intrigues you Pref? Thanks.

Red - I would have to do something very wrong. Thanks Red.

Sarah - Doesn't matter what age you still have to be cautious. I email and that's all for now but as I said I would like to meet some bloggers someday. Think I would be happier going to US to meet. Thanks Sarah.

KG - Thanks for the question.

Rily - I still can't after all this time:) Thanks Riley.