Monday, 5 March 2012

Preoccupied with Spanking

I spotted this picture last week and emailed it to P saying we should take our paddle with us on holiday and try for an outdoor spanking.

This was his reply more or less -

"You seem to be preoccupied with spanking (me - well I am a spanko P) and an outdoor spanking, which must be the most improbable of all spankings because it's difficult to find a safe place, so it's almost out of the question. And paddles, which are noisy to use and tricky to explain if found in a baggage check, similarly have a slim chance of making it. And why are you sending me stuff about holidays, we've only just had a break in Barcelona, I think the spanking aspect is your priority not the holiday, you need a shrink to dilute your spanking addiction. Perhaps hypnosis would work. Or maybe I should just spank the backside off you twice a day for a week, that might tone you down somewhat. "

Needless to say I was impressed with my husband's final suggestion although I thought a week might not be long enough. Anyway I knew he was only joking, worse luck, but he did spank me later, a pleasant little sexy one followed by some bedroom time.

Thank you for all your lovely comments on reaching my half a million.



Michael M said...

Holiday spankings are the best.
It's easy enough to find an inexpensive beach tennis paddle set when you arrive and you can always take a bath brush with you with no questions at Security.
Better still take the ferry and you can load up your car with whatever takes your fancy. Hope you get your dream holiday this year.
Michael M

Lea said...

How could one focus on anything other than spanking when looking at that picture?

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness that brings back very happy memories of our family holiday to the South of France last year...we used one of those beach bats and it did the trick.Now you'll have me thinking of that all day long.Summer seems a long way was snowing here yesterday ! Sarah,LD,UK

Dee said...

His last suggestion was spot on! :) cool pics too :)

Dee x

Kaelah said...

Outdoor spankings are so great, I love them! :-) Ludwig also doesn't like the prospect of being caught red-handed (and red-bottomed ;-) ) by an unsuspecting vanilla, though. I'm not so keen on that idea, either, so unfortunately outdoor spankings can't happen as regularly as I would like them to happen. Ah well, indoor spankings can be wonderful, too, right?

Anonymous said...


An outdoor spanking would be exciting. I hope to have that experience next month.

Good luck convincing P to spank you twice a day for a week.


Anonymous said...


An outdoor spanking would be exciting. I hope to have that experience next month.

Good luck convincing P to spank you twice a day for a week.


PK said...

We've been able to experience the out door spanking and even quick sex afterwards. If you ever visit here we'll even show you where our 'spot' is.(and leave you alone there)

If you can't do that I think P's last suggestion is pretty good too!


PS Remember a good vanilla hairbrush can do the work of a paddle with no suspicions.

sunnygirl said...

I've had outdoor swats but no real spanking. I like P's suggestion tho. I actually told hubby last nite he could spank me every day and I would be a happy camper.
Good luck.

ronnie said...

Michael - Yes, have had the beach bat used. No thanks on the bath brush, hate it. P usually find something in the villa to use. Thanks Michael.

Lea - LOL. Picture is rather nice. Thanks Lea,.

Sarah - We've used the beach bats but inside:( Summer is just around the corner, summer is just around the corner - that's what I keep saying to myself. Thanks Sarah.

Dee - I liked his last suggestion. Thanks Dee.

Kaelah - No, I would hate to be caught as well. Maybe I shall take a look around for a secluded holiday villa this year:) Thanks Kaelah.

Joey - I wish you luck with that Joey. Please let us know if you get to experience it. Twice a day for a week - somehow I don't think so.

PK - I'm booking the next flight out:) I'll pass on the hairbrush. Thanks PK.

SG - Thanks. Have been spanked every day for just over a week but don't think I'll get P to spank twice a week:( Hope your travels are going well.


faerie said...

Hi Ronnie,

Is there any other way for a spanko to be other then obsessed? Two a day sounds like a wonderful way to address the situation, lol.

dancingbarez said...

I mirror faerie's thoughts, two a day sounds right to me. A good spanking is pretty much in the back of my mind all the time, LOL. I was in a meeting the other day and somebody was using a pointer....guess what i was thinking?

Hermione said...

Take him up on his offer, Ronnie. His arm will tie of it before your bottom does.


Spankedhortic II said...

Cannock Chase is a large area, that can be very short of visitors on a weekday. Just an idea for when the spring comes ;)


kiwigirliegirl said...

two of my wish lists...outside spanking and twice a day every day hehehe...good luck :)

Molded By Him said...

Oh boy! Twice a day - you go GIRL! If that's what you'd like - then I wish those blessings for you.

Love, Isabella

ronnie said...

Faerie - I'll tell P you said so:) Thanks Faerie.

DB - LOL. I would have been thinking the same. Does liven up a dull meeting. Thanks DB.

Hermione - That I'm not too sure of. Hope you had a wonderful day.Thanks Hermione.

Prefectdt - Friends are regular visitors to CC, dog walking and horse riding so I don't think we'd take the chance.

KG - If I can't have an outdoor spanking on holiday maybe I suggest the twice a day spanking instead:) Thanks KG.

Isabella - I'll be sure to let you know if it happens. Thanks Isabella.


Red said...

Life is too short not to have fun... so I am always game for a vacation... at least your message to P had wonderful results...
Happy Spankings

Anonymous said...

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