Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Mind Blowing BJ's

Ladies as today is Steak and BJ Day - do you know how to give your man a mind blowing one?

Apparently not thinks Lisa Sussman.....

"Unfortunately, many women don't have the first idea how to handle a penis. They grab, fumble, and then give up. This book offers no-skip steps to a knock-em dead blowjob from basic moves to multitasking (that made me laugh) that he'll love to get and you'll love to give."

"Men are suckers for blowjobs. According to The Hite Report, almost all the 7,000+ men polled listed fellatio as their favourite pastime."

So do you know how to give your man that mind blowing blowjob?

No Steak for P tonight as he's away overnight but the good wife that I am did wake him up this morning and sent him off with a smile on his face and I didn't hear him complain.



PK said...

You mean you woke him and didn't get a spanking? You must be good! LOL! Maybe he can have that steak when he gets home.


Molded By Him said...

Love the idea of learning more! And yes, my L loves when I do this, one of his favorite ways for me to "put him to bed" - he's so silly.

Hermione said...

I remember reading all about how to do it in Sex and the Single Girl by Helen Gurley Brown. Never knew it was called a Knobber, though.

I expect there are instructional videos on YouTube now..


ronnie said...

PK - I hope the spanking comes when he gets back:) Thanks.

MBH - The book didn't get good reviews. Practice makes perfect - that's what I say:) Thanks.

Hermione - Personally I don't like the word very much but the picture amused me. It's used to described someone who is an idiot and other choice words. Not BJ's very much.

I'm sure there must be plenty of YouTube videos on the subject:) Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm. I think I will turn the tables a bit today and serve my wife some Cherry Garcia for desert, the not fattening kind. I hope that will earn me a good spanking ladies.


sunnygirl said...

Maybe that's why my husband asked for hot dogs today. It was supposed to be a hint. Thanks for the "heads up"

MrJ said...

Thank you, Ronnie, this is really appreciated! May combine it with her BS.

overherlap said...

A spanking, a BJ or a HJ, guess it does not get much better than that :)

Galwaygiirl said...

That has got to be an interesting read. Lol. I must show my husband. Galway

Anonymous said...

I've already given Daddy cock worship today! I wrote a blog post about giving a mind blowing blow job, too. In fact, the title of the post is, "Blow His Mind".


P.S. Yummy! I think I'll do it again tonight, if Daddy will let me, lol!

ronnie said...

Joey - Lovely and I think you'd deserve one Joey:) Thanks.

SG - So your well armed. Your husband will be a lucky man tonight:) Thanks SG.

Mr.J - Your welcome. I hope you enjoy your evening:) Thanks.

OVL - I hope you get both:) Thanks.

GG - I thought it may be a good read but it didn't get good reviews. Thanks GG.

Kitty - Two in a day he would be a lucky man. I'll pop over when I have a little more reading time. Thanks Kitty.


Riley said...

I don't understand why there has to be a Steak & BJ day. For my guy, every day is BJ day!! Every day we're together, that is :)

ronnie said...

Riley - He's a lucky man:) Thanks.


Red said...

A wonderful way to start the day, for both of you.
Happy knobbering