Monday, 19 March 2012

Learning her lesson Twice

At Work

Sandra has been naughty and her husband teaches her a lesson at the office they share..

At Home

Sandra has been naughty again and her husband doesn't hesitate to take her over his knee and teach her another lesson..

Sandra of course has a very sore bottom by bedtime but she never seems to get tired of learning...and her husband never seems to get tired of teaching.

Sounds just like me - naughty in the office and again at home:)

Most clips like these seem to show only one cheek being spanked - I wonder why.


Questions anyone?
I've been reading around the blogs that March is "question month." So ask away. I think most of you know quite a lot about me through my posts and memes but if there's anything my new readers (or my loyal ones) are wondering, please feel free to ask either by leaving your question in comments or send me an email.

Have a good week.



Hermione said...

That poor girl's right cheek is getting way too much attention.


PK said...

I hope that that is just the length of the clip and that he evens her up before it's over.

Questions, (and I'm pretty sure you have answered before, but I'm getting old. LOL) How long have you been spanking and exactly how did you bring it up the first time?


joeyred51 said...
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joeyred51 said...

Thank you for sharing the fun clips.

Do you have a spanking fantasy, a scene that really thrills you?


Mick said...

I noticed that you can be rather hacked after a spanking? Are you always, even if you were looking forward to one?

Molded By Him said...

I'd like to ask how did you meet and when did you know he was "the one"?

Love, Isabella

sunnygirl said...

Good visual for a Monday morning.
Thanks for sharing. Like others, I wonder if it is ever going to be evened out.

No questions.

sunnygirl said...

Good visual for a Monday morning.
Thanks for sharing. Like others, I wonder if it is ever going to be evened out.

No questions.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

I will join PK and ask about your how your first spankings with P came about.

Red said...

One advantage of having an office is that P can occasionally spank you there besides at home.

ronnie said...

Hermione - What is is about clips like that, always one sided. Thanks Hermione.

SG - It would seem not:) Thanks SG.

Red - That's some peoples fantasy being spanked in the office by their boss:) Thanks Red.


ronnie said...

PK/Joey/Isabell/OBB - Super questions. Will answer in a post as soon as I can. Thanks.


Mr&MrsB said...

As relatively new lurkers, we found your blog refreshingly free of The Lord Says twaddle.
So, do you spank each other?
How did it start?
is it ritualised or as and when?

ronnie said...

Mr. & Mrs B - Thanks for delurking:)
If you don't mind I'll answer your question in a post with the other questions. Thank you.


Galwaygiirl said...

You know, my husband does that. My right side always gets way more attention and I find myself pulling over to the right to protect it which usually lands me in more trouble because he considers it to be moving out of position. I say its his fault for favouring the right side. Mhmmmmm.


MrJ said...

I would do that only for punishment, or if necessary to draw some serious attention - asymmetry tends to make much more impression. But that may differ between you gals.

Spankedhortic II said...


I have read a few times about spankos "coming out" to their parent(s) about their kink and even one BDSM blogger who came out to her adult offspring but I have never read about the other aspect of coming out. As a hypothetical scenario, if your son came out to you as a spanko, what do you think your reaction to him would be, as a parent?


Anonymous said...

Easy peasy....have you ever met a real life DD girl? (it's alright for those over the pond...they tend not to be as reserved as the Brits) Sarah,LD,UK

James said...

OK I have to ask, I know you get the spankings, but have you ever spanked adult male?

Just curious!!


kiwigirliegirl said...

Hey Ronnie, great clips...poor girl...oh how i wish my hubby would put me over his knee - he hardly ever does...its always bent over the bed.....*sigh*

OK my question to you....please forive if its been asked before, or if the answer is on your blog and Ive not read it or you get spanked for punishment or for pleasure, or for both?

Lea said...

One sided spanking is the worst!

Question- What's your favorite color?

ronnie said...

Galway - Can happen.As you say he think's your moving out of postion so spanks you harder. Maybe have a word with him. Thanks

Mr.J. - I wouldn't like the one sided approach but then if that's what P decided he woulo do, who am I to argue:) Thanks Mr.J.

Prefectdt - Now that's a different question, thanks Pref. Will answer in a post.

Sarah - Thanks. Will add your question to my post which will be in two parts. Hope that's OK.

James - Thanks for your questin will add it to the post either tomorrow or Thursday.

KG - Why don't you suggestion he try a new position. OTK one of my favourites I much prefer it to bending over the bed or table, though bending over the table is what happens when I'm caned. No problem, will also add your question to a post. Thanks.

Lea - Hate those one sided lucky doesn't happen very often. Thanks for your question. I'll add it to the post if you don't mind.


Dee said...

She's getting spanked. Who cares what cheek! Lol! I'm a spanko, obviously :)
And a question, I think it's already been asked but I'm also curious if you have D/d friends over here that you have met?

Dee x