Friday, 16 March 2012

Lamb Shanks in Rioja Wine and a Spanking

I know, it's not a cooking blog (even though associated words like roasting, tenderising, heating, warming etc do appear from time to time) but I do try to give a little background to my posts sometimes so don't worry, I get spanked soon.

The reason for the title, not hard to guess, we were planning on cooking said dish, my husband was actually as he's a far better cook than me.

We'd been at Sainsbury's, P choosing some wine as they had decent reductions on some nice Chilean reds and me going through a list of ingredients we needed plus a few other bits and pieces. Job done, we were in and out in 20 minutes and on our way home. Half way home P asked if I'd got everything, it would have been more sensible to check while we were still in the store but never mind, I told him I had. 'And the rosemary?' he asked.

'No, P, I didn't get rosemary, don't we have some in the garden?' He didn't think so, that was why he'd put it on the list. Had I still got the list, he asked.

'No, I threw it away, but rosemary wasn't on it.' I am certain of this but my husband insisted he'd written it down.

Anyway he said we'd drop by the office and collect some. I know that sounds crazy but we do have beautiful wild rosemary growing in the flower borders outside our external office door (thyme, other herbs, and blackberries in the summer.) I moaned that I didn't want to stop, I ventured that we might have some dried rosemary tucked away at the back of a cupboard but when I mentioned it to my husband he almost went off the road (he wont use dried herbs) so we stopped at the office, he parked on the street which he shouldn't but he said it would be OK if he stayed in the car while I went and cut the rosemary.

I let myself through the back entrance and round the building to our office, I didn't have anything on me to cut rosemary with so I went to open our office door and get some scissors. The door wouldn't open, I tried several times but the lock wouldn't turn, I called P and told him, he said for me to wait and he'd park properly and come and sort it. I watched the kids playing the other side of the iron railing fence which separates our grounds from the park, I smiled at one of the boys when he came up to the fence to retrieve a ball, didn't want him to think I was trying to break in.

My husband appeared in a few minutes and opened the office no problem, apparently I'd used the wrong key. He couldn't find the scissors because I'd been using them upstairs to open some packages, he called me in and sent me to get them, which meant opening our little satellite office (mine actually.) When I returned I quipped that it would have been quicker to go back to the bloody supermarket, to which my husband said not if the scissors had been where they should have been and if I'd known how to open a door. You can see where this is leading, can't you.

It wouldn't have ended up in a spanking though, but for one husband put the rosemary in my handbag! Without a thought, without asking me, he just took the scissors from me and cut several sprigs, then came back inside, lifted the flap on my handbag and stuffed them in. I told him to get them out right this minute, they smell really strong and they might have had insects on them for all I knew and anyway it's a really nice leather handbag which I've only just bought and I wasn't having a load of gardening produce in it.

He closed the door behind him and locked it, reached out for my bag and placed it on a filing cabinet, took hold of my arm and led me across to his desk, pulled out his chair and had me across his knee in double quick time with my skirt up and pants down.

He gave me such a spanking and it was so loud! I told him he couldn't because of the kids outside, they would hear, they knew we were in here, I'd been talking with them I lied, but he just said I should have thought of that before I got so stroppy. I could clearly hear them shouting and playing around while I was being spanked and I was convinced they must have heard the slaps.

After he'd dealt with me he said 'Now come on, pull yourself together and let's go.' It's about 30 metres from our rear office door down to the corner of the building where the path turns away from the park.

I've never made the journey so fast, I was sure the kids had stopped their play to watch the woman who'd just got her bottom spanked in that office.

Later that evening four very contented diners, my son brought a new girlfriend home, sat and enjoyed lamb shanks in Rioja wine...with rosemary!

Have a fun weekend.


Photo from MarQe's Study - no, not the food picture the spanking one.


PK said...

Now this the the kind of spanking I love to hear about. An exasperated husband dealing with his exasperation by spanking his wife (you'll notice I never said you did anything wrong!)

Glad the evening turned out so well!


Anonymous said...

Terrific story Ronnie. A spanking combined with P cooking the meal; a perfect evening!

Thanks for sharing.


Spankedhortic II said...

Thanks for the recollection, most entertaining.

On a side note, if you ever get any skin breaks or abrasions from a butt warming (it happens to all of us sooner or later) the extracted juice of Rosmarinus is an effective anti septic and a better smelling alternative to many of the manufactured products.


Anonymous said...

Spice. that's what ttwd adds to our lives.

On the other hand, isn't it interesting how something so small can get a person in trouble.

Hermione said...

That's what I'll order next time we go to an upscale restaurant that's a fsvourite of ours. Lamb shanks, I mean, not a spanking:)

Imagine having rosemary growing outside all winter! Ours is in a big pot and spends the winter in our front window, so we can snip it any time.


Anonymous said...

Tomorrow is my wife's birthday, I already have the meal planned, and I know for a fact she's getting a nice warm birthday spanking!!!

Great timing for this post, LOL


overherlap said...

A good meal and a spanking, it doesn't get any better than that :)

Our Bottoms Burn said...

I have to say, you really know how to earn one.

ronnie said...

PK - I didn't do anything wrong all P's fault for putting plants in my bag:) Thanks PK.

Joey - It was Joey. Hope your weekend is lovely. Thanks.

Prefectdt - Thank you. You learn something new everyday - had no idea Rosemary was an antispetic.

Pref- wanted to let you know I'm having problems leaving comments on wordpress blogs, not sure why. Will try again later.

Mick - Wasn't small to me, my handbag was NEW:) Thanks Mick.

Hermione - And order a spanking for dessert from Ron. I wish I could dig it up and plant in our garden:) Thanks Hermione.

James - Happy birthday to your wife. I love birthday spankings. Have fun.

Dave - Certainly doesn't. Thanks Dave.

OBB - I think you'd be annoyed if someone put plants in your bag:) Thanks.


Riley said...

Oh I would have been annoyed at the rosemary in a new purse as well! Gosh they just don't understand! I've been spanked a couple times over him ruining my clothing items. One time he ripped my dress open. Excuse me, I know men get excited but my gosh, clothes do cost money! I got a little mouthy because he did that and over I went. Hmf.

Thanks for sharing your story! Looks like you had an enjoyable dinner :)

sunnygirl said...

Wonderful story, Ronnie. Your husband apparently does many things very well. Lucky girl.

L. said...

I've heard of spanking adding a bit of spice to a marriage, but in this case a bit of spice added the spanking (well, okay, rosemary is an herb not spice, but still...)

1manview said...

Sounds delicious, the BJ I mean,,, hehehe ...

Have a great weekend Ronnie

ronnie said...

Riley - Gosh never had my dress tore off. I'd like to hear the story behind that one:) Thanks Riley

SG - Too well sometimes:) Thanks SG.

L - Hello. Keeps us young:) Thanks for stopping by L.

IMV - LOL. Lovely to see you. Thanks.


Elysia said...

Ronnie, you're a wonderful story teller!
This recipe looks wonderful, my mouth was watering at the photograph. I wonder if you could share the recipe?
As far as your cooking prep, I do find that is saves time and aggravation when you warm, tenderize and roast before hand.
Oh, and I knew where this was leading you both when he said you stopping at the office. ;-) lol
Alls well that *ends* well!

ronnie said...

Your very kind Elysia, thanks. I've sent the recipe to your email address.


Florida Dom said...

Oh lamb shanks are so tasty. Sure they go well with a spanking. And tell us how the evening went with the new girlfriend. Bringing a girl home to meet the parents can be interesting.


Red said...

What a wonderful day you had.... The knowledge that the children heard you being spanked adds an extra little thrill. You should plan on visiting the office when no one is there more often...
happy spankings

kiwigirliegirl said...

now THAT is exactly what ttwd is all about....well done to P.
and the dinner sounded devine xx