Friday, 30 March 2012

Do You?

After your spanking...

Take a look in the mirror to see how red your bottom is?

Me, I have to take a peek.

Do You?

Paris was wonderful, weather gorgeous. We have a busy weekend ahead but if I have time to write I'll tell you all about it.

Have a good one.



Riley said...

I sometimes do. Actually, sometimes I'm told to! He likes me to see his handiwork, especially if handprints are involved!

Paris sounds wonderful! Being spanked in Paris sounds even better! Did you have to brush up on your spanko French vocab words? ;)

Galwaygiirl said...

My husband actually makes me go and look but I'm sure I would anyway. Lol, Galway

Little Butterfly said...

Yep, I always want to see! Sometimes I'm also told to.

joeyred51 said...


I always look for marks on the bottom.

Have a wonderful time in Paris.


Kitty said...

I do if a mirror is available, if not I ask Daddy to take a picture with his iPhone so I can see how red my bottom is, lol!


Mick said...

No, I never look at mine after a spanking:). Her's can be pretty red though.

Hermione said...

Yes, always. How did you know?


poured out said...

Sometimes I sneak a peek!

faerie said...

Of course I look, usually right after he has commented how red it is, lol.

abby said...

Of course...doesn't everyone? abby

sunnygirl said...

Definitely yes. Can't wait to hear about Paris.

sunnygirl said...

Definitely yes. Can't wait to hear about Paris.

ronnie said...

Riley - P likes to see his handiwork as well and nearly always asks later or next morning how's my bottom. Paris was wonderful, I'll tell you all about it. Thanks.

Galway - Oh I've never been told to go look. Thanks.

LB - I think I'd like to be told go and look. Thanks.

Joey - And then do you feel to see how hot it is? Cheers Joey.

Kitty - P sometimes takes a picture of mine after he's spanked me but I still have to go and look. Thank you.

Mick - You made me laugh, thanks.

Hermione - I just know you wouldn't be able to resist peeking:) Thank you.

PO - Only sometimes:) Thanks.

Faerie - We all certainly like to see our red bottoms:) Thank you.

Abby - Apparently not. Thanks.

SG - I'll try and write it up then:) Thanks.

Good Luck to all our friends across the pond who have lottery tickets for tonight.


dancingbarez said...

Yes, I always look and I look for days after too. He checks on it too.

Emi Jones said...

I usually take a peek as well, sometimes he will if it's been a harder spanking. He will pull me OTK and see if there are any bruises.
I usually check on the bruises as well, daily, or most of the time I go to the bathroom, I'll sneek a peek!

bree said...

Oh YEAH! Of course! I too am sometimes told to and I moan and roll my eyese at him. Honestly, though, that even makes me smile more. :))

Shhh!!! Don't tell anyone. Sometimes he spanks me in front of a mirror and I have to watch myself being spanked!!!! It gives me goosebumps and I blush. I can't watch for too long! It's makes me feel weird in a love/hate/curious squirmy way!

I check on it every chance I get after that, which can be probelmatic as then I see all these annoying little imperfections. Then I decide to eat less and do more exercises for my butt and thighs.

Actually, this past week I overdid the exercising and fried my upper thigh muscles and knee joints doing these exercies I just saw on TV for your butt and thighs. I am still hobbling a bit. Ouch! :P

Yes, please. I would like to hear of your adventures in Pairs. *Bree claps* :)

Spankedhortic II said...

I used to check the mirror but now it causes less neck ache just to take a digital photo.

Hope the weekend is enjoyable.


Bobbie Jo said...

Since I usually get my spanking over jeans, my top want to see her handy work and so do I. Funny thing, though. I'm still a bit uncomfortable with that. I have only had four sessions so being so new definitely has something to do with it. :-)

mountain girl said...

Yes...i always look and take a few pics and send them to Master..He likes to see His handiwork too....enjoy Paris!

ronnie said...

DB - P checks as well:) Thanks.

Emi - Hello. I don't bruise very easy so once the redness has gone that's it. Except when the cane has ben used I do look quite often at the lines. Thank you.

Bree - Spanked in front of the mirror and made to watch, oh yes | know how that feels. I hope you've recovered from your over exercising.

Prefectdt - How do you take a good picture of your own bottom? I've tried but can get it right. Thanks Pref.

Bobbie Jo - Hello. Even after all the time we have been into TTWD I sometimes get a little embarrassed when P wants to see my spanked bottom. Thanks.

MG - P often takes one but please how you do take a picture of your own bottom? Thanks.


MrJ said...

Well, yes, my sub-wife frequently has to take a look. :grinn:

marriedamusicman said...

Since I am not spanked then I have to answer no. But, I know I would if I was spanked. Also, you have now given me another idea for another story scene sometime.
Enjoy your weekend, Ronnie. I hope even though it is busy you have a great one!

Red said...

Most times yes, sometimes Cindy is specially pleased with her efforts and states that I should look in a mirror, and occasionally we take pictures.
Happy spankings

ronnie said...

Mr. J - Hello. And I bet you like looking as well:) Thanks.

Marriedmusicman - Hello and welcome to you. I'll look forward to reading that story but please don't take too long in writing it:) Thanks,

Red - P often takes a photo, we have quite a collection:) Cheers Red.


Lea said...

I almost always take a look at my reddened bottom in the mirror after, sometimes running my hand across the marks. Occasionally I even take a picture to be hidden in a folder on my computer full of my marked bottom. Lol.

Spankedhortic II said...

How do you take a good picture of your own bottom? - Answer, a small table top tripod and the self timer. A small mark on the wall to aim the camera at and so that you know where to stand for the snap.


1manview said...

No!... lol ... Glad you had a great time and a safe trip...


ronnie said...

Lea - I do that, run my hands over the cane marks mmmm:) Thanks.

Pref - Thank you, will have to try it.

1MV - LOL. We did thanks.


kiwigirliegirl said...

yes i often look too...i think we all do....i always want to see the result of such a burning feeling hehehe
glad you enjoyed paris, looking forward to reading about your trip
hugs kiwi xxx

sbo said...

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ronnie said...

KG - Hello. From reading around there are one or two who don't like to look at their bottoms after a spanking. How they resist beats me. Thanks KG.


overherlap said...

Good question Ronnie, yes we always have to check it out in the mirror. I have taken many pictures of my Lady's bottom, before, during and after the spanking. I do get spanked occasionally also, and have to give it the mirror test.

disciplinedboyfriend said...

We always check in the mirror for redness and marks. Its part of the post spanking ritual and makes you want to feel the glow.

ronnie said...

Disciplinedboyfriend - Hello to you. P never requests I look it's just something I like to do. Thanks for stopping by.


ronnie said...

Sorry Dave, missed you there.

Never have one taken before but yes during and definitely after. Thanks Dave.