Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Were back

Back from our lovely long weekend.

Although I was coming down with some early symptoms of flu on Sunday evening.

I've since learned it's most likely a bad sinus infection. At doctors yesterday and he's given me antibiotics so keeping fingers crossed they'll help clear it. I can't believe how much my head hurts every time I bend down and cough and I can tell you I'm coughing a lot. Never had a sinus infection before and I wont be wanting one again.

Remember me mentioning I wanted a little gift for me to take away with us and that the gorgeous little whip was way too expensive. Well it was and I didn't buy it but I did buy this little blindfold. Got it at auction on ebay:)

Tell you about it when I feel more up to writing.

Have some reading to do so catch up with you soon.



Anonymous said...

Blindfold covers all eventualities,it would appear.Rest plenty.Sarah,LD,UK

Dee said...

Sorry you're not feeling great. Sinus infections are not fun. Liking the blindfold :) Get well soon.

Dee x

Spanky said...

I hope you start feel better asap, so you can enjoy that blindfold!

Hugs, Spanky

Hermione said...

Will you wear the blindfold for spankings, or for, er, other activities? Hope you're feeling better soon so we can read all about it.


Anonymous said...

Hope that you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon and I'm glad you had some time off.

BTW, the word verification gave me, "gynal" Just had to share it.

sunnygirl said...

Communication is the key. Love it.

Hope you feel better soon. I think half the world is suffering the same infection.

Glad you enjoyed your holiday.

Kaelah said...

Get well soon, Ronnie! Blindfolds are wonderful little items, have fun with yours. :-)

dancingbarez said...

Hope you feel better soon Ronnie. Love the blindfold.

ronnie said...

Sara - No chance of a rest after having a few days away and were supposed to be in London this weekend. Thanks Sarah.

Dee - Not fun at all and I never want another one:) Thanks Dee.

Spanky - Bought it, used it and got the spanking:) Thanks Spanky.

Hermione - Oh definitely for the er, other activities:) Thanks Hermione.

Joey - So do I:) Thanks Joey.

Mick - Thanks so much for sharing that LOL.

SG - That's what I always say:) If my head didn't hurt so much when I cough it wouldn't be so bad. Thanks SG

Kaelah - I knew what I was doing when I bought it:) Thanks Kaelah.

DB - Thank you.

Thanks for the get well wishes.


Rogue said...

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back. Feel better soon. Can't wait to read about sensory deprivation. In fact, it's making me aroused.

Daisychain said...

Sinus infections are terribly painful... like earache and toothache... bless you, sending hugs and wishes for a fast recovery... xxxxx

kiwigirliegirl said...

sorry you are not feeling so well and i hope you get better soon. The blindfold is gorgeous - love it...and i love the picture too :)
great to have you back
love and hugs kiwi xxx

ronnie said...

Rouge - If the head would just let up wouldn't be so bad. Can't think straight. Thanks.

Hedone - Thank you. Didn't quite work out how I'd planned it:)

Daisy - I rather have a ear or toothache to a sinus infection:) Thanks.

KG - The blindfold is ever sooooooo soft. Thanks.

Really appreciate all your get well wishes. Thank you.


Florida Dom said...

Hope you are feeling better soon. And sure the blindfold will be put to good use.


1manview said...

Feel good vibrations on the way...


ronnie said...

FD - A little better, thanks. Already been put to use:)

1MV - It didn't quite work out how I'd planned:) Thanks.


Serafina Samadhi said...

Master Michael and I are both still fighting a sinus infection. . only now after 4 weeks later I am due for a caning that has yet to be implemented. . hopefully today. . Hope everyone gets feeling better soon!