Monday, 6 February 2012

Spanked for being Provocative

How was your weekend? Mine (a long one) was and still is going well, I will be back in Blighty late this evening and I've seen the TVE news of the snow we've had back home so I hope most of that has gone. It's not quite as cold here, there's certainly no snow and we actually sat outside a bar and had a beer last night, admittedly with butane heater lamps keeping us warm.

We went sightseeing in Barcelona Saturday, we visited the Sagrada Familia cathedral to see how they were getting on with. We went by the sea and had coffees (well P had coffee. I had water and a large slice of cake.) it was chilly I can tell you but still nice.

Now Girona is a lovely and overlooked city, it mixes riverside run down dwellings with old town quaint streets and alleys with beautiful little shops and restaurants, there's also and old Roman fortress overlooking the city which you can walk round. I like it, not as busy or grand as Barcelona.

Oh and Friday I got spanked. Why? For wearing my tight jeans, which I travelled in. P said I was acting provocatively, I said to provoke what? He said to provoke what you're going to get later in the hotel. This was said while we were still in the airport departure lounge, and if I hadn't been acting provocatively up to that point (which I hadn't) I certainly did my best to from then on and it resulted in me getting spanked early evening in our hotel bedroom, the time of day when showers are running, TV news channels are on, there's background noise, good time for spanking. I had a really boring pair of pants on too but P still snapped me with my phone after pulling them up to expose my cheeks.

It doesn't look very spanked but it really was and I could still feel it later when we dined in a charming bodega which served tapas and Argentine steaks from a barbacoa.

See you tomorrow.



MrJ said...

As there will be more tapas and steaks, I am sure there will bne more provocations.

PK said...

Actually you look quite well spanked there - you go girl! Sounds like the weekend and beyond is progressing nicely.


Hermione said...

"Spanked in Spain" has a nice ring to it.

Have fun!

sunnygirl said...

You look well-spanked. A lovely shade so becoming on you.
Glad your weekend was fruitful.

Michael M said...

There was a young girl from Girona
Who was told not be such a moaner
If you don’t start behaving
I’ll give you a caning
And you’ll have to spend time in the corner

Dee said...

There's worse things to be spanked for :)
Sounds like you're having a great time.

Dee x

Anonymous said...

Feeling quite smug up here in the frozen North because all the snow is down South where everyone panics like crazy.Safe trip back.Sarah,LD,UK

Anonymous said...

Are your panties (knickers) navy blue? Someone told me that was the thing in the UK, navy blue knickers, that is, lol!

Anyway, glad you had a good spanking in Spain.


dancingbarez said...

Looks pretty pink to me. I think I'll wear my tight jeans this weekend. I am glad you are having a great time.

Daisychain said...

Glad the jeans did their job! Well done you for getting your vacation off to a spanking good start!!!! xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

I loved Girona and Barcelona. Glad you were able to find time for a spanking.

Riley said...

I just found your blog and was super excited to see your most current post was about Barcelona! I adore Spain, it looks like you're in Girona now, otherwise I'd give you a couple touring ideas. I hope you had a wonderful visit.

Can't think of anything better than getting spanked in Spain! ;)

Newt said...

I love Spain. Le sigh. Provacative pants. that made me giggle. They will scramble for any excuse won't they. Sounds like a wonderful get-away.
Bon Route,

Pink said...

Isn't there a Three Dog Night song about being spanked in Spain? "I've never been spanked in Spain"? No?

There should be. And you can say that no longer!

Sounds perfect, Ronnie.


kiwigirliegirl said...

love your post, sounds like you are having a wonderful weekend - nice pic too you look very well spanked. But dont you find that sometimes THEY just find any reason at all to spank??!! as my husband says "just because he can" Thats what we ahve called our maintenance sunday "Just because Sunday" hehehe....we must sound very weird to other people when we talk and mention its just because sunday LOLOL
Love and hugs kiwi xxx

Lea said...

Sounds like it's been a fun trip! The color of one's bottom NEVER shows up as much on camera as it does in person, from my experience.

ronnie said...

Mr. J. - And there was Mr. J:) Thanks.

PK - Definitely redder than the picture shows. A very good long weekend.

Hermione - Good title for a song:0 Thanks Hermione.

SG - LOL. Pink is my favourite colour:) Thanks SG.

Michael - LOL, very good. Thanks Michael.

Dee - Lovely time but too short:) Thanks Dee.

Sarah - And we sure do panic. Snow all gone here, thank goodness. Thanks Sarah.

Kitty - What, "navy blue knickers the thing in the UK" never heard that one. That day they were black and very unsexy.

DB - I hope it works for you:) Thanks DB

Daisy - There not that tight just an excuse for P to spank me:) Thanks Daisy.

Joey - Both are great to visit. Which was your favourite? Thanks Joey.

Riley - Hello to you. You could still share with us please for future visits:) Thanks Riley.

Newt - Hello to you and yes it was lovely, thanks.

Pink - LOL. It's "I've never been to Spain" but much prefer your title. Thanks Pink.

KG - your right - "it's because I can or because I want to." Gotta love them though. Thanks KG.

Lea - I wonder why that is. Thanks Lea.

Appreciate you all stopping by.


Riley said...

Ahh I'm late on responding sorry about that!! you go to Spain often? I recommend you visit the Dali museum if you haven't and I assume you saw lots of Gaudi, Parque Guell, and the Familia Sagrada. The beach is gorgeous if you go when it's warm, there's a really nice restaurant called "El Cangrejo Loco" that overlooks the beach. As far as other food, if you haven't tried Tinto de Verano I recommend it! It's what the locals drink and is similar to Sangria but IMO better. I'd also HIGHLY recommend also visiting Madrid if you haven't; the city is very pretty and has some of the most amazing sites/visits, such as the Prado or Retiro. Also it's a short trip from Toledo, which is my favorite place in Spain, it's an ancient town surrounded by a stone wall, full of lots of history and very charming. I don't want to drag on and on with what you could see/do but I lived in Spain for a little while so if you ever need more in-depth recommendations, you know where to find me :)