Monday, 20 February 2012

Happy Home

'God Bless this Happy Home'

That's what it says on the hanging plaque and a happy home it was even though Darren ruled it with traditional disciplinary values.

It meant a sore bottom for Priscilla from time to time but there were never long sulks or protracted arguing.

Just a firm fair lesson and a few days sitting tenderly now and again.

A happy home indeed.

Hope you had a great weekend?

Wont be around much this week so catch up with you when I can.



Anonymous said...

Hello Ronnie,hope busy is a good kind of busy and all the best from this happy home (!).We've been to the cinema and the theatre this w/e so I've got a swing in my step although Peter is away all week which I hate,hate,hate.Away you go in your business then !..Sarah,LD,UK

Hermione said...

Who wouldn't be happy in a home like that?


PK said...

Lovely picture! Our home was nearly this happy Sunday evening. I know you're busy, but check in when you can.


Red said...

definitely a good reason for a happy home. It definitely works in our house.
Have fun whatever you are doing..
Happy Spankings

overherlap said...

That is a good reason the home is happy, no arguing or yelling, just calmly applying a good sound discipline spanking when needed, followed by loving after care.

Anonymous said...

I do like that picture, ronnie:)!

Have a great week,

Riley said...

I like the pic and your blurb that went with it! :)

kiwigirliegirl said...

love the pic, and when its all going well it sure does make for a happy home.....
love and hugs kiwi xxx

Dee said...

And what better than a happy home? :)

Dee x

sunnygirl said...

Happiness is...................

kiwigirliegirl said...

P.S. I have to say i pinched the quote and emailed it to hubby (changing the names to him and me of course)he loved it :D
love and hugs kiwi xxx

ronnie said...

Sarah - Mostly kind of busy, thanks. Hope the week passes quickly for you. Thanks Sarah.

Hermione - I'm sure some would disagree with us:) Thank Hermione.

PK - Good to hear that PK. Thanks.

Red - And our house:) Some of it's fun. Thanks Red.
Dave - And then all's well until she plays her face again:) Thanks Dave.

Kitty - Thanks Kitty. Have a good week yourself.

Riley - Thanks. I like adding words to pictures.

KG - Happy your hubby liked it. I do that sometimes:) Thanks.

Dee - Nothing:) Thanks Dee.

SG Happiness is...................a warm bottom:) Thanks SG.


Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: That's the way to have a happy home and hope you aren't too busy to stop in on occasion.


ronnie said...

FD - In office all day today so can read a comment a little. Thanks FD.