Wednesday, 18 January 2012

They say 'Your school days are the best......'

We've all heard the saying that your school days are the best days of your life, right?

Well I came across this photo and loved the little caption quip in white. I think the bit in red 's OK too:)



Anonymous said...

I wouldn't pay to get spanked, but the sentiment is sweet.


Secret Spanko said...

don't knock it until you've tried it!

PK said...

LOL! Ain't it the truth!


Anonymous said...

Very true Ronnie.

Hermione said...

I've heard that saying and I've never believed it. For many people, school days were unpleasant, difficult, sad or agonizing times. I don't know who could look back on them fondly except perhaps the popular people in the "in crowd". I'd never want to go back.


sunnygirl said...

Great pix. Although I never got spanked in school.

Dee said...

Haha! I was threatened with the belt one in P6. It was abolished in P7 when I was 11. I have to say the threat was more than enough and I'm with Hermione, I'd never want to go back. Like the pic tho :)

Dee x

overherlap said...

Growing up in the 50's, the paddle was common place in our school, and I was on the receiving end more than once, by both male and female teachers. Not any fun at the time, but there was respect and order, something non existent in today's public schools.

ronnie said...

Kitty - Some have to. Thanks.

SS - That's the saying:) Thanks for stopping by.

PK - Oh yes. Thanks.

Joey - Certainly is. Cheers.
Hermione - You sound like you didn't like the school you attended and yes I do know some people thoroughly hated their school years. I have lovely memories of my years and I wasn't in with the "in crowd." Thanks.

SG - Neither was I. Thanks.

Dee - No spankings in either of my schools. I don't think the belt was every used in our part of the country. Thanks.

OHL - Yes discipline is lacking in our schools today. Thanks for leaving a comment.


Anonymous said...

The comment "don't knock it till you try it." Was directed at kitty, who said she'd never pay to be spanked. I should have have made that clear. Otherwise, thecomment makes no sense as a response to the post. Sorry, I know it's not a big deal, but it was going to bug me all day.

kiwigirliegirl said...

ohhh i think id like to be spanked everyday for a while ;)maybe i should suggest it hehehe

Spankedhortic II said...

It is nice to see Emo Philips paraphrased. I had forgotten that he said that :)


Anonymous said...

Don't think Peter would agree with you...his schooldays were at boarding school under the auspices of the Jesuits...a pretty terrifying bunch of people by all accounts.It has left him with totally ill at ease with organised religion.For my part, I'd revisit my 20's but def no further back !Sarah,LD,UK

Daisychain said...

Love the pic, think it's for the sentiment, red yes...white, no!
Never, ever, got into trouble at school. Was a terrified little mouse; terrified of teachers and bullied by peers. Didn't feel at home there till 6th form, when all the bullies left. And 6th formers were prefects, we didn't get into trouble, we were respected and looked up to. And I made a point of watching out for anyone bullying the younger ones. But I agree with Hermione...would not ever hanker for those days again! xxxxxxx

overherlap said...

Kiwigirliegirl said....
"ohhh i think id like to be spanked everyday for a while ;)maybe i should suggest it hehehe". If I were your Hubby, I would be delighted to have you OTK everyday;) be careful what you wish for, but I hope you get your wish:)

Lea said...

Haha, funny!

ronnie said...

Anon - We know what Kitty meant and everyone has to say what they think. Cheers.

KG - As they say - be careful what you ask for:) Thanks.

Prefectdt - Not familiar with the name. Thanks.

Sarah - I've heard bad tales from friends (men) about their experiences at boarding school but I can honestly say mine were really good. Thanks.

Daisy - I was quite a goody two shoes in school:) maybe that's why I liked it. All he younger years had a 6th former looking after them and if I remember correctly I don't think we had any bullying. Thanks.

OHL - LOL - that's just what I said to KG. Cheers.

Lea - I thought so. Thanks.


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Red said...

fun poster, but really not into children at school being spanked... Guess I am not British enough.
happy adult spankings

ronnie said...

ST - Thanks. Will pop over.

Red - I'm British and I'm not into school girls being spanked either:) just thought it an amusing photo. Thanks Red.