Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Macca didn't get me spanked this time

Macca was fantastic, as I've already said, and if any of you get a chance to see him before he finally hangs up his guitar, all I can say is 'Do it', and don't for one minute have doubts about his advanced years, the guy did almost 3 hours without a break and he entertained!

My son said it all to me when I spoke with him after we got back, he said he would have liked to go and I apologised I would have got extra tickets if I'd known but I thought Macca might be a bit un cool for my son's age group. "What! Roared my son, Mom, he's a Beatle, his music is fantastic, don't think for one minute he's owned by your generation, McCartney is for all generations." True actually, there were all ages at the show from teenagers to octogenarians.

A few of the songs he sang -

Magical Mystery Tour -
All my Loving
Drive my Car
Paperback Writer
Let it Be
Love and Let Die - Smoke and fireworks for this one. Quite spectacular
Eleanor Rigby
Band on the Run
Back in the USSR
Hey Jude - The whole place up on their feet and everyone singing and arm waving

Encore 1
The World/All you need is Love
Day Tripper
Get Back
Wonderful Christmastime - Macca sang this one with a choir and fake snow falling. A magical moment a few days before Christmas

Encore 2

Not the best pics but you get the idea.

Now down to the spanking, or lack of. You all know about hotel spankings, I'm exactly the same, I love 'em, worry about making a noise, look sideways at other guests in the corridor or bar, wonder whether P has brought something with him or whether he'll improvise with a something from the hotel, sitting on a sore backside at breakfast, I could go on. Anyway it didn't happen, all I got was a pat on my bum next morning and told to get a move on it was 9.00am, we'd both overslept.

Manchester weather did for me (sorry Manchester, I love you as a city but I've been caught out by your weather before), it rained almost all day. The BBC said it would clear in the evening but it didn't, it was dry when we walked to the the MEN arena but absolutely pouring when we came out. We'd got drenched once in the afternoon and now it seemed another drenching was in store. We avoided the taxis, which were log jammed anyway all around the venue, and skipped across puddles all the way past the Arndale shopping centre where the traffic was moving, then we jumped in a cab back to the hotel. Soaked.

We had twenty minutes before bar closing to grab a nightcap and review the evening, then we were spotted by a couple we knew from Birmingham and they joined us and we chatted and the bar closed so we got night porter drinks for a couple more hours, the evening ended enjoyably but much later than we'd intended. So to bed, sleep, wake (late), pat on the bum, skip breakfast, motorway by 10.00am.

So Macca didn't get me spanked this time.



Anonymous said...

It all makes for a more delicious and surprise spanking when the moment is right...Sarah,LD,UKPS Don't think I have ever been to Manchester when the sun has shone.

PK said...

You are so lucky! What a show that would have been. I'm glad you had such a good time.


Anonymous said...


I am glad that you had a terrific time.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

night porter drinks?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like it was a great time. I got to wishing I had been there as I read through the list of songs.

Better luck next time on the spanking :)

Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: Sounded you saw a wonderful show. Sorry you didn't get a spanking to go with it but I assume there will be one coming soon.


Hermione said...

How lovely that he sang some old Beatles tunes a swell as his later ones. Wish I had been there.


Dee said...

Glad the show was all you hoped for :) I have no doubt your spanking will come, especially with than scary looking cane lol..... if you haven't been already :)

Dee x

sunnygirl said...

Sounded like a great concert. I am glad you were able to be there. Sorry about the no spanking - no doubt you will get one soon.

ronnie said...

Sarah - I think it's a first for me not to have had a spanking in a hotel room. Two visits and both times got soaked:) THanks Sarah.

PK - I think it was the second best concert I've been to. Thanks.

Joey - Fabulous. You were right when you said I would enjoy and enjoy I did. Thanks Joey.

OBB - LOL. Sorry I should have explained for our cousins across the pond. Night porter - he is a perwson who is on duty during the night. The larger hotels normally has a nigh porter to attend to hotel guests (such as drinks we wanted when the bar was closed) and any other incidents during the night. Thanks OBB.

Mick - That was only half of them Mick. Thanks.

FD - It was a fantastic show he put on. There has been spanking I'm happy to say. Thanks FD.

Hermione - You would have loved the concert. Some of the wing songs I wasn't too familiar with. Thanks Hermione.

Dee - And more Dee. No, not had the pleasure of that particular cane yet:) Thanks Dee.

SG - The concert made up for not having a spankings (did I really say that:)) and we did have a nice chat with friends after. Thanks SG.


Anonymous said...

I don't know whether to say lucky girl, or awwwwwww too bad.

I'm sure you would have preferred the spanking.

Glad you enjoyed yourself, concerts are always fun.


Sara said...

I'm glad you had such an awesome time! Sara

omega and mouse said...

That set list is a dream come true!

Hugs and hugs (you lucky girl),

Anonymous said...

Hope you get your spanking soona and glad you had a wonderful time.


Lea said...

Sounds like it was a great time, minus getting caught in a downpour. His Christmas song drives me nuts, but I like most of Paul McCartney's stuff. I'm sure it'd be a great show.

ronnie said...

James - Spanking would have been nice but the evening was excellent. Thanks.

Sara - One of the best concerts. Thanks.

Omega and Mouse - I'm really glad I perseverd getting the tickets. Totally worth the trouble. Thanks.

Lea - Not a favourite of mine either but with the choir joining, fake snow falling and it being a few days before Christmas it was nice. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Oh I so agree about Macca. I saw him at Glastonbury Festival. We were just 20 feet away from him and I *never* would have expected to be so moved by the experience! Song after song and then I realised it's a bit like the background soundtrack to my life... 'Blackbird' had me in tears; 'Hey Jude' and 'Let It Be' blew me away.

ronnie said...

TMT - Now that would have been a fantastic experience seeing him at Glastonbury.

He sang Blackbird but it was 'Hey Jude' and 'Live and Let Die' (with all the smoke and fireworks) that did it for me. We saw him at Live 8 but then he only did 2 songs.



Red said...

Glad you had fun!