Friday, 27 January 2012

Better after a Spanking?

Recently I had an email from a reader (it was signed anon - come on, anon, I know that's not a real name:)) seeking my opinion or comment on - "I find that a man is a much better lover after he's had his bottom warmed." which apparently features in a blog they'd read.

Obviously has me mixed up with another blogger as I have no experience of warming men's bottoms and the effect it may or may not have on their lovemaking. However it got me thinking.....what about us girls?

Are we better in bed after a spanking are we more voracious, more receptive, more adventurous? Are we more submissive to our partner's sexual demands after we've already submitted to a spanking?

Or does it neutralise sometimes, kill the urge, and if it does do we nevertheless find the urge returning later in the day or maybe even the next day?

I'll own up to my own, ahem, weakness...if you haven't guessed from my posts...I do get aroused when I have my backside warmed and I'd say it leads me on to certain things which as far as I can remember seem to please my husband well enough, I'd say I have become a more liberal lover because of it but I'd also say that in the immediate aftermath of some bottom warmings I can be quite lustful. And that doesn't necessarily mean I'm putting husband's pleasures first, which might make me not so good a lover theoretically even though in practice P seems to find evidence of some lust on my part a turn on.

So what about you?

And what about the original question about men, does it work for them too? Perhaps I'll sneak the odd swat in and see if it alters performance:)

Have a fun weekend.


First and third pictures from Otto and morethanithurstme. 2nd picture, sorry not sure.


Dee said...

Hmm interesting questions Ronnie :) 
There are very few times that a spanking, for whatever reason, doesn't end in some form of play for me/us :) whether that be straight away or some time later but regardless, it turns me on full stop! It's very distracting for Mitch actually :) never mind it also turns him on knowing that I am!
I am definitely more submissive to sexual demands after a spanking although sometimes, no matter how turned on I am, I don't 'feel' like it if you know what I mean? Sometimes a spanking, if particularly intense, can make me feel sleepy. Lol! 
I think, because of ttwd, we have both become more liberal and adventurous yes. 
I think the comment about men being much better lovers after having their bottoms warmed is suggesting that 'they' feel more like 'giving' pleasure afterward because of this?
I can't comment because I haven't ever 'warmed' Mitch's bottom, I much prefer mine to be :) But, in my case, Mitch is very giving anyways and he doesn't need to improve upon anything :) 

Dee x

Spanky said...

I've only been spanked a few times, and didn't particularly enjoy it much, as in "not at all!" So I don't think my performance would be enhanced, though we haven't tried that as the few spankings I got didn't make me immediately think about jumping in the sack as much as jumping in a tub of ice. Kallisto on the other hand warms up admirably and becomes very receptive after a good spanking.

Anonymous said...

A good spanking definitely seems to get my juices running, and giving me one seems to turn my Wife on also.

Although there are the times that it doesn't move either of us. Those are the times that result in a punishment spanking.


Anonymous said...

Definitely I turn on for me.

PK said...

Before spanking came into my life I was a believer in 'man on top, woman on bottom, get it over with' sex only. Afterwards I became a horny, lustful, adventurous woman willing to try anything in bed, or the car, couch, rug... you get the picture. That's over all. Specifically I can be in a pretty bad mood and a spanking can change it right around and I'm better at everything.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

It works equally well for both of us. Turbocharged sex

Hermione said...

Judging from the number of F/M blogs around, it obviously has a stimulating effect for many men. I don't think it has anything to do with being male or female; spanking can be a turn-on for either sex, if that's the way you're hard-wired.


sunnygirl said...

Spanking is a definite turn on for me. If I am not horny when we begin, I am positively lustful after my bottom has been warmed.
I've asked hubby and even given him a few swats but he says it doesn't do anything for him.
His turn on is spanking me.

ronnie said...

Dee - I know what Mitch means as P says the same turns him on seeing me turned on and boy I sometimes get really turned on as you know from my posts:) I think your right about Anon's comment. Thanks Dee.

Spanky - I think Anon was talking about a male bottom regularly being spanked. Would be different if you were the bottom. Thanks.

James - Same her James, punishment spankings not a turn on at all. Cheers.

Joey - Would your partner say you were more ready to please after you've been spanked? Thanks.

PK - We get the picture PK:) but your right spanking changes things. Thanks.

OBB - "Turbocharged sex" I like that. Cheers.

Hermione - Yes, whether you're a male or female bottom spanking is a turn on. Thanks.

SG - P says the same -"spanking me is his turn on" Thanks SG.


Omega and mouse said...

Honestly Ronnie, mouse can't recall the last time she was used that way just for fun. A few months mouse would guess..


But ya when it's done that way....not like a punishment, but's super nice and always gets motor running hot.


Anonymous said...


Since we began to add spanking to our intimate moments, my wife has told me that I am a better lover. When I say spanking, I mean that I am being hand spanked by her. The hand to bare skin contact is very sensuous.


Njspank said...

Thanks, I am always aroused before and after giving or recieving a spanking and no doubt my performance is 1000 times better after!!

Elysia said...

Most times- better. And most times an immediate -turn on. But some Ps and not all have a delayed reaction on me, and him as well. We still need them, and in overall sort of way- they are still a turn on, just maybe not right away.
Sometimes though- we can't wait to make-up and move on, and then *that* is a turn on.
I'm more submissive in any event- post spanking. He doesn't need to "demand" a thing! lol

Erica said...

Great question, and congratulations on the Chrossing!

Spanking is definitely a turn-on for me, sexually. However, what I feel like doing afterward depends on the type of spanking. If it's a sensual spanking, charged with sexual tension, then yes, I'm more than ready to segue into additional activities.

But if it's a hard spanking with lots of implements, one that gets me into subspace, I find that all I want afterward is to be held and caressed, to lie still and just stay in the bubble for a while.

Stormy said...

You probably know my answer but wanted to leave a comment anyway :)

I don't enjoy being spanked at all, but afterwards I'm often in a submissive mindset where I want him to hold me, and all that follows is a comfort.

Sometimes, however I whine and protest and don't want to be had, but I submit anyway because that's our dynamic. Even though i sont want to have sex, it usually makes me feel better..distracts me, and I can forget the spanking and
move on faster, emotionally.


sarah thorne said...

Well, some spankings do actually turn me on, yes.

Then there are some that don't necessarily turn me on in the sense that they are fun or sexual in nature. I have found that discipline or more intense non-fun spankings (like for stress relief) will end in sex after a long aftercare session, due mainly I think to the intense emotional connection made during it. Punishment most certainly does NOT turn me on! But the softness and closeness when being held afterwards can culminate in sex. :)


Daisychain said...

I guess, whether you are M or F, if you are into being spanked, it has that "aphrodisiac" effect!
For us, I am very turned on by Davey spanking me, and he is very turned on by spanking me... whereas, I would hate to be the spanker and it would kill passion stone dead if I had to do it...and Davey says he would hate to be spanked, and if I ever dare to swat him I should prepare for the spanking of my life.... hmmm.... sounds almost worth the odd swift smack...heehee! xxxx

mountain girl said...

Although i love to be spanked by Master...and it does make me very lustful....i get my sexual charge from the power exchange with Him...the minute He see's me and take possesion with His eyes and hands..even before the spanking i'm soaking wet with desire.

Lea said...

"Are we better in bed after a spanking are we more voracious, more receptive, more adventurous? Are we more submissive to our partner's sexual demands after we've already submitted to a spanking?"

Yes. :-)

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Anonymous said...

Spanking is very arousing to me!


1manview said...

I see spanking tubes message is exactly like the ones they left me. Have you visit them at all ronnie?

As always, you find a good topic to bring to life..
Have a good one..

Anonymous said...

It has never been a secret that it is always a turn on for me when I give one.

ronnie said...

Sorry late answering your comments. Have had internet problems this week thought fixed but seems not fully yet.

Mouse - Isn't it good we can still get our motors running:) Thanks Mouse.

Joey - Thank you for sharing that with us and yes hand to bare skin - very sensous.

NJS - Hello. Happy to hear that. Thanks for stopping by.

Elysia - Punishment spanking have a delayed action on me as well. Thanks Elysia.

Erica - Really, I was Chrossed for this - yipeeeee. I don't think we've ever used more than 3 implements for 1 spanking and subspace I've yet to visit:( Thanks Erica.

Stormy - I'm happy you did comment, thanks appreciate it.

Sarah - Thanks for sharing with us. Sometimes I just love to be taken over P's knee, spanked and told to go on about my business a real turn on for me.

Daisy - I'm glad I'm a bottom as well but I do like to tease by giving P the odd swat. Thanks.

MG - Ah yes power exchange can be very arousing. Thanks.

Lea - No need to say more:) Thanks Lea.

ST - Thanks. I will pop over to your site.

Kitty - Says it all. Thanks.

1MV - Hello. To be honest I forgot to pop over, have you? Thanks.

Mick - Thanks for sharing that with us Mick.


Anonymous said...

Yes,without a shadow of doubt we both fire on all cylindars after Peter has spanked me.Only caveat to this is immediately after a punishment..but even then after a period of reflection,comfort and consideration (mainly on my part) we feel all the more closer and intimate.So it works then too, but in a different way.Hope that makes sense Sarah,LD,UK

ronnie said...

Sarah - Hello. Makes perfect sense, thanks for sharing.

Enjoy your Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Hi, ronnie,

Sorry this is anonymous, but I am having trouble with google.

I just came across your blog and saw this.

we don't do the punishment thing so my mindset is always in the fun, sexy role of spanking. Spanking is an incredible turn on for both of us but I would say more so especially for me. I have had many an orgasm while over my boyfriend's lap, whereas he has not from doing the spanking though I can tell you he definitely finds it arousing.

I know there are plenty of clinical aspects of why this would be so.. ie the squirming causing friction on the clit against the leg etc. But, I think it is so much more. Probably the most would be that I am so very aware of his masculinity. His power. His sexuality.

While orgasms from spanking are wonderful, and no I don't mean fingering and rubbing during, I mean from spanking alone, it is the sex after that is truly NUCLEAR.

If it starts out slowly and very gradually increases in intensity, spanking can have me in such a heightened arousal that I never want it to end yet desperately need it to end so I can have it satisfied. Yet, it does have to come to an end.

That is when I can be almost out of control with desire. The hyper sensitivity of my butt reacting to the sting and heat that has spread, has me so reacting to every touch that the first orgasm can happen in seconds. That first orgasm that I have after we get to it, while awesome, just throws fuel onto that desire. Neither one of us lasts long the first round, and like I said, while awesome, is like a tiny sip of water after taking a bite of a habenero pepper... I need MORE. And we are both ready for more VERY fast.

It is that second round that is truly nuclear. Feeling my spanked butt grabbed or rubbing the bed, feeling him so hard and strong, just drives me crazy and super energetic in my part of the act. He in turn gets more aroused seeing and knowing how I am reacting. It's like our lust just keeps feeding on each others. My orgasms then are mind-bending. As is his finally when it comes.

So yes YES. Him spanking me actually makes us both better lovers after.

I will try to check back on your site here when i can.


overherlap said...

As a switch, it would work either way for me! There is just something about submitting to the authority of another, (in my case submitting to a woman) that is very much a turn on!
It is also a turn on to have a Lady submit to me!

ronnie said...

Amber - Hello. Blogger has been playing up a little lately. I would say the same, turn on more for me than P but yes it does arouse him to see me aroused. Thanks for sharing with us Amber, appreciate it. Stop by anytime.

Dave - Yes I can see it would work either way. Thanks.


Rod of "The Canery" blog said...

Wow! Fantastic picture of the woman caning the man. And does spanking improve performance? - definitely a big YES!

Blondie said...

I am glad that someone mentioned the husband enjoying a spank. I was beginning to feel left out. I am greatly aroused when she does it to me so of course the sex is great afterwards. She is not switched on be receiving though.

Women write about it far better than men for some reason. The husband writing about him getting spanked doesn't work somehow. Nevertheless the actual experience is over the moon.