Friday, 30 December 2011

Spank and Soothe

Without any real spankings over the festive holidays because of family with us I'm hoping P wont leave it too long before he tests out the new toys.......

Like the 32" Senior Flexi Bamboo cane

or perhaps the carpet beater I bought

Picture from Spankingblog

or better still both but I can't be too greedy now can I.

One thing I do know - I'll definitely need some soothing after.

Have a wonderful weekend.

See you in 2012.



Michael M said...

I am sure you deserve both - maybe one today and the other on Saturday.
Have fun and HNY.
Michael M

Lea said...

Greedy? Nah.... ;-) Hope you and P have fun ringing in the new year.

Dee said...

Here was me thinking I was the only one who hasn't had any spankings either through the festive period. I have a feeling all that's about to change Ronnie :) .....for both of us!

Dee x

Anonymous said...

Hoping that both come out to play ! Sarah,LD,UK

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Giving them a good testing seems like a fine way to while a way some time over the holiday. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoy all the toys and that you receive lots of aftercare.

Happy New Year,

Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: Does he have a New Year's Eve spanking planned?


Hermione said...

Oh, you must try both. A little of one, then a little of the other, then more of the one you like best (or least.)

Have fun!

sunnygirl said...

Hope it turns out to be a New Year to remember. I'm sure you are both ready after all the company.

sixofthebest said...

I hope on the stroke of Midnight celebrating the New Year 2012, your hubby takes down your knicker's, and proceeds to cane that voluptous bare bottom of your.

PK said...

You do fine the best pictures!! I really, really hope all your dreams come true and quickly!!


Red said...

May all your dreams come true, and have a wonderful New Year's Eve and spectacular New Year..
Happy Spankings

ronnie said...

Michael - I'll tell P you said so:) Thanks Michael. Enjoy the New Year celebrations

Lea - Greedy no, that's what I thought, glad you agree. Thanks Lea. Have a wonderful time.

Dee - I think one or two of us didn't get spanked. I'm having withdraw symptoms. Keeping fingers crossed for both of us Dee. Have fun. Thanks.

Sarah - I'd be happy with one:) Thanks Sarah. Enjoy tomorrow.

OBB - Not much left of the festive holidays. Have fun however your celebrating the New Year. Thanks OBB.

Joey - Thanks. Aftercare is very important:) Have a fantastic evening tomorrow.

FD - You never know with P. Congratulations FD. Tomorrow will be a proud day for you.

Hermione - That's a good idea but I do hope to get to choose which one to be used first. Thanks Hermione. Hope you and Ron have fun ringing in the New Year.

SG - We may be with company SG but if that's the case - hopefully we can slip away before midnight:) Thanks SG and thanks for letting PK share your story on FF. Have a great NYE

SOTB - Oh you do paint the most lovely scenes. Thanks. Have a great New Year's Eve.

PK - Thanks. So do I. Enjoy the celebrations. Speak next year:)

Red - A spanking New Year I hope. Happy New Year to you and Cindy and enjoy your celebrations.


Anonymous said...

Like the pictures, and I agree with most, try a little of this and a little of that.

Never tried a carpet beater, but am very familiar with the cane.

Happy New Year!!


Spanky said...

Great pictures! I hope you get to enjoy all the implements. The cane especially looks wicked.

ronnie said...

James - The cane is my love to hate implement. Carpet beater new to me. Thanks James. Have a wonderful New Year.

Spanky - Thanks. I'm sure I'll get to try both eventually. The cane is very, very flexible one you can virtually bend in half:( Hope you and Kallisto have fun ringing in the New Year.


Erica said...

Happy 2012 to you an P, Ronnie. :-)

Erica said...

That's "and." Arggh.

Anonymous said...

I used the bottom picture the other day on my blog...great minds think alike:). Hope you get the whole enchilada, lol!


Sara said...

I am sure we'll all be looking forward to the full report Ronnie. Have a wonderful New Year! Sara

ronnie said...

Erica - Thanks. Hope 2012 is your best year yet Erica.

Kitty - Thanks. Great minds in deed. It's a lovely picture. Not sure whose's it is. Have a wonder New Year.

Sara -You too. Thanks. Happy New Year to you and your family.

MrJ said...

Happy new year - may all your dreams be fulfillied ;-)

ronnie said...

And to you Mr J. Enjoy the evening.


omega and mouse said...

Happy New Year Ronnie!!

ronnie said...

And to you both, thanks.