Thursday, 15 December 2011

Orgasms - results are in

Thanks to all who voted on my fun little poll.

What can we learn.....

More than half of us will orgasm with or without a partner, nearly half get orgasms easily and almost the same percentage have orgasmed during a spanking!

So.....keep looking after us, partners, because we can do it with or without you! And keep spanking us because a lot of us (I include myself) can reach orgasm during it, although I have to say I cannot if it's over a serious matter.

As for the small number who get orgasms just 'sometimes' I can only recommend getting spanked more often, with a considerate partner.



Anonymous said...

Most instructive.Always good to revisit what we know best.We're getting older...memory loss may creep in...lordy, heaven forbid !Sarah,LD,UK

Hermione said...

Those results are very interesting. It's nice to know so many can climax during a spanking.


Red said...

amazing that so many can climax during a spanking... Definitely harder for a man to do I would imagine...

Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: Nice to hear that so many of you orgasm during a spanking. I wonder if harder, longer spankings are more likely to produce that result.


kiwigirliegirl said...

damn i missed your poll, sorry ronnie. Interesting though. Ive never orgasmed during a spanking though hell it can turn me on so much in the right circumstances. Punishments - eh not so much.
kiwi xxx

1manview said...

Thank you Ronnie for running the poll. Interesting, but no takers on the no orgasms ...

Daisychain said...

So, 34% HAVE faked, and 20% haven't?? Wonder what the other 46% are up to?

Lea said...

Very interesting data. Thanks for sharing.

ronnie said...

Sarah - What do you mean creep in, I'm there already:) Thanks Sarah.

Hermione - I was slightly surprised that so many do. Thanks Hermione.

Red - Not being an expert on men being spanked but I think your right. Thanks.

FD - Good question. One for your blog I think, would be interesting to see what your readers say. Thanks FD.

KG - No worries not really a serious poll. We all different - take crying for instance I've read that many cry during a spanking but not me. I've never been able to cry during or after a spanking. Thanks KG

1MW - My pleasure. Not sure why no takers on the no orgasms even though they could vote anon. Thanks.

Daisy - As I commented to 1MW I was surprised that no one voted for "no orgasms" when reports suggest a lot of women don't. Thaks Daisy.

Lea - Your welcome. Thank you.