Monday, 12 December 2011

The Massage

I got just about everything wrong.

I'd read Steve Lockhart's book, watched an online demonstration, practised on my own muscles, the ones I could access, I really thought I was ready to give P a massage (a real massage) so I suggested it to him and he said sure and half an hour later we were upstairs in the bedroom. I wanted it to work, to be beneficial, leave him feeling on top of the world. I thought it might be erotic too but that honestly wasn't my motive.

Anyway the bed wasn't the best place to perform it, P has managed it fine when he's done me (that sounds bad) but I found it awkward because I had to clamber on board working partly from the side and partly astride him. I didn't have any oil, not the right stuff, so I used Johnsons baby oil which doesn't wipe off like the real stuff. I didn't warm my hands, I didn't even think about them being cold on warm skin. I didn't have a towel ready. I also wasn't getting deep enough apparently. And I let my hands wander now and then to places a masseuse (a genuine one) would not.

Eventually P got fed up and turned over, I noticed a bulge in the front of his underpants. He sat up on the bed and told me to strip. I was genuinely surprised but I did as instructed. He told me I had some way to go before I could perform a massage properly and he said I should have paid more attention to detail, he also told me I shouldn't try to combine a good massage with sex.

Then he dragged me across is knees and gave me a stern hand spanking, admonishing me for my shortcomings and telling me he appreciated the thought but I'd better try harder and get it right next time.

Then to my delight he rolled me off his lap and told me to pay attention while he gave me a quick demonstration of how it should be done. He used talc because he couldn't remember where the proper massage oil was, he said it would be smoother than baby oil and it was, his hands were deliciously warm from spanking me too and although he didn't do the full works top to toe, he soon had me mmming and coooing. He did my shoulders and back, skipped past my glutes (meanie) which were still basking in the glow of afterspank and then worked my thighs.

I couldn't help part them a little for his convenience. He noticed of course and his firm muscle kneading changed to light finger tracing, teasing my inner thighs and trailing up over my backside, which made me lift greedily upwards, then back again only this this time his hand found the wetness between my thighs and started an altogether different type of kneading. Christ I certainly didn't need any oil there, I was soaking and starting to writhe like a lizard, I told him I'd come if he kept doing that so he stopped. I thought, oh shit, don't leave me like this but it was OK, he just wanted to get up behind me, whereupon he lifted me onto me knees and plunged his turgid penis into me. God we must do this massage thing more often, my eyes nearly popped out of my head and within moments we were both coming, me with some choice expletives. We collapsed onto the bed in a heap, hot flesh, sweat, baby oil, talcum powder and sticky sex. It was really rather nice and I'm definitely going to...ahem...massage him again.

So I guess I didn't get it so wrong after all.


First picture from the PinkPapers.


Michael M said...

Fab account of what must have been a great night. By the sound of it you got the best out the massage idea.

ronnie said...

Michael - I suppose I didn't get it wrong in the end:) Most enjoyable.
I would really like to be able to perform a proper massage but I suppose that takes a lot of practice.
Thanks Michael.


PK said...

Well that'll teach you to remember everything! LOL! It seems to me that you did a great job!


Hermione said...

I'd say you got it exactly right!

The first time I gave Ron a massage, I used mineral oil. Big mistake! It's heavier than baby oil and got all over everything.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

Why do I think it is going to take you a long term time to master the massage?

Anonymous said...

Wow. Terrific account of a very erotic night. Thank you.


Elysia said...

Yes, it sounds as if it went quite well!
"basking in the glow of afterspank"
what a fantastic line!
I love it!

Sara said...

I think you did JUST fine Ronnie...and I'm betting P was pleased enough! :) Sara

Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: All's well that ends well. Sounds like you did just fine.


ronnie said...

PK - LOL. Really I didn't forget on purpose. Thanks PK.

Hermione - I thought the baby oil was bad but obviously nothing compared to the mineral oil you used. Thanks.

OBB - Practice makes perfect they say and yes I think I'll need a good few years of practicing:) Thanks.

Joey - Thank you for stopping by Joey,

Elysia - Not quite how I meant it to go but yes ended well:) Thanks.

Sara - I will do better next time I say to myself:) Thanks.

FD - I think we both did fine:) Thanks FD.

abby said...

Sounds like a perfect couples massage! abby

sunnygirl said...

I think you learned enough to get exactly what you wanted. It's nice that Paul also was able to benefit from your education too.

sunnygirl said...

Sorry don't know where Paul came from I meant "P"

Anonymous said...

Lots of practice needed then...good job the holidays are swiftly approaching.But take your time to perfect your technique !Sarah,LD.UK

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I think that would be a good Christmas present to give Daddy...the kind that I'll get something out of, too;)!


P.S. I loved your pictures, too!

Lea said...

Now that is service you can't get at a spa! ;-)

ronnie said...

Abby - In the end it was Abby, thanks.

SG - LOL yes I suppose I did get what I wanted. Seriously I would like tobe able to do a professional massage. Thanks SG.

Sara - Maybe I should pefect it if that happens every time:) Thanks Sarah.

Kitty - I love giving present that you get as well:) I try to find just the right picture but doesn't always work. Thanks Kitty.

Lea - I've heard you can at some:) Thanks Lea.


Daisychain said...

Haha, nice one, Ronnie!! But, for the record, best place to massage him is the dining room table, fold a duvet on it first, to make it comfy for him to lay on, then lay a towel over that to catch the stray oil. The table brings him up high enough to protect your back, and you can access him from all angles. Have fun next time!xxxxx

ronnie said...

Daisy - P wouldn't fit on the dining table hit feel would be hanging off, thought I suppose we could pull out the extension. Good idea, thanks.