Friday, 16 December 2011

Macca could get me spanked again

Remember me mentioning that Macca was performing in Manchester near Christmas and because of him I got spanked. Yes of course you do, I know you remember all my silly foibles especially at this time of year when you've got a hundred and one other things on your mind.

Well anyway I think he might get me spanked again, but I don't mind, in fact I'll look forward to it. But I deserve a pat on the back too because I've got us some tickets (yea!!!) after my husband's inherent meanness initially cast doubt over getting any.

In brief, after not getting the original tickets on an amex offer, P (guiltily) said they'd be easy to pick up cheap on the Internet and said he would pay for them whatever the cost (within reason). Well he was wrong, it was not easy at all but on the weekend I found some good seats, entered the bidding and won.. and at a very good price!

So we'll be going on the 19th, we'll stay over in Manchester so that P can have a beer or two, do some shopping and, as it's an overnighter, hopefully I'll get a good sexy hotel spanking. In fact I'm sure I will.

But here's the best bit - I'm thinking of charging P the original ticket price (haven't really decided yet) being as it was his meanness that caused me all that trouble, and I'll keep the difference, entrepreneurial eh? I shall smile sweetly when he asks me what they cost, and tell him an arm and a leg, and then tell him just the original price will do. Tactful me, not really lying.

So it's McCartney, shopping, overnighter, spanking, not necessarily in that order. Can't wait.

I'll let you know all about the concert but probably wont be until after Christmas.

Enjoy your weekend.



Anonymous said...

Or you could even surprise yourself and go one step further what will be perceived as a selfless and generous act of goodwill buy MIL a pressie with the cash you saved !Sarah,LD,UK

Dee said...

Sweetly devious Ronnie :) Hope you have a great night at the concert.

Dee x

Sara said...

Ronnie, what a very bad girl you are! ;) I hope you get just what you deserve! :) Sara

PK said...

You go for it friend! You can tell the truth and make it sound just like you want. I hope your evening is wonderful!!


Anonymous said...

You will love the concert. I saw Sir Paul at Yankee Stadium. He is terrific in person.


sunnygirl said...

Naughty, naughty. I hope you get everything you deserve.

Hermione said...

That sounds like so much fun, Ronnie.

I love the names you have for big stars. We don't call them Macca (or Madge for Madonna) over here, but I knew who you meant.

Do the tabloids invent these names?


Pink said...

Very entrepreneurial! Let's just hope P doesn't read this blog. (Or that he does.) ;)


Anonymous said...

Tsk Tsk. I think your guaranteeing that hotel spanking.

ronnie said...

Sarah - That's a lovely thought but I'd rather give it to charity as the present wouldn't be appreciated. Thanks Sarah.

Dee - Me devious, never:) Thanks Dee.

Sara - Well a girl can't be good all the time now:) Thanks Sara.

PK - So do I and I don't just mean the concert:)

Joey - I'm really looking forward to it. Thanks.

SG - And more hehe:) Thanks SG

Hermione - I think some tabloids do. Usual Macca is a nickname for people with the surname starting Mc: Thanks Hermione.

Pink - P loves entrepreneurialship so surely I should be rewarded:) Thanks Pink.

Mick - If P is true to form I will get one as he usualy likes to christen a hotel room:) Thanks Mick.


Anonymous said...

Have a great time and I think you deserve a spanking;).


Lea said...

Sounds like you're in for a great weekend! Hope you both enjoy it!

ronnie said...

Kitty - I think I do as well:) Thanks Kitty.

Lea - Concert and a hotel spanking will certainly liven up a boring Monday:) Thanks Lea.


sarah thorne said...

You DO deserve a spanking!! Bad girl!

OMG, Paul McCartney!! Lucky you!!!


ronnie said...

Sarah - You have to be bad sometimes:) Thanks. Sarah.


kiwigirliegirl said...

yeah way to go well done and good luck and have a fabulous time :D

Red said...

Wow: You really scored if you got the tickets less than face value... But mistelling to your Husband should earn you a really hot long spanking...
Do tell about the concert