Wednesday, 21 December 2011


I walked out of our office on Friday and got handed this leaflet by a rather fierce looking woman.

 It was thrust rather than handed and she looked at me as if to say and if this applies to you, do something about it, don't just accept it. I thought to myself, if it did apply to me I'd just tell her, I bet she'd do something about it for me.

I thanked her and carried on to the car. I know domestic violence is a terrible thing and happens to both men and women but I had to smile to myself as I thought about the days when I've walked out of our office with a really sore bottom after having been spanked and thinking the whole world knew it, as if it was printed across my forehead 'Just been Spanked' - you know the feeling.   If it had been one of those days I would have died when the fierce woman handed me the leaflet:)


Oops, l most forgot to mention........I bought the carpet beater. 

Catch up with you all soon x


Dee said...

Carpet beaters look rather pretty I think. But I'm not going to buy one I don't think....... I don't have any carpets to beat :)
Wishing you and you family a very Merry Xmas Ronnie.

Dee x

Simon said...

Having been beaten with one I can confirm that a carpet beater is a very effective implement. It seems to have both the sting of a cane and the thwack of a paddle. Take care of it because they can start to split and the sharp ends can break the skin (unless you're happy for this to happen).
Merry Christmas.

Hermione said...

What a beautiful implement. I hope it's going to be displayed on a wall when not in use. Great find!


sunnygirl said...

Love the pattern. I wonder if it ill transfer?

PK said...

I do know that feeling that everyone knows you've just been spanked. It's an embarrassing and a delicious feeling at the same time. Now to the carpet beater - first it's beautiful. And while I'd want to feel it on the bare at least once I might want it in the over the clothes department. I'm sure you'll let us know!


Red said...

Ronnie: We have the exact same carpet beater... do enjoy it soon....
and...Cindy may be enjoying being spanked... now that would be a Christmas present...
Merry Christmas

Anonymous said...

Love the carpet beater! I've never ever seen one in a store, though.


sarah thorne said...

I would be interested in how that carpet beater feels. Get back to us about that? >:)

I woulda handed the card back and been like, "No thank you. This *isn't* me." :)

Altho, it's a good thing. I have been in doctor's offices where the domestic abuse leaflets are in the bathroom. Funny, if she knew about you, she'd probably insist you were one of those people and in denial!


ronnie said...

Dee - Neither do we:) Thanks Dee and a very Merry Crimbo to you and yours.

Simon - Hello. I can't image how it will feel, seems rather large for an effective spanking. Thanks for the advice will pass onto P as I don't like the skin broken. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas

Hermione - It does look rather lovely and no it wouldn't look right on our walls, shame though. Thanks Hermione and Merry Christmas to you and Ron.

SG - LOL I hope not. Thanks. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

PK - I think I'll request it clothes on first so I know the difference:) Thanks PK. Merry Christmas to you.

Red - You must know what it feels like then:) I think everyone should have a stress spanking at this time of the year. I know I certainly could do with one. Thanks Red and Merry Chritmas to and Cindy.

Kitty - It was in the front window of a pretty local craft shop and I just had to buy it:) Thanks and Merry Christmas to you and yours Kitty.

Sarah - I certainly will let you know it feels. The leaflet was more thrust at me than given. That's what made me smile in a way that if only she knew about TTWD in her eyes I was in that sort of relationship. Thanks Sarah. Merry Christmas to you and yours.


Anonymous said...

I find myself looking at how couples intertwine in an effort to work out if they are in a DD relationship.I must stop doing it.Actually it is rather depressing.In our local pub the men rush like cavemen to the bar, often banging doors in their partners faces.There is one man though who is an utter gentleman...he's firm,courteous,attentive and sees to his wife well before himself.She looks animated,happy and fulfilled.Yep, I'm convinced...thing is, how to strike up a conversation?! Maybe tongues will loosen on New Years Eve.Sarah,LD,UK

ronnie said...

Sarah - You wont every stop trying to work out if a couple is into TTWD I do it all the time, in shop, street, restaurants you name it:)

The couple you mention could well be. Maybe you should ask your hubby to give you a playful bottom pat when their next around to see if it arouses any interest.