Monday, 5 December 2011

24 Reasons for Not being Greedy

I did get spanked but not because it was my 3rd blogiversary.

Saturday I got my comeuppance, my dues, I paid the piper. You might remember that I foolishly agreed to accept twenty four strokes of the cane in exchange for a certain exotic and, I have to say, blissfully satisfying act performed by my husband. The negotiation, on my part, was driven by overwhelming lust and on my husband's by a wicked sense of what he considers fun. I thought he might renegotiate the deal, or even forget it, but it wasn't to be.

We were going out to dine, just the two of us, Italian, the little place we used to frequent but then eased off a bit when they wouldn't give us a downstairs table one evening (they couldn't actually, they were full and we hadn't booked) and P took the hump and decided to teach them a lesson by eating there less frequently. God, men's logic. Anyway I was looking forward to it and had just gone up to the bedroom to get ready when I heard P on the stairs. He doesn't normally get ready till about 5 minutes before the car leaves the drive so my senses were alerted, then the bedroom door opened and in he walked cane in hand.

I put my hand to my mouth and drew a sharp breath, my eyes widened, 'I haven't done anything!' It's always my first reaction, and then 'I've got to get ready....', but my husband just reminded me of the debt I owed, twenty four strokes he reminded me, as he tap-tapped the cane against his left palm. I said there wasn't time but he assured me there was and ordered me to take my trousers off, turn around and bend over with my elbows on the bed. I felt him lift my shirt tail and then his thumb hooked into the elastic of my knickers and they were down to mid thigh in a trice. At that point I whimpered, I think I always do that, too, and then I tried one last time to plead my way out of it, not because I'm dishonourable but because it was the wrong time in my opinion.

The second and third followed swiftly, hardly giving me time to catch my breath and by the fifth I couldn't help it I shot upright with hands clasped to bottom, stomping my right leg and making a woooooing noise through clenched teeth. P gave a me a moment and then told be to resume my position, his face was impassive, I turned back towards the bed but remained standing, then felt his left hand against my tummy and his right between my shoulders easing me back into position. He cautioned me not to get up again or he'd restrain me, his voice was firm, he told me a deal was a deal and to remember this next time my lust overshadowed my commonsense. Then he resumed my caning, the next six or seven I think were still very hard but then I detected a change and his left hand rested in the small of my back for the last dozen, to help me through.

"Now finish off getting ready, put something nice on, your face looks really cute you know after you've been spanked," he just said casually and then he was off downstairs to catch the news.

Half an hour later we were on our way into town, my backside burning in the leather seat, P put his hand on my knee and told me I looked years younger after I'd been spanked too. God I'm sure he'd have seen me blush madly if it hadn't been dark in the car. I felt like a teenager, we had a lovely meal and on the way home I think we both fancied early to bed. Unfortunately our son's car and a friend's were on the drive but that's life.

I'd paid my dues anyway, and you know next time he makes the offer, if there is a next time, I'll do exactly the same again.


Sorry not sure where I go the picture from


Dee said...

Very hot Ronnie :) I'm having visions of a new advert on the telly advertising a miracle cure for the signs of ageing. Lol! Can you imagine the outrage! I'd be signing up though :)

Dee x

PK said...

Owwwwwww! You know my feelings about canes. I'm glad to know you are so honorable, although it doesn't seem you were given much choice to be any other way on this bet.

It really sounds like a wonderful encounter. I wonder if your son knew how close he was to being put up for adoption? LOL!


Anonymous said...

Excellent sequel to the first account where you "earned" the cane strokes. In negotiation they call that a Win/Win. Brilliant story.


PS I hope you son did not stay home for the whole evening.

Hermione said...

How lovely to know that having been spanked shows on your face, and that it makes you look younger. I must tell Ron so he can give me nightly beauty treatments.


Susie said...

Oww, oww, OWW! I'm so glad there's no cane in this house but my husband has said the same thing about my face. He can't help but cuddle me after a spanking. Now going out to dinner and having to sit...I'd have to think twice about it. I'm hoping mine never gets that idea. Sorry, I'm such a spank-no!

abby said...

24 with the cane is a stiff penalty to pay, soething tells me it was well worth it! abby

Anonymous said...

I've never had a cane spanking, but I can understand why you made that deal...I'd be the same way, lol!


ronnie said...

Dee - LOL what an advert that would be. Thanks Dee.

PK - I always pay my dues. LOL he doesn't know how close:) Thanks PK.

Joey - Thanks. I'm afriad son's moved back in after Uni:(

Hermione - I only ever look at my bottom after a spanking not my face:) Thanks Hermione

Susie - I going to make sure I look at my face next time I've been spanked. Thanks for stopping by.

Abby - I didn't think so at the time:) Thanks Abby.

Kitty - The cane isn't for everyone. It's my new favourite implement yet I still hate it:) Does that make sense. Thanks Kitty.


Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: How nice that a good caning makes you look younger. And sorry your son was home when you got back. Oh, well, there'll be a next time.


Red said...

hot, and on fire.... ..Great sex, and a spanking some other day... Glad you have paid off your debt... still, when it was bedtime, I can not imagine why you could not have quiet sex.
PS: the word to type was mengst... seems similar to angst, except this angst was cased by men :)

kiwigirliegirl said...

a deal is a deal only if its legally binding - your's was made under duress my dear ;) (did you tell him that?) hehehehe
the cane can be oh so good and oh so bad cant it?
Its kinda my fave too - our is well used - its broken now and splintered at the end - and has tape on it to keep it together time to get another one me thinks, but he tends to make his own implements these days - can you believe it LOL...he has one which is deceptively evil - he calls it two tails. I can still feel it from Sunday...
love and hugs kiwi xxxx

sunnygirl said...

Sizzling - I'm sure you were two.
24 wow....but if it makes you look younger I'll have to have A give it a try. Lord knows I need it.

omega and mouse said...

Oh wow...daddy has said that before that hard use makes mouse look younger...we'll just leave the cane out of that discussion. Thankyouverymuch!


Anonymous said...

You know what you love to hate..makes perfect sense to me !Nah, Peter would not forget either...enjoys it too much.Wish his memory could extend to putting out the bins every Monday evening, but a girl just can't have it all.Sarah,LD (and snowing !!!),UK

Daisychain said...

I am glad you "enjoyed" it... rather you than me... LOL xxxxxxxx

Michael said...

A debt well paid, Ronnie, and no surprise if P makes the offer again you will take it. Also, a belated Happy Third Blogiversary. Yours is a very special blog which never fails to delight, entertainment and titillate.

ronnie said...

FD - I think it needs to be marketed FD. Now there must be some marketers within our community:) Thanks.

Red - You haven't heard me when I have sex:) Thanks Red.

KG - LOL, no I forgot to tell him on purpose. You will have to tell us about some of his implements.

SG - I haven't mentioned what he said yet but I will. I think I should have a repeat perforance and then take a look for myself. Thanks SG.

Mouse - It must be true then, spanking makes you younger. I wonder how many of us have heard that from our partners. Thanks Mouse.

Sarah - P's like an elephant never forget anything expect as Peter doesn't ever remeber what day the bins go out LOL. Snowed a little in my part of the UK Sara, hope it's not too bad for you. Thanks.

Daisy - I did. I know you hate the cane Daisy. Thanks.

Michael - Like in the Godfather film - an offer I can't refuse:) Thanks for the blogiversary wishes. I hope Season is well, say hello from me. Thanks Michael.


Anonymous said...

Ugh,snow/ice always makes me feel nervous.The snow tyres are on and the shovel will be in the back of the car for the next few months.Have to say though would not swap my husband for all the tea in China.I was gritting the end of our lane and a man just sat in his car with the engine running WATCHING ME ! Peter would just never, ever do that to a lady.He expects great things of me but more of himself because he's responsible for us all.He's away with work this week but keeps in contact constantly.So maybe I should not whine about the bin amnesia, after all.Did love that bit about P helping you through the spanking.Sarah,LD,UK

ronnie said...

Sarah - I know you wouldn't swap him. I rarely drive when there's snow on the ground.

I hope the week passes quickly for you.

Love and hugs,

1manview said...

I love it when a person pay what is due. No matter how much pain it might cost them..(laughing!)

Lea said...

"There isn't time, we have to get going!" Ah yes, that never works when I say it either. ;-) Glad you two had a nice night out and that it was all worth it for you.

ronnie said...

1MV - Laughing back. I've a women of honour. Thanks 1MW.

Lea - The things we come out with to get out of a spanking LOL. Thanks Lea.