Friday, 25 November 2011

Whips, Jodhpurs and the Weekly Shop

I like riding gear even though I don't really ride. I know I've told you before about my embarrassing, half hearted and finally aborted attempt to buy a nice leather crop from our nearby pet and equestrian accessories store.

Well I don't have to get embarrassed any more because our local Tesco supermarket has started stocking them alongside footballs and other sporty stuff.

Now I'm a bit dubious about Tesco quality on certain items and these aren't the sort of things I could take back if they weren't up to standard, I mean what could I say? But at least I can feel, touch, handle, get a feel for them without some 'helpful' assistant coming up and bothering me.

In fact I don't even need to blush as the checkout girl scans my jodhpurs and whip with a sly smile - I can go through the auto self checkout, no problem.

I'd even get Tesco points on them, might just be tempted.

Thanks to Daisy for spotting them and letting us know.

Enjoy your weekend.



Lea said...

The only time I have the patience for the self checkout is when I'm buying certain items that I find embarrassing. Lol. There certainly aren't any riding crops in my local supermarket. Hope they work out for you.

Dee said...

Seriously? As we speak? I am not familiar with the riding crop. A couple of friends have horses but of course I can't ask them! Tesco here I come!!!!!! :) but not the self checkout........ they make me extremely nervous!

Dee x

MrJ said...

Gals who procure such items without sound advice, sneaking through the self-service line, miss a crucial dimension. :-|

Anonymous said...

I once asked about a riding crop at store for Polo gear in Kensington. But, I was too embarrassed to buy one.

Anonymous said...

I have felt the same way about buying condoms, but it's probably not the same thing.

Anonymous said...

...if they only knew what you were up to :)

I frequently buy vet wrap from a local saddlery. Now I think I'll have to hang out in the riding crops aisle and see who is who buying what ;-) I might catch a glimpse of someone testing out the riding crops.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

The sales staff knows what type of flesh the crop is going to be used on just by how you are dressed. Of course, you could say it's a prop for a play on Patton or as a fly swatter.

I would suggest using a tack shop, better quality, lower price. Look for top grain leather and a shaft fully wrapped in leather.

sixofthebest said...

Ronnie, you don't have to 'horse', around anymore, for what your husband, will get you for Christmas.

Michael M said...

As their slogan goes
"Cracking ideas for Christmas"

They also do a nice line of large wooden spoons.

PK said...

I can just see the self-checker breaking down and someone calling over the loud speaker "Spanko on isle 6 wants to know how much this riding crop is. Bet her husband going to whip her butt tonight!"

Other than that you go on back to the riding store and tell them your sister just got a horse and has asked for some equipment but you don't even know what some of these things are - could they suggest the best.


Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: So are you going to get one?

Inquiring minds want to know.


Sara said...

Did you get one? What do you think? Grant came home with one from our local equestrian shop not very long ago and I forgot to post about it!


ronnie said...

Lea - We did have one, (well still do) but it's sort of broken.

Dee - I think it's great that you can now pick up a whip with your breakfast cereal:) I look forward to reading all about your new crop. Thanks Dee.

MrJ - Hello. Saves my blushes:) Thanks MrJ.

Joey - I know the feeling. Would Walmart stock them? Thanks.

Mick - LOL. I think I'd be more comfortable asking for condoms than a riding crop:) Thanks Mick.

Hedone - And were not going to tell them:) I did get some funny looks when I was talking a picture of them. Thanks Hedone.

OBB - I can't remember the price but something silly like £3.99 and to be honest not bad quality. I'll put on my old jodhpurs if I decide to go in and buy one:) Thanks OBB.

SOTB - LOL. Very good. Thanks.

Michael - LOL. I stay away from the wood section:) Thanks Michael.

PK - OMG LOL. You made me laugh. The girl in the next office asked me later what I was laughing about. Thanks PK.

FD - Now that would be telling, you'll have to wait and see:) Thanks FD

Sara - No didn't. We do have one but the flap bit (not sure what you would call it) is coming off. I love them.


Anonymous said...

Daddy teased me about buying a riding crop not long ago when we saw a selection in a store we were at...hmmm, maybe I shouldn't have begged him not to.


Hermione said...

I wish our supermarket carried things like that. Alas, they have clothing, bath linens, candles, dishes and pharmaceuticals, but no sporting goods. How lucky you are.

About the self-serve checkout. I only tried that once and it was very frustrating.


ronnie said...

Kitty Go tell beg him to buy you one for Christmas:) Thanks Kitty.

Hermione - Maybe one day they might who'd have thought Tesco would. It was fun to see them hanging there.

Self checkouts are OK if you only have a couple of items. Thanks Hermione.



I've always been to embarrassed to buy this kind of thing from a vanilla shop when I have seen them. But I will be in the UK in less than a month. How does this auto self checkout thingy work? We do not have them here in Belgium.


Anonymous said...

Oh boy,here in the sticks we just have the co op.I glanced at the window today and there is a display of identical tins of Heinz tomatoe soup.I once tried to source out passata and they had not heard of it.Fortunately, my brother lives in London and keeps us up to speed.Sarah,LD,UK

Mistress160 said...

The pink one looks good :)

Daisychain said...

Last time I asked Tesco said they didn't have any now...but maybe they got them in for now going to go back again to see!
The last one I got from there was 2.99 and it lasted for some time.... Davey used it quite vigorously on a very stubborn horse ;) and unfortunately at some point he snagged the wrapping that was bound round it, and the bit holding the "flappy bit" came unravelled.... we hid it under the hotel bed when we left!!! It was clear from the dust that it wouldn't be found for some time!!!

ronnie said...

Prefectdt - All the supermarkets (except Waitross I think) now have self check out. You should scan the bar code and away you go You can pay by card or cash. Don't use them if you have a lot of items. Thanks Pref.

Sarah - I don't think you could ask your brother to send you a riding crop:) Thanks Sarah

Mistress - Hello. The pink one would be my choice. Thanks for stopping by.

Daisy - I like the crop.As you can see from the picture our Tescos have quite a few. Yes I think the quality not soo good. We have bought from an equestion centre and the flappy things coming off. Thanks Daisy.


Red said...

Delightful way of making shopping more interesting... They must have the volume of people purchasing this item to stock it, and yet, I can't imagine equestrians purchasing this item at the local store. Thus, there has to be an excitingly large amount of spankers in Britain. That must be why they call it jolly old England...
Happy Spankings
I hope you buy one ASAP, and then let us know about the quality...

Dave The Rave said...

I haven't seen riding crops in any sporting goods stores in my area, but I'd like to see the look on the person's face when they hear it is "actually" being bought to be used on their partner! Classic!

ronnie said...

Red - I thought that as well Red. Since I've spotted them I've never seen one in anyones basket but I'll be keeping my eyes open. Yes will let you know if I buy one:) Thanks Red.

DTR - The only other shop I've seen them in is Ann Summers and they definitely know what it will be used for. I'd feel more at home buying one from Tecos than Ann Summers:) Thanks Dave.


kiwigirliegirl said...

damn i miss Tesco - i miss all the UK shops to be honest.
They look like good strong crops I dont think you will have any trouble with your stallion with one of those ;)
love and hugs kiwi xxxx

ronnie said...

KG - Tesco would be the one shop I wouldn't miss:) They do feel quite good quality, I'll let you know if I do buy one. We normally buy from an Equestrian clearance centre.

Thanks KG.