Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Do you think I'm a Witch?

"And this for you," said my husband when he came into the office late Monday afternoon.

He'd just come back from town where he'd seen someone off at the train station, then he'd called into Tesco and bought some fresh fish which he'd put in the communal kitchen fridge (and which isn't supposed to be used for anything other than tenants' milk, soft drinks etc) and then into our office with the tacky looking witches broomstick.

I asked him if he thought I was a witch

and he said not at all, he had another purpose in mind for the broom. "Oh really," I said doubtfully. It looked prickly but then when he swished it down across his hand to demonstrate its alternative use, loads of dried twigs fell off and scattered over the floor.

I went and got the hoover and tidied up, when I retuned the hoover I took the broom with me, P looked up, I said it was a nice thought but I didn't think it was suitable for the purpose he had in mind and the best place was the bin. Perhaps he should try for a better quality broom, I suggested it to him but I think the idea had faded, he was back into work mode.

I wish he had more inspirations like that, the thought was right but men are so impractical!



1manview said...

OK... lol..

Anonymous said...

Well yes, my hubby needs a few prods in terms of creative wherewithall too .But at least P was headed in the right direction...better that than a lame spray of wilting carnations from a service station.Sarah,LD,UK

PK said...

This sounds like an excellent implement for some out door spanking should the occasion ever arrive! I would love Nick coming in with that idea - any spanking related implement would warm my heart even if it wasn't good for my rear.


Anonymous said...

Scary, but not scary enough, huh?

Florida Dom said...

Isn't it the thought that counts. At least he's thinking about spanking implements.

Have you ever seen a shoe horn at the end of a walking stick? Google it. He might find it interesting.


Hermione said...

Well, it's the thought that counts, right? It looks like a nice implement but I agree, impractical. As for FD's suggestion, we've tried that, and the shoehorn broke off the stick after a few strokes.


findingsara said...

Well, his heart's in the right place! Yeah...maybe the stick end will prove salvageable? Sara

Dee said...

LOL!! You'd be cleaning up forever if he had to use this for the purpose he was thinking of. 10 out of 10 for originality though :)
It must be a Tesco thing, the 3 I bought (for my 3 little witches) were massacred by the end of Monday night!

Dee x

ronnie said...

1manview - Did you really think I might have been a witch:) Thanks

Sarah - Well at least you got flowers, can't remember the last time P bought me flowers. Thanks Sarah.

PK - You never know he might surprise you for Christmas:) Thanks PK.

Mick - LOL. No not scary enough. Cheers. Mick.

FD - That I should be grateful for. Not tried one of those. Thanks FD.

Hermione - Maybe if I hadn't seen the mess on the floor and knowing it would be me cleaning it up I may have been more appreciative:) Thanks Hermione.

Sara - Must be slipping, never thought of the stick part:) Thanks Sara.

Dee - LOL. That's Tesco for you, not my favourite shop. Dee thanks.


Daisychain said...

I got a great riding crop from Tesco's once, never seen them there since, but it was only £2.99! Maybe if P had seen one of those it would have been more useful than the broom! xxxxxx

Red said...

P tried, so you should be happy he saw it and thought of spanking you. Lucky he was not too miffed, because the wooden part of the broom would have made an excellent cane... beware...

Lea said...

Well he gets points for creativity. But who wants to vacuum up a mess after a spanking? No thank you.

ronnie said...

Daisy - Gosh really, that's me into Tesco's this evening then:) Thanks.

Red - I know, I should have been more grateful. I never thought of the other end being used. A little thick I think, not me, the handle:) Thanks Red.

Lea - Exactly:) Thanks Lea.