Friday, 28 October 2011

Upstairs, Downstairs 1970

On my travels around the web I spotted these scenes from Upstairs, Downstairs showing Lesley Anne Down taken across a gentleman's knee and playfully spanked with a newspaper.

I used to watch the series 'Upstairs, Downstairs, of course it's been superseded by 'Downton Abbey' which I think is a great production. However due to popular interest in our period dramas, Upstairs, Downstairs will return for another series in 2012. Not sure if our friends across the pond have seen or know about either so I've linked to both here and here.

I must make a note to watch the new series:)

Our friend Chross found the clip for the picutres and also another clip from the series. Go check them out HERE. Thanks Chross.

Have a good weekend.



PK said...

I wish we could have one good show, one series who would do TTWD right! Wouldn't that be something! So politically incorrect but I'm betting between those would want to watch and the free publicity it would get from protesters someone would have a major hit on their hands.

You never know. Could this be the one?


Our Bottoms Burn said...

I fondly recall the show and will look forward to the new version.

Daisychain said...

I must have missed that episode first time around! xxx

Hermione said...

Hi Ronnie,

I remember that episode well, and have seen it more than once. She was a saucy little minx!

We have seen the first season of Downton Abbey, and it is being replayed on a different network now. Don't know when the second season will be broadcast, but I'm looking forward to it, spanking or no spanking.


ronnie said...

PK - Me too PK but this wont be the one. Thanks.

OBB - So it was show in the US, wasn't sure. Cheers.

Daisy - Me too. Thanks.

Hermione - Shame I missed that episode. I'm enjoying this second series but I wont spoil it for you and say if it has or hasn't any spanking in:) Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Oh,a trip down memory lane for hubby who loved Hudson, the butler and is lamenting the fact our kids watch such utter tripe.As I type....tuned into 'Snog, marry and avoid ' be swiftly followed by 'Hotter than your Mum ' and 'American teen model'....and this is our eldest who has her heart set on Oxbridge.Read this and weep !Sarah,LD,UK

Red said...

Always fun to see spanking on the telly...
Happy spankings


There was another series in the 70's called "The Cedar Tree". As far as I can remember, it was a lot less popular that Up stairs, Downstairs and concentrated more on the posh people than their servants. There was one episode of that series that caught my attention, as a child watching it, as a young female, member of the family was being sent off to finishing school in Germany and the grandmother of the family told all that Germany would be good for her piano skills because the slightest drop in practice resulted in a whipping from the German teachers. At least that's how I remember it, it was a long time ago and memory fades a bit.


ronnie said...

Sarah - LOL. You lost me on the first one., that's kids for you. I hope she gets into Oxbridge. Thanks Sarah

Red - It is isn't it Red. Thanks.

Prefectdt - Don't remember The Cedar Tree at all. That would have made a good scene, teacher whipping his piano pupil. Thanks Prefectdt.


findingsara said...

I do remember the series, but not the scene...nice one! You have a good weekend too! Sara

Hedone said...

Upstairs Downstairs ran here for many years. I never watched it; I was a little girl. Downton Abbey plays here as well, with the second season to air in January 2012. I have yet to check it out. Perhaps I should though, in hopes of seeing some naughty girl punished.


ronnie said...

Sara - Thanks. It's Downton Abbey that's popular at the moment.

Hedone - We have the second season of Downton Abbey showing now. No spanking scenes so far:( Thanks Hedone.


Chross said...,-Downstairs.html


ronnie said...

Thanks Chross, appreciate it.