Monday, 17 October 2011

Their Instinct to Protect

What is it about women in seemingly helpless or dangerous or overstretched situations that appeals to men? Does it arouse their instinct to protect us, I wonder, or do they just feel sorry for us for being so foolish for getting into a predicament in the first place? The sort of situations I'm talking about aren't big deals, they're commonplace things around the home or workplace.

Take last weekend.

I was standing on a chair almost on tiptoe stretching forward to retrieve a small gift I'd hidden on top of the refrigerator (well it was easy to put it there and push it to the back with a wooden spoon.) Anyway my position must have looked precarious because in came P and told me right away to be careful the chair didn't slip, then he asked me what I was doing and to let him do it.

Well I couldn't let him do it because the small gift was for him, so I told him I was cleaning but the j-cloth had slipped down the back of the refrigerator, I needed to get another and I went to get off the chair.

'It's OK stay where you are I'll pass you one and then hold the chair steady for you," said my husband chivalrously. So I had to make a show of cleaning non existent dirt from the top of the fridge, stretching and reaching confidently right to the back, knowing my husband was there to keep me safe.

My backside must have been virtually in his face and when I bent to get down he swatted it a couple of times and told me not to go balancing on chairs again, not on my own anyway, it could be dangerous.

Duly rebuked I got off the chair with uncharacteristic care and gave my husband a little peck on the cheek. He just grunted, he was on his way out, but I did notice he had the telltale sign of arousal in the front of his shorts.

I made a mental note to clean high places more often and, after I heard the door shut, got back on the chair and retrieved my gift.



Anonymous said...

Oh the restorative power of the love swat...keeps body and soul together !Have a good week,Ronnie.Sarah,LD,UK

Little Butterfly said...

Hey I got the same speech and swat this weekend! I was retrieving a springform pan from a really high cupboard. You gotta love how sweet and caring they are. :)

1manview said...

Isn't nice to know you still have it... And I don't know about other men, but my mother made sure chivalry wasn't dead in my family. Practice, practice, practice, until it came naturally. Plus it feels good to hear someone you don't know say thank you when you go out your way to give them a hand...

Hermione said...

Very clever of you to pretend you were cleaning way up there. It's nice to know P patted your backside to make sure it hadn't been strained my the climb up there. I hope you had a nice followup later.


PK said...

P is such a good guy! But I would have been completely honest with my husband - I can promise there would have been enough dirt on top of my frig to have allowed me to do some real cleaning while I was there!


Anonymous said...

For me, it is my desire to be helpful and protective of my wife. I do not want her to be injured by a fall or by lifting a heavy object. And, helping her in some situations like you describe can be a turn on for both of us and would result in a love swat.

Agree with Hermione, very clever Ronnie!!!

findingsara said...

What a perfect domestic scene you paint! I DO think protecting is male instict, which is linked to "mine", which is linked to his 'manly attributes'. ;) But then what is NOT linked to that part of his anatomy???


ronnie said...

Sarah - Oh yes they certainly do. Thanks Sarah.

LB - Don't you just love those little love swats:) Thanks LB.

1MV - I can imagine you being the perefect gentlemen. Thank you 1manview.

Hermione - I would have got more if he'd found out I'd got back on the chair:) Thanks Hermione.

PK - Now if it was on top of the cupboads I wouldn't have been pretending:) Thanks PK.

Joey - Certainly can be a turn on:) I couldn't tell him the real truth and spoil the little surprise gift. Thanks Joey.

Sara - LOL. Yes everything linked to that particular part. Thank you Sara.



Your right about men but I feel it is less of a protective thing and more of a showing off thing, "Look at me, see how useful and capable I am. How would you cope without me?".

A sort of human mating dance, probably caused by the lack of peacock style tail feathers.


kiwigirliegirl said...

i think its certainly that protective instinct they have....and dont ya just love the little swats heheheh so loving and caring xxx

Anonymous said...

Gotta go with Sara on this one.

ronnie said...

Prefectdt - Some men would be like that but I think on the whole it is their instinct to protect. Just what I think. Thanks Prefectdt

KG - Yep I do love my little swats. Thanks KG. Loved your story over at PK's.

Mick - I had to as well. Thanks Mick.


Lea said...

Lol. No one helps me reach things. That's what happens when you are 6 feet tall...

Daisychain said...

Haha, that would not have been "non-existent" dirt, in my house!!!! I have little time for cleaning at home (too busy cleaning elderly relatives/friends homes for them!) so anything out of direct line of vision in my house is not done for months!
But, well done on the quick thinking and encouraging that love swat. I love those! xxxxxxxx