Wednesday, 26 October 2011


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You know I like to ring the changes occasionally so I thought it's about time I shared these lovely painting with you. I've added the few words.

I've found out where these lovely pictures came from. They belong to Otto. I've provided the link go take a look at the other pictures that go with these. Thanks Otto.



Anonymous said...

Lovely.Hope he is bent over waiting as she is taking a long drag on that cigarette.Nothing like that bitter/sweet anticipation.Sarah,LD,UK

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures and your words fit the scenes perfectly.


Our Bottoms Burn said...

It seems there is part of you that would enjoy being Maria from time-to-time.

Hermione said...

I like the way you added the test beside the photos. It reminds me of the cards that come in packs of bubble gum. Spanking cards to save and trade - collect all 25 positions. What a concept!


abby said...

Thanks fro the pics and the added story. I love Hermione suggestion! abby

Rogue said...

Ahh, to be Maria for a day...or 300. :)

ronnie said...

Your so right Sarah. Thanks Sarah.

Joey - Thank you, glad you enjoyed them Joey.

OBB - But without the cigarette:)

Hermione - Love it Hermione, what a fab idea. Maybe someone should design some. Maybe ASS. They designed Spankopoly

Abby - Your welcome and yes Hermione's idea is great. Thanks Abby.

Rogue - :) Thanks.


Red said...

Loved the post, and glad Cindy does not have a cane like that. (So are you thinking of spanking P sometime soon...hmmmm

Anonymous said...

I did those by photoshopping a few clips from an OWK Lady Asmondena video. I love your captions and the little mini-narrative; maybe somebody else will join the collaboration and add sound or something. Cheers!
- OTTO -

ronnie said...

Red - Thanks. You never know but I don't think P would agree:)

Otto - Hello. Thank you so much for letting me know they are your photos. Someone sent them to me and I thought they were so lovely I put the little captions to it. I've just been on your site and seen there are more pictures to the story.

I love some of your other photos nice and tasteful.

I'll link you now.