Friday, 14 October 2011

Greedy in Barcelona

Have any of you been? I loved it and I think we're re-visiting in January, yippee!! But why not sooner I asked P, he just said January was when you need a little shot to the system, with Christmas out of the way, dire weather, spring seeming a long way off, a mid-winter boost to cheer you up.

I asked him what about a late autumn boost but he wasn't forthcoming, although I saw some sunny blue sky scenes on his laptop screen the other day so who knows, que sera and all that.

Barcelona isn't exactly a sun and sand destination in January anyway, although it's a lot warmer than the UK, it's about shopping and tapas and old winding cobbled streets and vibey trendsetter bars and boutiques sitting alongside centuries old Spanish traditions and both seeming right. The Gaudi architecture, Sagrada Familia, Picasso museum etc etc (and the football stadium if you're a fan) are all worthy attractions but we've done them so it'll be the old quarter, the little bars, the food, shopping in the tiny Spanish shops not the multi nationals in the commercial area, I'm looking forward to it. It better happen.

YES IT'S LONG AND YES SPANKING SOON !!! don't worry, I'm not being paid by the Spanish Tourist Board, there is spanking in this post. You see there are spanking opportunities in Barcelona because there are delights and temptations, it's easy to over indulge, easy to let your eyes wander, easy to show a bit of attitude (Spanish girls have attitude a-plenty), easy to get yourself in trouble. I know because I did it last time we were there and I got spanked for it, a proper old fashioned spanking with me half across my husband's knee and half across a hard bed, as hard as I imagine prison beds must be.

We found the hotel online after checking reviews, it was just off Las Ramblas which is a main and manic street full of bars, eateries, clubs, tourists and pickpockets going all 24 hours. The grand hotels on it are overpriced and noisy in spite of soundproofing, but we found this little gem just 3 minutes walk off the main drag, 20 bedrooms, refurbished, minimalist I think you might call it, bleached wood floors, slatted shutters and little balconies to each room, it was quirky but nice. And the beds were hard, as mentioned. The streets around it were full of little bars, cosy restaurants, cake shops and tapas bars and it was in one of the best tapas bars I've ever been to that I earned my spanking. It was full of Spanish people, no tourists, they had wonderful and colourful taps on offer, some cold some to be cooked to order, and aged Iberian hams hanging from rafters in the ceiling which the EU have tried to make illegal on hygiene grounds but Spanish restaurateurs just ignore,

I mean they've been doing it that way for centuries, why should Brussels ruin it. So to cut it short, we had a couple of beers a variety of little tapas and a bottle of Rioja, then I decided I'd like to try some ham. P was at the bar choosing some more tapas so I went to the other end where the hams were and asked for some ham and cheese, in my very best attempt at Spanish. The guy behind the counter, pleased that an English woman was interested in his display of hams and that she did her best to use his language, pointed to several hams explaining their virtues, to be honest he spoke too fast for me, then I heard 'viejo' which I understood and said 'Si, muy viejo' and then same with the cheese 'Manchego, por favor, viejo'. He looked pleased, I should have known they would be expensive when he put the first wafer thin ham slice on a scale and looked at me, I said 'Si, more, mas por favor' and so on. You can imagine what's coming.

The ham and cheese were fantastic, P shared it too and agreed, I suggested another bottle of Rioja everything was so nice but P said no, let's have a wander round so he asked for the bill. 5 plates of tapas, 2 beers, bottle of Rioja, water, bread about 25 euros........jamon viejo, manchego 48 euros. P just looked at it, then he asked me if I'd checked the cost when I ordered. I said no, just asked him for old. 'Well you certainly got old,' said my husband, 'in fact it must be the house special vintage reserved for Americans, Japanese and English women who know just about enough Spanish to show off but not enough to know what they're doing, judging from the price.

Ridiculous.' Oh dear I had an angry P on my hands. Well, no point dwelling on it, I told him to cheer up it had all been really enjoyable, pay up and I'd buy the beers next stop. Which I did and we got talking to a Aussie couple and I bought them a beer too, and P cheered up and I thought the extravagant ham was forgotten. I got very mildly tipsy by the end of the evening and on the walk back to our hotel P grumbled about the tapas bill again, saying if I didn't drink so much maybe I wouldn't get stiffed so easily. That annoyed because it wasn't true, then I stumbled on a protruding drain cover and P said 'there, you see, you can't even walk straight.' That wasn't true either, I had genuinely caught my heel on the cover and it further annoyed me and I told him, 'I'm not inebriated and I certainly wasn't inebriated when I ordered the fucking ham, I ordered it because I wanted it so there.'

P didn't say anything, we got back to the hotel quite late and went to bed. In the morning P was up and showering early, I heard him but didn't get up. He came out of the bathroom and I could hear the shower still running, then he switched some news channel on the TV, volume up, then he came over to the bed, pulled me out of it, sat down and hauled me across his lap. He didn't say anything, just pulled my knickers down and started spanking me and I guessed what it was for and I didn't want to struggle and give him the satisfaction of knowing he was hurting me so I just lay there

but after a couple of minutes my backside was on fire and I started to wriggle and then kick my legs and elbow myself up off his lap. And my husband gripped me tighter and swung his right leg across my thighs to keep them still and increased the force of the spanking and after several more minutes I asked him to please stop and told him I was sorry about the ham. He paused and told me it wasn't about the ham, silly girls make mistakes, it was about my attitude and language on the way back to the hotel, then he spanked me some more for good measure and told me to go and shower, we were going out for breakfast in 10 minutes. God it takes me 10 minutes to adjust the shower controls let alone be ready to go out, and what was wrong with the hotel breakfast anyway I asked, but P just told me to get a move on.

About 20 minutes later we were sitting on high stools at the counter of a little coffee shop round the corner from the hotel, me shuffling a bit as my backside was still tender, with coffee and chocolate and churros, listening to the cacophony of business folk, office workers and shop girls all shouting for their morning fixes over the too loud Spanish radio station playing behind the bar. Somebody lit a cigarette next to me, I hate them, in fact I'm sure it's illegal even in Spain but nobody seemed bothered, P saw I was irritated and got off his stool so that I could take his place, which I did gratefully and with just a tiny grimace as I settled my bottom onto the warm seat he'd left me. He told me were breakfasting out because it was 14 euros in the hotel. Each! but the whole deal in this little bar would be less than 5 and he was trying to balance the books from last night. Ha! Then he put his hand on my knee and asked me if I'd learned my lesson and I smiled demurely and said I had, and P was happy as a lark and I didn't know whether it was from saving the euros or my contrition or just being in the little Spanish bar. He said we should take a walk down to the old quarter and do some shopping and actually all I wanted to do at that moment was go back to the hotel room and have urgent sex. I settled for the shopping though.

Have a good weekend.



Anonymous said...

Terrific account of your adventure and a great spanking story once again.

I really enjoyed visiting Barcelona and even attended a football match at the FCB stadium.

Have a great weekend,

Hermione said...

What a lovely story, Ronnie. You made Barcelona come alive for us.

Sex or shopping - sometimes it's hard to have to choose between them. Hope you had both eventually.


ronnie said...

Joey - Thank you Joey, nice of you to say. I'd love to see a football match there. Have a good one yourself.

Hermione - Thank you Hermione. It's a lovely city with plenty to do and yes I had a lot of both eventually:)


Anonymous said...

Daddy and I have been to Barcelona, but I didn't find it quite as charming as you describe...I liked Madrid much better, but maybe I need to try again:).

Love and hugs,

P.S. Almost forgot. Loved the part of the story where P spanked you;)!

Underling said...

Great travel writing, and with a little punishment thrown in. What's not to like?

Oh, and hauled out of bed for a spanking - what a wonderful image. :)

I love it!

Anonymous said...

Yep,been pre children.Loved all the gaudi and the gaudi house.Good memories but time has marched on....we're on an economy drive...besides two of the five kids are revolting teenagers and would not contemplate going anywhere with them (or them with us).Our planned w/e away is a 'Turkey and Tinsle' one in Blackpool to pacify a spread of ages from 6 to 75(aged inlaws).Bet you are just green with envy.Best,Sarah,LD,UK

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Some might suggest improving your Spanish. But, it seems your butt can cover what you don't understand, so why bother? You get aged cured ham and your ham hocks warmed. What a deal.

Lea said...

Based on my limited knowledge of euros and shock at my London Tanners toys bill when the conversion went through, I'm guessing that was a lot of money. Lol. I'm so happy my husband doesn't spank me for language, I'd have to become a mute. ;-) Great story, thanks for sharing.

ronnie said...

Kitty - I think you need another visit. Madrid is on my "to do list" Thanks Kitty.

Underling - It was quite a memorable visit:) Thank you for stopping by.

Sarah - There's nothing wrong with Blackpool. Have good memories of visiting as a child. You will have to go to the top of the tower now it's open again. Thanks Sarah.

OBB - LOL. My Spanish is a little better now:) Thanks.

Lea - Thank you very much. P doesn't like me using colourful language:) If yo paidf 48 euros now it's about £42.00 so very expensive for some ham and cheese:)


1manview said...

I'm liking your hubby more and more. Nothing like a man with a firm hand, and know when to use it... (Laughing).. Great story Ronnie..

Daisychain said...

LOL, Ronnie, in some ways we are SO alike! I would have retorted in much the same fashion as you! LOL. ANd got the same "reward"! xxxxxx

Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: I've never been to Barcelona but heard great things about it. Don't they have nude beaches, too? Anyway, thanks for sharing your lovely story. That was certainly memorable.


ronnie said...

1MW - LOL P certainly knows what to do with his firm hand. Thanks 1man view. I still haven't been over to read that story:(

Daisy - I know Davey doesn't like you using colourful language LOL. Thanks Daisy.

FD - For me a lovely city and Little Barcelona especially. Thanks FD.


findingsara said...

Aren't travel adventures fun? I love hearing about yours! Barcelona is definitely on my wish list! Sara

ronnie said...

Sara hi,

Good to see you. YOU must be back from your travels.

I love travel adventures and I'm ready for another one.


sixofthebest said...

Yes, Ronnie, I loved Barcelona, Gaudi, Picasso, and the football stadium, where I saw a World Cup match one year. Plus a bullfight. The senorita's are all so pretty, I wish I could spank them all on their bare bottoms, So I say "Olay", to Spain, and would have loved to 'pain', their naked rear ends.

ronnie said...

SOTB - Love to see a match there, quite a stadium.

Thanks for stopping by.