Friday, 7 October 2011

Bond - James Bond

I've never seen the following picture before and certainly don't remember it happening in any of the Bond films and I've watched them all though not for many years.

So what Bond film would it be from? Any idea?

Sean Connery's my favourite Bond guy and if I'd had to choose on a celebrity spanking me he would have been my choice.

I once stood next to him in a hotel lift in Scotland (many moons ago) when I was on holiday with my friend, aunt and uncle. He spoke to my aunt and uncle briefly about the weather and when he got out of the lift he said goodbye to me and my friend and I didn't get his autograph.

Did you know that Sean Connery was a nude model before his acting career took off and was painted wearing nothing but a thong?

Bacall this one's for you.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend.



L. said...

It's from Goldfinger. The girl is Dinks-- it's near the beginning of the movie. He dismisses her with a little slap on the behind so he can talk to Felix Leiter.

PK said...

I can't help you on this one. Will we still be friends if I admit that I've never once see a bond film?


Anonymous said...

He was the best Bond. Have a great weekend.

Hermione said...

Too bad the wind wasn't blowing a bit more when the kilt picture was taken.

Have a great weekend!


Dee said...

Yeah he was definitely the best Bond :) (although Daniel Craig is a close 2nd for me) and well......... Men in kilts....... Mmmm lovely :)

Anonymous said...

Love the pics of Sean, love, love Bond movies!

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Thank you very much. There is a smile on my face all day.


ronnie said...

L - Hello and thank you so much. Goldfinger is one of my favourite Bond films but I don't remember that scene. Will have to hunt it out.

PK - You don't know what you've been missing LOL. Thanks PK.

Joey - He sure was. Thanks.

Hermione - I've read that Sean doesn't wear anything under his kilt:) Thanks Hermione

Dee - Roger Moore would be my 2nd choice. Yep don't you just love a man in a kilt. Thanks Dee.

Kitty - Thanks Kitty. Which bond film was your favourite, if you have a favourite?

Bacall - Your welcome. He does look good, doesn't he.


Florida Dom said...

I can imagine you would all love him spanking you while he wore kilts.


maui girl said...

Ummmm, yes, thank you. What FD said. :)

Anonymous said...

Our eldest daughter is filling in the dreaded personal statement for University....alot go to Scotland from here.I'm all for it.All those yummy men in kilts.She has not phrased it quite that way on her UCAS form.And I keep repeating the mantra 'Think of the course '.Ha ha Sarah,LD.UK

Lea said...

Interesting. I always had a thing for Pierce Brosnan.

ronnie said...

FD - I tried to find a picture of him wearing a kilt when he was playing Bond but no luck. Thanks FD.

Maui - Nice fantasy. Thank you.

Sarah - I bet mom would be making extra visits to daughter if she decides to study there:) Thanks Sarah.

Lea - Pierce was good as Bond Lea. Thanks. Thanks Lea.


Pink said...

I'd volunteer for a spanking by any of the Bond men.



kiwigirliegirl said...

without readin any comments i would say its from ill go up and check if im right.
He is my fave bond guy too - apart from Danial Craig.
And Ohhhh how i would love to be spanked and told off by that gorgeous sexy scottish man - ohhhh being told off with that scottish lilt.....*shiver* hehehe

Anonymous said...


My favorite older Bond is Sean Connery and my favorite newer Bond is Daniel Craig! I like it that his looks aren't perfect and he's very rugged.

Casino Royale is my favorite new Bond movie and my favorite older movie is From Russia With Love.

Love and hugs,

P.S. Sorry it took me so long to answer your question!
P.S.S. It's so funny to my American eyes to see how you spell favorite, but I'm sure you think the same thing about many of the words we write.

ronnie said...

Pink - You just liked to be spanked:) Thanks Pink.

KG - Yes your were right it's from Goldfinger - funny it's my favourite bond film but I can't remember that scene in it. Thanks KG.

Kitty - Thank you very much for popping back to answer. I wasn't too keen on Daniel Craig's playing of Bond. Russia With Love good choice, like that film. LOL yes I agree about different spellings.