Monday, 26 September 2011

Who buys the toys in your house?

I was wondering,

because I get the impression that it's usually the spankee not the spanker, is it the same with most of you?

Certainly in our household that's the case. I asked my husband why he hardly ever bought toys and first he asked me to explain what I meant by toys (oh come on P, you know damn well) and then he said it was all down to time and not knowing where to get them from and what would be the right thing to buy (nonsense, he knows what works). Then he went back to the original question and said 'Anyway I don't regard them as toys. Do you?'

'Well of course, I mean, we do play, P,' I said reasonably.

'Hmm.. so you think it's play when I cane your backside for being a selfish or thoughtless girl?...I'll have to remedy that next time you're out of order.'

I didn't actually mean that at all and I know P was joking but I didn't respond, I think I may even have blushed.

But who does buy them in your house?



Erica said...

LOL... I'm just the opposite. I figure if a top wants to use toys, he can buy them himself! :-D

I own one leather paddle and one wooden one (both given to me), and that's the extent of MY implements (aside from a hairbrush).

maui girl said...

First, I want to say that I love P's attitude that it's not "play." Wish I had that in my relationship. :)

Second, I (as the spankee) buy the toys for much the reason P has said. I'm not sure why. My hubby loves whatever I buy and uses it with great enthusiasm, but doesn't order them himself.

PK said...

We have occasionally bought toys together but mostly it's me doing the looking, thinking, etc. about our toys. Kidding or not I love P's attitude too. I think having Nick bring home a new toy when I wasn't expecting one would be like other women receiving flowers or jewelry. I wish!


Hermione said...

It's better to give than to receive, so I'm the one who does the implement shopping. Then I make a gift of them to Ron, knowing full well that I will soon be on the receiving end. So we both benefit!


L. said...

I've bought a number of them while doing my normal shopping (the pervertables-- objects normally used for something else, like brushes, spatulas, used belts from a thrift store) but if it's going to be something from Cane-iac or Leather Thorn, we shop together.

Sometimes while out together (if he has a day off while our kid is in school, we'll stop into an antiques shop or tack shop and find something to bring home, to remind us of our date. That is how we got our crop and an antique wooden cookie lifter-- and a nice hand- shaped fly swatter.

We do call them our "toys" even if the canes are used "for real" at times (ouch!)

MrJ said...

More often than not, I let my sub buy a new toy - to offer it to me,in a proper way, with a written assignment as to how I might use it on her.

Anonymous said...

I've not bought anything, and Daddy hasn't either. He uses what we have on hand...solid oak yardstick, hangers, bungee cords, and my favorite, his hands;)!


P.S. He's threatened to make his own loopy johnny, but he hasn't done it. I'm glad:)!

ronnie said...

Erica - LOL. A leather and a wooden paddle, perfect. A top can only use one at a time, right. We have far more than we ever use. Hope you had a lovely birthday week. Thanks Erica

MA - Hello. P's got a good sense of humour:) Thanks for stopping by.

PK - P has bough a couple and we did buy some together a while back. I always have to smile to myself when I buy something new knowing how it's going to be used:) Be careful whay you wish for one of these days Nick just might surprise you. Thanks PK.

Hermione - You give and you do receive your gift. So its wine win. Thanks Hermione.

L - Hello to you and welome. Antique shops I love browsing in them. When I visit other parts of the UK and have time I often take a look but I've never found anything. I must look harder. Thanks for stopping by L.

MrJ. Hello, pleased to meet you. Sounds perfect. Thank you for sharing and popping over.

Kitty - You can't beat (excuse the pun) a hand spanking, my favourite. We have a looppy johnny from Cane-Iac and I hate it. Thanks Kitty.


Dee said...

Because it was me that brought the idea to him (and probably because I obsess somewhat lol) I am the only one who has bought the 'implements' although he has threatened to actually make a paddle for me and lately, he has been pointing items out whilst we are both shopping with a "that looks interesting" comment thrown in which never fails to make me feel suitably flustered.
He is now getting used to hearing me say "guess what I bought today" and I now notice a distinct enthusiastic air about him when he hears these words :)

ronnie said...

Dee - Hello to you. He may surprise you one day and present you with an implement of his choice:) Thanks Dee.


Olivia said...

We usually go shopping together...I have, just once, bought a toy myself, because he told me to go to the sex shop and get something that we would both like. But other than that, we always buy things together. I think it's more fun that way...spanking is not just something that I ask for or that he does to's for the both of us and we both enjoy it and we want to decide together which toys to use :-)


kiwigirliegirl said...

Hi Ronnie, I admit too that i also like P's attitude. I think my hubby is almost there :) fingers crossed.
We tend to look at implements together on the internet but its me usually taking the iniative to buy them....he has asked me to get one thing in particuarl a cane carpet beater but they are always out of stock (lucky me) hehe BUT on saying that he has himself used a saucepan one afternoon in the kitchen as it was the nearest thing to hand - and he couldnt find the wooden spoon in his haste.....mmmmmm so i guess it could be 50/50 in our house :)


There's only me in this homestead, so if I don't buy them no one will.


Lea said...

I've picked out and bought most of the toys in our house. A friend asked me once, "why would you want to do that as a bottom?" I don't really have an answer. I know what I love to hate, I suppose. Lol.

ronnie said...

Olivia - Hello. I think it would be nice and yes fun to choose something together. We don't have any local toy shops near us:) Thank you Olivia

KG - Hi. It seem a few choose together. The carpet beater I'm getting for P as a Xmas present:) Saucepan a new kitchen toy:) Thanks KG.

Prefectdt - If I didn't buy them we would be using the same one all the time and they do say variety is the spice of life:) Cheers Pref.

Lea - Hello. LOL. I like to try different toys. Leather is really my preference, the tawse especially though he hasn't used it for a while. I may just have to leave it out. Thanks Lea.


Michael M said...

I have bought all the toys so far but we did make a mutual decision needing two new instruments this year, a leather strap and a stricter cane for punishment sessions. My wife has no idea where the toys come from other than on the internet. Our carpet beater was the exception because she saw this on a home shopping site and decided to buy it as a present.
Michael M

ronnie said...

Michael - Hello. Thanks goodness for one line shopping as we have no toys store near us. Most of what we have I've bought. The canes were P's purchases:)

The carpet beater will be my Xmas present to him but haven't bought it yet.

Thanks for stopping by Michael.


MrJ said...

@ Ronnie: Thank you - my pleasure! ;-)
@ Kitty: you're well off! I have assigned my submissive to produce a loopy John before the end of the year - and write an assignment on my use of it on her. :-)))

Daisychain said...

Hi, Ronnie, actually, as we don't live together yet, neither of us buys any! When we are together, we tend to use pervertables, hairbrush, wooden spoon, pingpong paddle, belt, etc. One day, though.... I think we will be trying to outdo each other on that front! LOL xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...


I'd rebel against you, lol! Thank God Daddy doesn't read blogs so hopefully he won't get sadistic ideas like that.


Anonymous said...

He buys them,always via the internet.The other girlie essentials (arnica creme,soft pillows to bite into,relaxing bubble bath) that's all down to me.Funny that ! Sarah,LD,UK

Pink said...

D has more toys than I do -- and they're the kind I like least (i.e. not toys at all). I hint at leather and he buys wood. I hint at canes and he buys hairbrushes.

So lately, I've been the one providing the toys. :)



ronnie said...

Mr.J - Oh dear I'm glad P doesn't read mine either:) Thanks Mr.J

Daisy - That I would love to read about. Thanks Daisy.

Kitty - I hope he doesn't or else you could be in trouble:) Thanks Kitty.

Sarah - Hi. Have you ever bought one and given it to him? Thanks Sarah.

Pink - Sounds like you can't win so I would be the same and buy my own:) Thanks Miss Pink.


Anonymous said...

Ok We both buy them either together, or one surprises the other.

We have amassed a rather large collection of implements over the past 8 years. Some are used by my wife on me, and some are used by me on her.

Now I have a question, out of all your toys do you have a favorite or least favorite. and which is it?

Mine fav, is the bathbrush, and my least fav is the cane.

And she likes anything leather, especially a strap being pulled through the loops before lighting her bottom up. Also her least fav is also the cane.

Great Post


dd said...

I seem to be in a minority, but he has bought most of them. Living in a large city I am sometimes told to go shopping for something, occasionally we shop together either on-line or in person, where I generally want the floor to open up as he engages the shop assistant in totally unnecessary chat!

Pink, you would prefer canes to hairbrushes! We need a serious talk!

ronnie said...

James - Hello to you. Were the same, have a large collection but only a few are used. My least favourite - easy it's the loppy johnny P got from Cane-Iac. My favourite (have more than one) - Leatherthorn paddle, the tawse and I have to say the cane, yes the more the canr is used the more I like it:) Thanks for stopping by and sharing James. Hope to see you again.

DD - Hello. I'd take the cane anyday before the hairbrush.

Luckily P doesn't use the hairbrush often. I wish we had a toy store near us as I would much prefer to see, feel and touch before buying but have to admit what I/we have bought on line has always been excellent quality. Thank DD. Hope you'll stop by again.


Red said...

Great thought... i think I have bought every toy(!!!), except when Cindy uses a regular household item as a spanking implement. Glad to hear that sometimes your spankings are disciplinary. It adds an extra touch tot he relationship, and if you like being spanked, one can really not ever complain.
happy spankings of all types