Friday, 2 September 2011

Not Fun Spanking

My bank holiday weekend finished with me getting spanked and slippered. I find the slipper so humiliating, I remember comics when I was a kid in which boys and girls were slippered, before CP in schools and homes became taboo.

How so, after a fun start? Well P's mother entered the scene on Monday, I suppose I blame her, or at least I did at the time, but really it was my own fault. P's mom had been staying with his brother for a few days, he's the one with the pub restaurant in Wales, and on Monday he brought her back to the midlands, calling on us first for a catch up and for his daughter to have a look through some of our son's old uni books as she's starting a similar course in October. P's mom only lives five minutes away from us and his brother, wife and daughter were staying there overnight.

We passed a few hours, P's brother asked what we were doing in the evening, P said nothing, I said why don't we go out to a restaurant. His brother seemed keen but then their mother chirped up that she had some food in and was planning to cook a nice dinner for us all, I think my face dropped immediately, I mean she'd been away for a few days so how could anything be fresh and in any case in my opinion she just doesn't cook well these days. I quickly said we'd been thinking of going out for a nice steak actually, P said it was the first he'd heard of it, his brother seemed interested as he likes eating in other restaurants, his mother said she'd been hoping we'd all be there, it would be nice to have us all round to her house for a change. Damn the woman, she knew just how to put it to get her way. P's brother gave up on the steak and agreed with his mom, P agreed it would be nice too, even though he's admitted to me loads of times that his mother's cooking leaves him underwhelmed. I held my ground and said we'd probably still go for a steak anyway but we'd call in for a drink on the way back. That suggestion went down like lead balloon but I didn't change it, then half an hour later our guests left, P's mother asking if we'd be round to eat or not so that she'd know how many to cook for. P said we'd call her and not to bank on it. I was amazed, I thought I was going to get a steak after all.

I didn't, instead I got spanked. Our guests left, our son left too because he wanted to show his cousin his shiny new company car so off they all went. We were alone and P was angry with me for making up a story about going out for a steak. He said I should leave it twenty minutes and then call his mom and say we'd be round to eat after all, I told him to stuff it, I'd rather go for a steak anyway. P told me not to be so bloody selfish and I'd got an attitude problem and he wasn't standing for it, and seconds later I was across his lap.

'You can't P, son will be back any minute, let me up I haven't done anything wrong you could see your brother would have preferred.......' and that was as far as I got before his hand landed hard on my backside for the first of several dozen spanks which soon had me struggling and protesting. After a few minutes of futile writhing and banging the floor P stopped and I though he was done and told him to fucking let me up. He didn't and I felt him stretch down to the carpet, straighten up again and wrap his right leg over my thighs. I couldn't see what he'd stretched for but I guessed soon enough when I felt it, he'd grabbed one of my rubber soled slippers to wallop me with. Struggling was useless now, P has very strong legs and I was trapped and had to take my spanking as best I could. Eventually I was apologising and pleading with him to stop which he did only after he felt sure he'd made his point.

I got up and went to go upstairs, I didn't want our son to return and see me flustered, but P told me to sit down, while I still could he added for effect, and he went and brought the phone handset over to me. ' Now call my mother and let her know we'll be joining them for dinner after all, we'll be over about 7.30. Go on, I mean it.'

God knows I didn't want to push those buttons, I was grieved at being spanked for speaking my mind over her invitation and I could just imagine her at the other end smugly hearing me concede. I made the call and luckily for me P's brother answered, which wasn't so bad and just as I put the phone down our son came in. My face must still have been flushed because he asked if I'd been running or skipping or something and I managed a smile and said 'No, just made a reluctant booking for us all to go and eat at your nan's. You can back out if you want' but he said it was okay he'd come.

So a bit later there I was at P's mom's and after a couple of glasses of wine I was happy enough and everyone was chatting away. When us girls cleared away, I would have liked to tell my sister in law in the kitchen I'd been spanked over this little get-together, we do get on well, but I though better of it. I'll keep my disclosures to here.

Have a great weekend.


Slipper picture from Spanking Blog


Stormy said... fair. I think I would have done what you did. Glad it turned out ok in the end. LOL.

Mane Empress said...

=( but it sounds like you recovered well. Ugh! I would have still been sniffling at dinner.

Mick said...

Of course, this wasn't really about where you would eat. It was about family relationships. Sounds like a difficult event all the way around. Glad the evening eased up a bit.

PK said...

I don't think I've ever been slippered, not sure I want to try. Still we can't help but respond when their being all forceful. Glad the evening wasn't horrible. So, what did you have for dinner?


Hermione said...

Well, I don't think you should have been spanked. P ought to have agreed with you and his brother that it would be better to go out to eat, since he knows what her cooking is like. She does push his buttons well!

How was the meal?


joeyred51 said...

You did not deserve a spanking.

At least you had some nice wine and the dinner was OK.


L. said...

It's always tricky dealing with in-laws issues.

My MIL is deceased now, but it was important to me to know that I came before her in my husband's mind, that my wishes were more important to him than hers were.

We had a number of disagreements about this early in our marriage but he came around to my point of view when he saw how much it meant to me to be #1 to him.

I think you should not have been spanked in this incidence and that you and P have more to talk about.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

I think P over stepped here. I think you should not have challenged him in front of the others. He must have some guilt he is trying to get over.

Mikki said...

Family dynamics are so difficult! Boys always try to make their mom happy... if momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy. I've seen it with my dad... my brothers... my husband. I don't even challenge it, it's not worth the fight.

Just make sure there is a nice bottle of wine on hand! :)

Sorry you got spanked over it... I don't know... I guess I have to go with Mick on this one...

findingsara said...

Ronnie, I was so surprised to see the title of your post...I thought you loved ALL spankings! :)

"I though he was done and told him to fucking let me up" Yeah, I have not found that patricular come-back to not work very well around here either! Sara

ronnie said...

Stormy - It did. Thanks.

ME - Have yet to cry after a spanking.

Mick - You can pick your friends but not your family:)

PK - No don't bother especially with a rubber soled one.

Hermione - It is a long on going thing with his Mother and wont change. Meal not worth mentioning.

Joey - Thanks. At least the wine was good:)

L, OBB, Mikki - It's a long story regarding his mother which I can go into. L, thanks for commenting and nice to see you here Mikki

Sara - LOL I usually do but I should know better after 30 odd years of his mother.

Appreciate all your comments. Thanks.


Michael M said...

This is a typical scenario in our marriage though it is me who normally does not want to visit relatives and therefore me who ends up taking a spanking for being truculent.
We end up going anyway so I wonder why I resist it so often.
The carpet beater has been brought out on more than occasion when I have whinged about going visiting with a promise of more and a different instrument when we get back. As for a slipper, my wife's hand is too small to hold one of these in a firm grip but she does use a favourite leather sandal in the summertime.
Have a good weekend. This might be the last of the sunshine.

MarQe's Study said...

Well done you Blog of the Month You!!

MQ x

Daisychain said...

LOL, Ronnie, you deserved the spanking and you know it!!! You never will give up gracefully will you, when it comes to his mum?

You should sweetly go to dinner with her, in fact, suggest it every night, P will soon be the one making excuses not to go, he clearly doesn't like her cooking either!!! Hahaha! xxxxxxxx

Daisychain said...

Personally, I think she asks you because she knows it ticks you off! If you seemed pleased to go, she wouldn't ask you so often, and even if she did, P would get fed up with the crap food!!! xxxxx

1manview said...

You should of known better to box with an old fox. No matter what, she is the mother and mothers always win.
You deserve the spanking for not out foxing the fox.. lol ...

Lea said...

I've never been spanked with a slipper but it doesn't sound good at all. There should be code phrases to use with our spouses when we want to get away from the in-laws in my opinion, lol. Hope you have a good weekend.

richardmt said...

Serves you right!
Just remember, you started all this!

ronnie said...

Michael - Ouch on the eather sandal. You've tried the CP as a spanking implement Michael. Thanks for that link, I'm keeping it in case the one in local shop has been sold.

MQ - Thank you, I was very surprised but highly delighted.

Daisy - I certainly did that's why it wasn't a fun spanking. You really think I would know better Cheers.

1mw - Sometimes times you just can't win with an old fox:) Thanks.

Lea - You wouldn't want to especially if it has a rubber sole on. We go back a long time and wont change. Thanks.

Richard - I thought you were my friend:) Thank you.


Red said...

Ronnie: still appears you are feeling wronged after being spanked. My impression is that you love being spanked, but not when it has a disciplinary reason!

I really believe that P did right by spanking you, but you should consider your re-actions.

An occasional spanking because you sulked and behaved like a little brat, can do no harm. By my way of thinking, accepting the spanking, and then forgetting about the reason instead of arguing and being cold for many days or hours with each other is the finest solution.

An occasional dinner at P's mother cannot be that bad. State that you will bring dessert (one you like), an appetizer (one you like) even though his Mom might say no, and a couple of bottles of wine. Thus, many parts of the meal will be enjoyable.

i would really like to know your re-actions to this spanking a month from now, after you have had time to reflect....

Happy Spankings (even if you didn't ask for it)

Kitty said...

I sure sympathize with you. My mil is too old to cook a meal now, but she used to be a good cook.

Funny that your son thought you'd been running!


ronnie said...

Red - I always react to a MIL spanking but your right it was deserved:) Thanks Red.

Kitty - I was rather flustered and flushed:) Thanks Kitty.


kiwigirliegirl said...

I wish I could say that I would without doubt get spanked for behaving like that - its part of my "ideal image in my head" of how this works but im sad to say that but at the moment im not even getting playful ones. Another speed bump for me.
I've never been spanked with a slipper before - wouldnt mind trying it out - not sure if it would hurt though.
Im glad that the evening worked out anyway - and way to go P for stepping up :) xx

ronnie said...

KG - Sorry missed you down there. Rubber soled slippers sting:(

Thanks KG.


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