Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Caned over my husband's desk

Now I know this is going to seem suspicious, or convenient; a little post about a caning to tie nicely in with my last post about bringing back the cane in schools. So I can only tell you that it is not contrived and those who know me will already know that and those who don't should get to know me better and then they will know. God does that make sense? It sounds a bit rumsfeldish:)

It happened last Friday and the only reason I didn't tell you about it was because on Mondays I do try and include little snippets from the weekend press if I think any are relevant to our passion. It happened because we hadn't had any privacy at home, or elsewhere for that matter, for over a week, for reasons I won't go into, and I was exhibiting increasing signs of tetchiness.

These manifest themselves in lots of ways from distractedness and mild moods to frivolous comments, saucy quips and rude remarks or gestures,

which actually irritate my husband especially towards end of week when he's trying to tidy up for the weekend. He knows why it happens but he rarely comments.

On Friday Clare was working, she doesn't normally on Fridays, which meant I had to watch my p's and q's all day, but she left at 3pm to collect her toddler from playschool. I came back from the loo and made an obscene gesture as I walked past P's desk to my own, the gesture could have indicated I had an itch somewhere private or that I was simulating masturbation, silly and childish I know. Anyway we got to about 5.15pm and I was done for the day, I was ready to leave but P said no, he had another half hour or so to do. If we'd been in separate cars I'd have been off but we weren't, so instead I let out an exaggerated sigh, reopened my laptop and started idly surfing.

At nearly 6pm I was getting quite annoyed and I deliberately clicked on a spanking video with the volume up. P must have heard it but he didn't say anything, he got up from his desk and left the office presumably for the gents, then a minute or two later his silhouette passed our office window again heading in the opposite direction from the gents. A minute later he re-entered the office and locked the snib on the door.

"All gone home," he announced, "now come here."

I gulped

and did as instructed, isn't is funny how you kind of angle for something and then when getting it becomes suddenly and unexpectedly imminent you get butterflies in your stomach. I stood at the side of my husband's chair while he retrieved a crook handled cane from under the lip of his desk and removed the short strips of packaging tape which holds it there. He moved his laptop and paperwork aside to leave a large clearing, then his chair went back and a childish and rude girl was guided by her husband's free hand over the desk, his other hand holding the wicked implement that normally resides beneath. I made the usual 'what are you..?...I haven't done....hold on a minute...' kind of noises but they didn't get me anywhere. I had thin black trousers on, too thin I couldn't help thinking, but at least he hadn't moved to take them down.

"I know exactly what's affecting you and, whilst I might agree recent circumstance have been a bit trying, I don't see any need for abject rudeness, moods or crude gestures, they don't become you and I won't tolerate them. I'm going to cane your bottom like the naughty and ill mannered girl you are, after which you will apologise and we'll go home and you'll behave like a responsible adult so that we can enjoy a pleasant weekend." Oh fuck fuck fuck I so wish I had notice of when he's going to do this kind of thing, I'd get his voice on record and play it over any time I feel horny. I didn't get it on record and a split second later I didn't feel horny anyway because his cane landed across the taut seat of my too thin trousers and it bloody well hurt and I cried out and stomped my feet side to side, a futile demonstration and effort to dissipate the sting. It didn't work of course, all it did was cause my husband to take a firm hold of my waist to restrain me somewhat and then deliver a rapid flurry of razor sharp strokes which had me gasping at the severity and relieved when it seemed, by the loosening of his grip, to be over.

He didn't make me apologise, just told me to get up and pack my laptop away, no more nonsense, we'd be leaving in five minutes sharp.

We left the office in less than five minutes, I'd hardly had time to recover, as we came out of the main entrance I paused on the step, looking both ways to see if anyone was watching. Ridiculous isn't it but I always feel so self-conscious if I go out immediately after being spanked, I mean nobody could possibly know, but even so I know my cheeks were flushed brightly as I followed my husband across the car park. On the short ride home about mid way, I placed my hand over my husband's on the gear shift and told him in a quite voice that I was sorry for my behaviour.

"I know, I made certain of it," he said.

We did have a nice weekend and, on Saturday morning, for the first time in a while, we had the house to ourselves and P gave me the other thing I needed. And goodness me I was ready for it.


First picture from Miss Pink.


Michael M said...

What a great description of a domestic caning. I am surprised this is not an everyday occurrence if the cane is kept so handy.
Michael M

Daisychain said...

NOT glad you were caned, but glad you got the other thing... ;) xxxxxxx

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Pleased to know that you were properly sorted out. But, that was almost a week ago. I suspect you are needy again. You guys need more privacy.

PK said...

Now I know that's the kind of day you really like! I hope what ever is bugging you is quickly resolved - well if this is the results maybe not too quickly!


Anonymous said...

Terrific post. I hope you enjoyed the rest of the weekend. :-;

ronnie said...

Michael - I do love the cane more than I used to but everyday, not thanks. Cheers. Michael.

Daisy - The other thing was much needed:) Thank you Daisy.

OBB - I know, think we need to move to a remote island:) Thanks.

PK - I think I need a holiday with lots of spankings:) Thanks PK.

Joey - Thanks. The weekend was very good.


Hermione said...

That was so funny when you turned up the volume of a spanking video. Imagine if someone had walked in! Glad you enjoyed the caning. It sounds very tempting!


Stormy said...

I have a hate/hate relationship with our cane. But I'd say you deserved it...soooo naughty! Glad you guys got back on track.


kiwigirliegirl said...

ohhhhh naughty - but i understand why - im gettng there myself. I hate the cane but im in need of it. I wish i could ask for it intead of playing up. Maybe this weekend who knows, but i doubt it as he is full of cold again.
Glad you guys are back on track though - amazing how it affects us when we go without and when we get it.
Great post
love and hugs kiwi xx

PK said...

Is there any other kind of relationship to have with a cane? LOL!


Rogue said...

Ouch, Ronnie!!! And very sexy that he had a cane handy! ;)

kiwigirliegirl said...

PK- there is the love/hate relationiship with the cane wherein he loves it and I hate it lol....

1manview said...

Be careful for what you ask for... Being without, make it more pleasurable when you get it. Can't even relate to not having that very lustful feeling of need down there.. lol ...

Have a great day, and better tomorrows...

1Manview ....

ronnie said...

Hermione - If wouldn't have been if someone had come in but I didn't think of that. Be careful what you ask for but if your curious try it. Thank you Hermione.

Stormy - It's so good to be back on track:) Thanks Stormy.

KG - It took me a long time to like the cane. Having withdrawal symptoms are bad. Thanks KG

PK - Don't you just like it a little more now?

Rougue - P keeps a few items at the office for such occasions:) Thanks.

KG - Good answer LOL.

1Manview - Hello. Thanks goodness it's not very often:) Thanks, enjoy your day.



I just thought, a little while ago I got a packet of self adhesive Velcro strips. That kind of thing might be better for P to fix a cane under his desk with. Rather than having to re tape it there every time :)


Lea said...

"..isn't is funny how you kind of angle for something and then when getting it becomes suddenly and unexpectedly imminent you get butterflies in your stomach."

Oh I totally know what you mean. And one of the things coming to mind actually involves a cane but that's a story for another day!

sixofthebest said...

Yes, a good caning on a naughty lady's bare bottom, in an office setting is perfect. Painfully perfect. And rightly so.

ronnie said...

Pref - Thanks, will pass the tip onto P.

Lea - I'll look forward to that story if you share. Thank you.

SOTB - I'm glad you think so:) Thanks.


Anonymous said...

I think you might just as well have walked around the office with a note pinned on you top asking for a smack bottom etc! However I feel P's reaction was a little OTT in caning you so hard.
You certainly deserved a few stingers but after a warm up spanking over his knees on the bare- naturally!
Best Regards ,Kent