Monday, 19 September 2011

Bring back the cane

So half of Britain's parents and one in five of students would be in favour of bringing back the cane, according to recent articles carried in the Express, Daily Mail, Telegraph and a light hearted snippet in the Sunday Times. I've linked the Express but the others are accessible online too, similar vein.

The cane was banned from state schools in 1987 and in private schools in 1998, so they were still officially whacking away in the posh schools only 13 years ago. I wonder how much unofficial whacking still goes on.

Thank goodness the government would find it nigh on impossible to poke its nose into private households let alone enforce a ban.



Michael M said...

This idea has been gathering speed around the net. It has its merits.
I don't think that the government will re-introduce it.
However,I am sure that consenting adults will be allowed to go on whacking one another.
Michael M

PK said...

Now for me personally I'm in favor of banning all canes from the planet but I know my friends have peculiar tastes so I won't push it.

As for schools, over here it's the paddle. Here in the south the principal are still allowed to paddle but it's used VERY seldom. At my school, none in the past few years. But I will say that every year nearly half my parents say "Now if they act up, you have my permission to spank them." I appreciate their support but no thanks - nothing I'd ever do. I know spanking is only for grown-ups!!


Anonymous said...

I attended private schools where CP was an every day occurance. Because of the abuse that I witnessed, I am against CP in schools. In my first career as a teacher, before being drafted into the military, I never used CP with my students. And, I taught in the toughest most dangerous neighborhood in the US.

In my opinion, spanking is for consenting adults.

Meow said...

Discipline in schools is a tough subject to address. I'd never suggest hitting children and don't even find the "schoolgirl" scenario very interesting as a fantasy. I guess I'm pretty indifferent to the whole "cane" thing. We don't use one and don't want one.

ronnie said...

Michael - Yes quite a lot about it in the press lately. Our government will never re-introduce it and in my opinion shouldn't. Thanks Michael.

PK - I know you will never like the cane. That's intereting about the paddle never new it could still be used in the South. Thanks.

Joey - I have to agree with you there Joey, I don't agree with caning in schools. P's school had CP, mine didn't. Joey thanks

Meow - The debate started as a result of our PM pledging to restore order in our schoold following the recent riots we had but CP wouldn't work. Maybe 12 month in the army. Thanks.

I have to agree for me personally, spanking is only for consenting adults. Though I was quite surprised that 1 in 5 students would be in favour.


Hermione said...

Here in Canada parents have been arrested for spanking their children in public, even if it's only with the hand, and for a very good reason - like slamming the car door shut on a younger sibling's hand.

The strap and ruler were both commonly used when I went to school, but are probably also against the law now.

But they'd better not arrest us adults for doing what comes naturally!


sixofthebest said...

I say, by all means 'Bring Back the Cane", for a naughty school-girls bare bottom. And in my opinion, mature misbehaving women, could also benefit from, being given 'six of the best', and I mean very best strokes, befalling their naked rear ends.

kiwigirliegirl said...

Here in NZ its also illegal to spank your children. I really do think this is wrong and leads to all sorts of unruley youths - the crime rate just increases. I as a kid was spanked and it never did me any harm - it taught me respect for my elders and those in authority.
I say bring back CP in schools and get kids back on track.

On a lighter note, i for one personally know from very recent experience the cane is a great deterrent for bad behaviour... :)
love and hugs kiwi xx

ronnie said...

Hermione - I don't think there is any harm with a quick smack on a childs bottom by a parent especially like you say when they have slammed the door on their young sibling on purpose. Thanks.

OTB - On a mature misbehavinbg women definitely:) Thanks SOTB

KW - Yes something needs to be done about discipline in schools but I don't think bringing back actual CP would work. I do agree though the cane work for me:) Thanks.


Poppy said...

I think the harm is done by too much governmental intrusion into the home and school. I am in no way supporting bringing the cane back to schools.
But I think that parents and teachers have a rightful fear that they will be criticised and worse f they discipline a child wrongly and children feel validated in "telling off" an adult who has not obeyed the rules. I think this is disconcerting for children and makes life very difficult for adults who care for children in one way or another.
Of course adults must follow a sensible course of action when they reprimand a child but I think it should not be the child that feels the power to chastise the adult.
I think it is all a bit sad and difficult for everyone.

As an aside, I was at public school (in the 1990s), they did have the cane and it worked very well but different era, and different lives. I cannot see how it would work today and would not like teachers to be put into the position of using it. Can you imagine the lawsuits? Either way, it will not come back- too much has changed.

Daisychain said...

The cane was abused in schools, especially by pervert teachers. They were not careful enough to ensure they had the right culprits, either. That just creates a feeling of injustice and does not instil respect. What needs to happen is a change of attitude by parents, to hold their kids responsible for their own actions, and deprive them of things they like. If the parents and teachers formed a partnership, it would help. Too often, parents undermine the teachers authority. And kids know exactly how to play one off against the other....

ronnie said...

Poppy - Hi, I went to an all girls school and didn't have the cane as punishment, just the usual detention and lines and that was enough in those days. We all respected our parents, teachers, police or anyone in high authority. I agree with you, the cane will never be bought back into our schools it just wouldn't work in this day and age but something need to be done. Thank you Poppy

Daisy - We had a male pervert teacher in one of my schools (all girls) for a while until we all got together and told the head about him . Parents need to be repsonsible for their own actions first, it stems from the home, well my opinion. Our Government has no idea how to bring back discipline in schools. Maybe all kids should do a year in the army. Thanks Daisy.


Red said...

Somehow, I think it should be returned to the school system... The pendulum swings from one end to the other, but sometimes it swings too far to the students can never be wrong.