Thursday, 4 August 2011

Just had to do the Meme

Yes my spanking post will be up tomorrow but K's Sweetie started a meme which I first spotted over at Meow's lovely blog and had to do one myself......

What is your screen name? - Ronnie Soul and I love to be spanked

Picture from EMW

How long have you been practicing TTWD - For quite a few years

What is your astrological sign - Virgo

What part of the country do you live in - More or less smack bang in the centre of the UK give or take x amount of miles

Do you have any children - Yes 1

Do you have any grandchildren - No but I hope to one day

What is your favourite colour - Why pink or course followed by red

Oh sorry you didn't mean on my bottom. Then blue

Morning or Evening - Evening most definitely. I'm a night owl

Favourite ice cream - Yuck, I don't do ice cream. Am I the only one?

Favourite sport - I love a number of sports but my two favourites are tennis and athletics

Favourite TV programme - No real favourite as I don't watch a lot of TV

First person who welcomed you to blogging - Still don't know how she does it but it was our favourite blogger Bonnie who linked me

One of the first to welcome me was one of my favourite bloggers and good friend

Todd and Suzy popped over and said hello (I don't know where their comment went)

And then another favourite and friend of mine Sara

Title of your first blog entry - Flabbergasted - And I was. I nearly fell on my chair when I spotted my blog on Bonnie's list but glad she did as I've had loads of fun and made some wonderful friends.

What are you wearing on your feet right now - I'm at work - heeled sandals

What's your favourite day of the week - Any day that doesn't start with a M, T, W or F

Who are you listening to right now - P telling me about the world stock markets and the price of gold.

Chocolate or Vanilla - Chocolate or vanilla what?

Tea or coffee - Tea. When I was pregnant I went right off coffee and haven't touched a drop since and that's over 20 years.

Favourite non alcoholic drink - Would have to say water. I don't like fizzy drinks except for champers and that's not non alcoholic

Favourite alcoholic drink - A nice glass of Rioja

Favourite vacation spot - Spain as we lived there for a number of years and it always feels like I'm going home every time I visit and I do love the sea.

Favourite Season - Summer

Place you want to visit - Been lucky enough to visit many countries but some still on my bucket list but would love to go to US and visit some blogger friends and then pop over to Canada to say hello to Hermione.

If you had to start all over again, would you still choose TTWD - Silly question to ask me, yes, yes, yes, absolutely yes.

Best piece of advice you can pass on about TTWD - Don't know if is the best piece of advice but I think communication, communication is very important and as Meow says if your new to this, have patience.

That was fun, thanks K's Sweetie.



Hermione said...

Hi Ronnie,

I loved your answers! How nice that memes are making the rounds again. Once upon a time they were all the rage. I will give this one a try soon.


MarQe's Study said...

Damn can'y resist a meme !!

Answers at The Study


findingsara said...

It's fun to learn more about you, and as ususal, Ronnie, you did it in style..with pictures! Nice! Sara

PK said...

Loved reading this!
Pink followed by red - ROFL!


K's sweetie said...

I am so impressed! Lovely pictures and intriguing answers. I love to listen (read) the way you use language. One question, you said you like tennis and athletics...what is athletics? I've not heard that term used in that context.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer!

Meow said...

Ronnie, No Ice Cream? Then what's your favorite sweet treat? Please say you have one! Meow

ronnie said...

Hermione - I can't resist a meme. Look forward to reading yours. Thanks.

MarQe - Glad you joined in. Cheers.

Sara - Very kind of you to say. You know me, I do love pictures:) Thank you.

PK - Well it's true isn't it, don't we all love pink on our bottoms:) Thanks.

K's Sweetie - No thank you so much for starting one, it's been fun. I'm a picture gal. Athletics, sorry I should have said track and field events. I used to compete a lot in running, high jump and hurdles and love to watch.

Meow - LOL. I like cheese cake, boring I know and at Christmas Xmas pud and Christmas cake. Thank you.


kiwigirliegirl said...

Hi Ronnie - awesome answers - and we were all a little slow the favourite colour question eh? hehehe....good answer!
Its always nice to learn a little more about my friends here :) thank you for sharing. xx

Free Spanking photos said...

Hola, tienes un blog muy interesante aqui, me pregunto si deseas intercambiar enlaces entre nuetsros blogs. Dejame saber que te parece comentando en el mío.


Lea said...

Always fun to learn more about my fave bloggers. In regards to the ice cream, I know a lot of people who just don't like dairy though I'm not one of them. You at least like chocolate, right?

ronnie said...

Kiwigirl - Why thank you. I'm glad K's Sweetie started one it was fun.

FSB - Hola. Gracias.

Lea - Funny, I like cream and milk but not ice cream. Cholocate thin and dark:) Thanks Lea.


Red said...

interesting to read. thanks for sharing..

ronnie said...

Thanks you for reading.


Daisychain said...

Great meme! xxxxxxxxxx