Monday, 1 August 2011

Supermarket Pickup

Well I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. We did, we had guests on Saturday which was nice, I'm pleased to report my husband's ear and hearing seem to be getting back to normal, P's mother went to her sister's for the weekend, yea!! (wicked aren't I) and I witnessed an attempted chat-up in my local supermarket which for some reason got my blood boiling and will almost certainly get me spanked pretty soon this week if not later today. You see the person getting chatted was my husband and I shall tell you about it because I saw it all from the end of the aisle.

It was Saturday morning, P wasn't working because it's summer and everyone's on holiday and things are slow, so he said he'd come with me to the supermarket and choose the stuff he needed to cook for our guests later. He wanted tiger prawns from the fish counter if they were fresh that day, then he wanted some chicken breasts for teriyaki which he said he could get off the shelf because they were going to marinate, as long as they were plump. While he was poking amongst the chicken breasts a woman approached him, brazen cheek, and touched his arm. She spoke and P spoke back, it was as if they knew each other. Then they both walked across the aisle and both of them bent down towards the bottom shelf, still chatting away, then they both stood, her smiling up at my husband still touching his arm, and parted company.

My husband bent down again and retrieved something from the shelf, then had to walk past the woman to presumably come and find me; as he drew level with her she touched his arm again and looked up into his face and said something, smiling, then a teenage girl, I assumed her daughter, came over and joined her, spoiling her play in my opinion, and my husband departed.

Well what a piece of work! I quickly caught up with P and tapped him on the arm, he was surprised. I asked him if he was disappointed it was me tapping his arm and not his lady friend, I said it with smile but I can assure you I did not find it amusing. My husband is tall and, fresh from his holiday, tanned and fit looking, he was on his own to all appearances and the woman had quite obviously been making a play.

P told me she was just helping him out, she'd found some corn fed chicken breasts at a good price on the opposite counter and thought she'd let him know. Admittedly he was carrying a pack of 6 corn fed breasts, but come on, what was all the touching and smiling, and I mean how much chatting do you have to do to point someone to a better product. And why wasn't she pointing all the other shoppers to her discovery. I asked him if he knew her from somewhere and he said no absolutely not, she just came up to him out of the blue. Then he asked me how I knew anyway and I told him I'd been standing at the bottom of the aisle watching.

'Why didn't you just come up and join me?' He asked.

'Because I didn't want to interrupt the two of you,' said I smarmily.

We saw the woman and her daughter at a checkout as we left and I sidled closer to my husband. I didn't mention it again that day because we had a lot on but I brought it up a couple of times yesterday half jokingly and P told me to knock it off, enough was enough, but I mentioned it again last last night and he said 'Right that's it, I told you you've got nothing to worry about but you will have if you bring this up again.'

So this morning, just as he was leaving for work, I noticed he had a different aftershave on and asked him if it was for anyone special. He just wagged his finger and left.

I do trust my husband and later in the bathroom I found an empty aftershave bottle, simple explanation. I believe his chicken story too and in fact I even think my husband is too straightforward to have realised the supermarket woman was making a play.

Anyway I reckon I'm going to get a sore backside for badgering him.



findingsara said...

I think your husband might choose to feel flattered that you care so much! Grant is similarly oblivious to women flirting with him. He just can't seem to grasp the concept "She could not have been flirting with me...I'm married!"

Not sure you should leave P loose in the produce aisle again, though! ;)

Hermione said...

Ron often sees old acquaintances in the supermarket, usually men shopping with their wives like he is. It's usually every man for himself at the meat counter. I can't imagine a woman pointing out a better product to someone else, and all that touching? She was definitely up to something. Good for P for ignoring it.

Since you're obviously bringing it up again (here) be prepared for a spanking once P reads your blog.


PK said...

Hey Ronnie,
I'm not jealous by nature either but really! All that touching and smiling was an obvious come on to YOUR man. But you were a lady, you didn't attack her in the store, you just made sure he was aware of a risk he probably hadn't realized.

All that being said I hope he give you a good spanking so you'll know you're his and he would never want anyone else.


Anonymous said...

It was pointed out to me that a woman at work was flirting pretty overtly with me--I hadn't noticed. I told Lynda who's a laid back soul, but she said she'd be dropping by soon to make sure the woman "cooled her jets" (her words).

Sara is right--a lot of us guys just don't notice because we know we're not on the market.

Meow said...

Now I know why Lash offered to do the grocery shopping since he's retired! Why do I never see any good looking guys when I'm there? Teasing P about flirting is flirting with danger, Ronnie. But you knew that! ;-)

K's sweetie said...

I would have done the slow burn too..sounds pretty blatant to me. Guys really are clueless to these things a lot of the time when it pertains to them...but are hyper-vigilant when it come to their women. Good for you for being so classy..

Anonymous said...

I meant to say that if it were the other way around and I saw a man flirting with my wife, a "slow burn" would not have been the way to describe my attitude.

On the one hand, I can understand a man finding my wife attractive. On the other hand, I would hurt him. Nothing personal.

ronnie said...

Sara - Our men just don't know how good they look. P's a pretty good looking guy anyway and more so with his tan and yes, next time I'll make sure I don't let him loose in any of the isles.

Hermione - I didn't like all that touching. P doesn't read here Hermione unless I ask him to but he's like an elephant - never forgets:)

PK - LOL, you wouldn't have called me a lady if you could have heard what I was muttering under my breath.

Mick - It was all the touching that got me but think I held myself pretty well in check, I mean I didn't clobber her.

Meow - I never get flirted with when I go grocery shopping, maybe I need to change supermarkets:)

K's sweetie - Hello and thank you, I think I handled it pretty well.

Thank you all for stopping by.


Red said...

Ronnie: Quite a dilemma for P. First the woman, and then your nagging him deliberately into giving you a spanking. He will have to be inventive on this. Maybe on the next vacation out of town, he will have you bend facing out an open window, and spank your bare bottom. The danger of others hearing or seeing might just dampen your enthusiasm to nag him, which I have never heard before.
interesting to see how P makes this one memorable.

ronnie said...

Red - I wouldn't say I was nagging him more teasing:)

Thanks Red.


abby said...

Ronnie, I think you desrve a good girl spanking of your choice for your restraint!


Many men are very thankful to women who help out when they have that bemused "Which do I buy" face on, including me. Never really thought that it was a come on though, just a charitable act. Is a "O God I haven't got a clue" expression a turn on for many women?


Audra said...

Ugh, my hubby would have reacted the same way...I swear he is oblivious to women hitting on him.. it sometimes drives me crazy!!!!

He had a old girlfriend once try to be his "friend" and he finally realized one day she wasn't interested in just being friends... he was totally shocked about it too... I was just like... duh wasn't I telling you that from the beginning? LOL.

We joke about it now, and of course I do trust him 100% but its very annoying when some women try it!

Daisychain said...

LOL, Ronnie, you are winding him up on purpose in order to get a spanking! We know it, and I bet he does too! xxxx

richardmt said...

Hi, Miss Ronnie,
Wow! What a story!
I know you have stated that you
are a submissive, but I think it's
P who deserves the spanking.
Imagine, flirting with another
woman! Tsk,tsk,tsk!
Why don't you turn the tables around on him?
You know, any excuse for having
some fun!

baby girl said...

I wonder what would happen if you told him about how extra super duper helpful the butcher was with you (or whomever) and *gosh-gee whiz* of you didn't know any better, you would think he was flirting with you...


Maybe you would get two spankings for the price of one!

Lea said...

Men can be so dense sometimes... I don't think you deserve to be spanked for that, like you said, at least you didn't clobber her. :-)

ronnie said...

Abby - Yes I think I was quite restrained. Thanks.

Prefectdt - P never has that "which do I buy look" as he comes from a family of chefs and is a good one himself. He really thought she was just being helpful. But the plain fact the women simply fancied him.

Audra - LOL men. There this women in our office building who fancies him, P had no idea until I pointed it out. She ignores me:)

Daisy - You might say that but I was quite annoyed and yes I was spanked yesterday.

Richard - LOL, it really wasn't him flirting he was oblivious to her. He really thought she was just being helpful.

Babygirl - LOL P wouldn't go for that one.

Lea - I don't think I would really have clobbered her, well at least not in the supermarket:)

Appreciate you all stopping by thanks.


Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: Look at it from this point of view. It is nice that you know he is yours and will always be yours even though other women still find him atractive. And nice that you know the other women can't have him. I have to admit all the toughing was a bit much, though.


ronnie said...

Hey FD - Your right but it was touching got really got me.

Thanks FD.


kiwigirliegirl said...

oh dear id be exactly the same and I would go on and on about it too for days until he had had enough .and i was otk .. but some women - the cheek of them! But on the positive side Ronnie, be proud that your husband is so attractive be proud that he is yours and you love each other - its a great compliment really :) xxx i hope is he is lenient with you...good luck x

kiwigirliegirl said...

P.S. I could add that you could suggest he think about it how he would feel if the boot was on the other foot - but then you could be in trouble for chatting back to a strange man - so its a no win situation really :( lol....

richardmt said...

We men, then, don't stand a chance, do we?

ronnie said...

Kiwigirl - Wasn't too linient at all:) If P saw me being chatted up he would probably think I was just being helpful or friendly. He says I'll talk to anyone. Thanks.

Richard - You stand no chance LOL. Cheers.