Friday, 5 August 2011

My Comeuppance

Aren't you glad it's Friday, I know I am.

Remember my post - "Supermarket Pickup" and me saying I thought I'd get a sore bottom, well I did. I deserved it too. At least that was my opinion by the end of the spanking.

It happened early Monday evening, we had the house to our ourselves, we hadn't been back from work long and I was just going to take a book outside and sit in the late sunshine for half an hour before I started dinner when P told me he wanted a few words with me. I followed him into the lounge, I was pretty certain what the word would be about even though it hadn't been mentioned all day at the office. I was quite prepared to defend my behaviour, after all I love my husband and frankly would fight tooth and nail if I thought something was really going on.

Anyway I didn't have to give any explanations, I was taken firmly by the arm over to the settee where P sat down and pulled me across his lap. I had my white linen trousers on, he didn't bother taking them down, they're thin enough not to offer much protection and he started spanking me over them really hard, not a word was spoken for about two minutes, the only sounds were me struggling to get my breath and the slap slap slaps of my husband's hand against my buttocks which felt like they were on fire when he paused. Note I say paused not stopped.

The words he mentioned were one-way traffic, from him, I didn't get a chance, it was a telling off. He asked if he'd ever given reason for me to distrust him, if he was a bad husband, if he went out drinking, well other than the occasional beer if a friend came over, if he stayed overnight after meetings away from home, if he talked with me about my business, my interests, he even asked me if he was a good friend to me, he'd never asked me anything like that before. He scored on every point, I had to admit sheepishly.

Then he told me to raise my hips a little and he unhooked my trousers and pulled them down to my thighs. 'Then why do you piss me off by interrogating me as if I were some lightweight flirty type looking to engage with other women for the wrong reasons?' I didn't answer, I don't think it would have made any difference if I had, he resumed spanking me and I though about what he'd been saying and I knew he was right. The words he used really got to me and I apologised, not to get the spanking stopped but because I felt bad. It didn't get the spanking stopped anyway, it just faltered for a second or two while P pulled my white knickers down

and said 'Not half as sorry as you're going to be' and picked up the pace.

Towards the end he had to clasp his right leg across both my thighs to help keep me still, I was struggling so much, I was snivelling too not actually crying but not far off. A spanking can't do that but words can, and a spanking thrown in doubles the effect. When he'd finished he pulled my knickers back up for me and set me on the carpet looking a sorry sight, he told me to pull my trousers back on and go have a read of my book as he would he prepare dinner and off he went.
I went and sat outside, alternating from cheek to cheek on a wooden terrace chair, not really concentrating on my book at all and thinking what a really decent husband I've got.

Have a good one.



Bronte said...

I know it was a spanking but that's really very sweet. I love the rhetorical questions he asked you too.

bree512 said...

Well, sounds to me like you won't be doing that again will you now?....Right?...Ronnie right?.....Hmmmm..... I DO love it when they hold one down with their legs...I did have the opportunity to do the same thing you did and resisted the urge...Darn! Giggles.

ronnie said...

Bronte - Hi. P has a why with words when he spanks and they always get to me:) Thanks Bronte

Bree - I certainly wont Bree, I can assure you:) Thanks Bree.

Love to you both,

Hermione said...

I knew P wouldn't let the incident slide. Good for him! And he made dinner too.

You lucky girl!


PK said...

Not to make you jealous or anything, but I think P is a real doll! Not only is he a great husband he a great spanker and doesn't hesitate to show you how good he really is.

Being good with words is a special bonus too. You are a very lucky woman!


Florida Dom said...

I have to agree with everything PK said. You are so lucky to have him.


findingsara said...

Several years ago I received a spanking very much like that which included those sorts of rhetorical questions. (Not over jealousy but trust in general) I remember it to this day, not for the spanking, but for the words. Yes, Grant deserves my trust, and P deserves yours. We're very lucky gals!

Have a great weekend Ronnie!


ronnie said...

Hermione - As I said P's like an elephant - never forgets. Thanks Hermione.

PK - Oh yes, so you think my husband is a doll do you, I need to have words with you:) He's always been good with words. Thank you PK.

FD - And him me:) Seriously I know I am.

Sara - It's the words every time they get to me. Yes we are both damn lucky. Thanks Sara, have a good weekend yourself.


Red said...

Ronnie; Wonderful that P dealt with your behavior, reassuring you of his love. Fun to read of the love yo both have for each other.

DevlinONeill said...

Hi, Ronnie! Very glad you found out how wrong you were in your take on events, even though the lesson stung quite a lot. That's often the way it is with folks like us. ;-)

And BTW, congrats on getting Chrossed!



I could do with having a wife like that :)


Rogue said...

Nothing like a man who takes care of business -- and cooks, too! You are a lucky lady! :)

ronnie said...

Red - He always takes care of business well:) Thank you Red.

Dev - A lesson learnt indeed. Lovely to see you here. Spotted I was Chrossed, yeah. Thanks and congratulations on your Chrossing.

Prefectdt - LOL. I hope you do:) Cheers Pref.

Rouge - A man who spanks and cooks (and he's a damn good at both) Thanks Rouge.


Daisychain said...

Heehee, P is great! Davey always knows how to get me with words too...I feign annoyance when he lectures me and tells me off and demands I respond when he knows damn well he has me bang to rights, but I give it my best shot, that way I get an even better (I mean worse) lecture!!! xxxxxx

Lea said...

It is the words that get to me the most, too. Glad it is over and done with now so you don't have it weighing on your mind. I recently wrote about a comparison with tops and bears, but seeing your comment on elephants I realize there is a comparison to be made there too. Well, that's for another post. ;-)

Hermione said...

Congrats on your Chrossing!


richardmt said...

What a wonderful description.
BTY, what is Chrossing?
Glad you and P had so much fun.
Thank you for sharing,

ronnie said...

Daisy - Oh what fun you'll have when Davey gets over here LOL. Thanks Daisy.

Lea - Thanks. I'm a little bit behind with my reading. Will have to pop over and read your "tops and bears" post.

Hermione - That's really lovely of you to stop by. Thank you.

Richard - Thank you very much.

Chross is one of the bigger blogs, he publishes a post called "Spanking of the week" and f he puts your blog on for that week, your number of readers jump enormously for that day and for the rest of the week. Everyone loves to be Chrossed.


kiwigirliegirl said...

well he sorted you out good and proper didnt he ;) xx You are very lucky :)
Its where i want to be at with my hubby - a no-nonsense spaning when one is deserved. And I sure have deserved this week but nothing is happening. Oh well.
For me not only is it the telling off but its the feeling guilty all at the same time that brings on the tears - every time.

ronnie said...

Kiwigirl - Sorry I missed you there. I like a non-nonsense spanking just taken OTK and dealt with.