Friday, 26 August 2011

Herric and Ward

Friday already (yippee!) it's been a spankingless week so far so nothing to report in that respect.

So I'm posting some lovely drawings from two of my favourites. Cheri Herouard (Herric) and Bill Ward. I don't think Ward needs any introductions.

Couldn't resits this one, not sure who the artist is.

It's actually a long weekend in the UK and a busy one for us so I'm not sure whether spanking will find it's way into it or not. We are at friends on Saturday and staying over as we haven't seen them since January when we visited them and spotted the Butt Fest signs. On Sunday were going to a car boot sale, I love them P loathes them, as there's one locally every Sunday during the summer months and my friend collects plates. She must have hundreds and has them all over her house, probably some value there too but she doesn't do it for that reason, it's just a hobby.

Then we have family over on Monday so I won't be reading and commenting as normal (I have to take my smart phone to the bathroom and lock myself in to have a read - did you notice I said 'smart phone', yes my trusty nokia has gone, I hate changing gadgets but P persuaded me to, have to admit its much better for online.)

Have a good one.



Anonymous said...

Hope you have a fun weekend.

PK said...

I always love the pictures you post. It's not only the pictures but the knowledge that people have enjoyed spanking for a LONG time!

Enjoy friends and family this weekend.


Hermione said...

I think the ladies spanking on the horse are in for trouble. One stray whack and that horse is off!

I like car boot sales too. We don't call them that, but I know what you mean. Ron hates looking at other people's junk. We have enough of our own.

I'm in the market for a smart phone. Is that like a BlackBerry?


ronnie said...

Joey - I think we will. Our friends are fun. Cheers.

PK - I think it will be a lovely weekend. Thanks PK

Hermione - That photo I like but I know what you mean about a stray whack:)

What do you call car boots?

Blackberry not the same it's more like the Apples's iphone, touch screen and all that. Didn't go for the iphone decided on a HTC. Only had it about 3 weeks, took a little bit of getting used to texting because of the touch screen but I like it. Thanks.


Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: Yes love those old pictures to show spanking is nothing new. Thanks for sharing.


Daisychain said...

Have a great weekend, Ronnie. Knowing P, he will fit something spanky in somewhere this weekend!!!
Thanks for the pics, they were great! xxxxxx


Thanks for the images, especially the one with the horse. not seen that one before. Have a great weekend.


Meow said...

Thanks for the pictures! Have a great weekend and I hope you can sneak in just a little spanking. Enjoy the phone, too!

Lea said...

Great pictures and hope you have a great weekend!

ronnie said...

FD - Your very welcome. Glad you enjoyed them. Cheers.

Daisy - We'll see:) Thanks.

Prefectdt - New to me, I hadn't seen it before. Thanks Pref.

Meow - Very doubtful but I can always hope. Loving the phone. Thank you.

Lea - Thanks Lea.


Red said...

great drawings..thanks fro sharing.. specially love the second one with both ladies smiling.

ronnie said...

Thanks Red. The girls on the horse is my favourite.