Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Bad Attitude

P said to me last night that I seem to have a bad attitude which is probably due to him not having spanked me for over a week

And he went on to say that he would be helping me with my attitude at the earliest opportunity.

Picture from Miss Pink's blog

On a more serious note. I was appalled to see the scenes in London which have spread to some of our other cities. Our Parliament is being recalled tomorrow in response to the riots and quite right too though I'm not sure what it will achieve. Our Parliament hasn't had to be recalled since summer 2002.

I read a selection of views from the BBC which covers other news media from around the world and it seems interesting to note that many other countries link the violence to actions taken by our police force and social unrest whereas our Government is telling us it's just pure criminal opportunism. I guess the truth is somewhere in between the two..

I'm away later for a few days. Will have my laptop but not much privacy so I wont be reading or commenting as normal.



bree512 said...

Hugs Ronnie. Be safe.

ronnie said...

Thank you Bree.


Anonymous said...

Hope the trouble ends soon. Be safe.

findingsara said...

Well, if he's let you go a week, then the attitude is P's fault, isn't it? I'm sure he'll take care of things soon.

The unrest must be very scary. Stay safe and let's all hope it passes quickly!


Our Bottoms Burn said...

Recall Parliament! There has been talk of recalling our Congress. Gads, they already do enough damage, leave them at home. Hope your Parliament works better then our Congress.

Criminal opportunism? How about hooliganism?

Finally a little coverage of it in the US. Quoted two women, "we just want to show that we can do as we please". hmmm The veneer of civilization is getting thin.

PS, even with a bad attitude, you look real good in the fishnet hose!

richardmt said...

Gosh, you have a wonderful positive
outlook with what's going on.
Yes, by all means, you and your family, and loved ones, and fellow
citizens, who believe in law and order, be safe.
Take care,

Hermione said...

I hope you have a chance for some attitude adjustment while away.

I heard that there haven't been fires like this in London since WW2. And children as young as 11 taking part in the looting! Why aren't their parents controlling them?

Oh, well, I suppose it was just as bad in Vancouver recently, but that was only one night.

Hugs and stay safe,

Anonymous said...


Glad P is going to take "care" of you!

Sorry about the riots...hope you are safe.



Getting mixed reports about the riots. So far there seems to be fault on both sides. Time and information will make things clearer in the long run. It was refreshing to see people using social media, Facebook, etc to organize mass clean up groups.

Have a good trip.


kiwigirliegirl said...

I am British but living in NZ. Sometimes I am so ashamed to be British when I watch the news and see the riots. Parliament should have been recalled days ago - nevermind the PM holidaying in Tuscany. Its time they called in the army and got things under control
Be safe Ronnie - see you back safe and sound soon
love and hugs xx

Daisychain said...

Great post, Ronnie, hope you get your attitude adjusted soon!!! xxxxx

Red said...

Hi Ronnie: I hope you and family stay safe. I agree with Bogey Criminal opportunism? How about hooliganism?
This is why we have laws, and police to enforce them, and why every society has always needed jails. Enjy the holiday, and may you be spanked for being a good girl, not a crabby one.

ronnie said...

Joey - Thanks. All was calm last night.

Sara - LOL, you are so right.
3 lads were ploughted into Wednesday evening (hit and run) and one of their fathers asked for calm which seemed to have worked.

OBB - Oh yes lots of hooliganism. One poor lad was beaten upon and a couple of lads helped him up only then to rob him as he was dazed. Yes that quote was correct.

Richard - Thank you. I hope that's the end of it now.

Hermione - Afraid not only me away:( Yes reports are correct. A furniture store who had been in the same family for 140 years and survied the WW2 was burnt to the ground, Thanks Hermione.

Kitty - Thanks. Luckly riots are quite a few miles away from us.

Prefectdt - My opinion police very slow to react and especially in Manchester. Yes it was good to see everyone come out for the clean up young and old.

Kiwigirl - Thank you. Our PM has agreed if necessary to put hose cannons and rubber bullets into operation never before used in the UK only Ireland but things seems to have quitened down, thanks goodness.

Daisy - Thanks Daisy. Hope all's well with you.

Red - Yes I agree as well Red. Afraid not a holiday and only me away. Thanks.

We appreciate your concern. Lots of police presence on the streets last night which seems to helped quiten things down.

Thank you.