Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Give a little hint

A Spanking Brooch, spotted on ebay.

Cute eh, but would you dare wear it?



bree512 said...

Yes. Of course I would. I am very daring. One of the reason I get spanked. Sigh.

Ummm....On second thought...How big is the brooch?

ronnie said...

Bree - Very daring. I suppose it could be worn to give a hint that it's time you had a spanking.

I can't find it on eaby now.

Thanks Bree.


Anonymous said...


I would NOT wear it...I'm not that brave and plus I'm sure Daddy wouldn't want me to.


findingsara said...

Yep, I would, but only at home, when I was intending to send a message! ;) Sara

Hermione said...

I would wear it, pinned to the inside of a jacket. I love it, though. It's one of a kind, I suppose.


sixofthebest said...

What a find, a bare behind.

Red said...

saucy... something to wear on vacation...

kiwigirliegirl said...

how very cute - not sure i would wear it though - perhaps around the house but then my kids have eagle eyes and ask questions so maybe not - but its very cute and it would be a lovely present from a HOH to his wife :) xx

Meow said...

I'd wear it around the house for Lash to notice. I also love Hermione's idea of wearing where it wouldn't show. How fun to have that secret!

Ashley said...

absolutely never

Lea said...

Very cute, would never wear it in public though.

Pink said...

This would so come in handy.

But, no, I could never wear it.

Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: Perfect to wear at home and if you forget and wear it outside the house, a perfect conversation piece.


Anonymous said...

Couldn't wear it, not my colour ;)

ronnie said...

Kitty - If you know he wouldn't like you to then of course you wouldn't.

Sara - That's what I would do with it.

Hermione - I like that idea. Your secret

SOTB - And now I can't find it again.

Red - Yes maybe when your far from home.

Kiwigirl - Definitely not with kids around. I don't know if you have a girl but if you do and she's anything like my small niece she would be pestering me to give it to her to wear and I'm sure her parents would have some questions.

Meow - Yes I like Hermione's idea very much, your little secret

Ashley - Hello and welcome. That's fair enough.

Lea - Not one to wear for all to see.

Pink - Not even in the house?

FD - A conversation I'd rather not have:)

Appreciate you all stopping by. Thanks.


Daisychain said...

OH MY GOODNESS, Ronnie, where and how on earth do you FIND these things? LOL, you are one of a kind!
To be honest, although it is amusing, as a piece of jewellery (sorry) I think it is hideous, and can't imagine why anyone would design a brooch like that!

ronnie said...

LOL Daisy, I just knew you'd say something like that.

Thanks for stopping by.