Wednesday, 29 June 2011

To Bi or not to Bi

Bi-kini, that is. Should I or shouldn't I. That's what's been playing on my mind since P spanked me that time when I was reviewing my holiday gear and the bulges I had to squeeze into it.

Then on the weekend I was given a huge boost, a get-out in fact, when the Sunday Times Style magazine ran an article on beach wear and it's definitely cool to wear a one-piece. Not the naff Nigella so called 'burkini' fudge but a real stylish sexy one-piece swimsuit. Apparently Net-a-porter is now showing as many one-pieces as two-pieces, couture cossies you might call them.

They had some tips on what to wear and not to:-
  • Splashy florals tend to be ageing. They're out then.
  • Black is chic.
  • White is strictly for the mahogany tanned and fit.
  • Detail is important, especially up top (don't want to look like a member of the Olympic swimming team. Unless you can swim like one of course)
  • A one-piece has to cling. Baggy is definitely not on.
  • A cutaway is harder to wear than a bikini.
  • Heidi Klein and La Perla are the cossie queens. La Perla look as if they've been sprayed on, Klein look athletic glamorous and durable.
  • Avoid halter tops and pants. Unless pregnant.
Well that's sorted then, just a shopping trip to squeeze in, should be able to make it on the weekend. Of course I'll take my trusty bikini with me too (on my holiday not the shopping trip) because my husband approved it. But I'll surprise him with the one-piece when we're and maybe only wear my bikini around the pool for his eyes only:)

Oh did I tell you by the way, we're going on holiday soon, all the s's, a real sun sea and sand type, yes I know there are two more s's to add, spanking and sex, don't worry they'll be there.



findingsara said...

Ronnie, I think you're going to have a wonderful time, in or out of that bikini! We'll look forward to the stories! I do hope it's lot's of fun!


PK said...

You are going to look beautiful in any suit you wear. I'm kinda stuck in a one piece these days. You are so lucky to have the choice! I know you are going to LOVE all your S's. And we will need to hear all about it as soon as you get back.


ronnie said...

Sara - I'm sure I will, thanks.

PK - Thank you. I'm not certain if I'll wear it but it's going in the case. Don't forget we all want to hear about your travels as well.


Meow said...

My bikini days are long over! : ) Enjoy wearing it for P!

Hermione said...

I love having the choice of leg styles in a suit. I prefer to have the legs not too high cut. the picture in the post is a lovely suit.

Have fun, fun, fun!



Not sure why but I have always found one pieces more flattering to the female form than bikinis but then I have always regarded the Olympic finals of the women's triathlon as a form of pornography, so perhaps my opinion is a little bias. Hope you have a good hols.


Anonymous said...

Have a great time. I know he will!

Daisychain said...

I haven't worn a bikini since I was 16 and dived into the pool, nearly losing the bottoms! So I decided to jump in and the top shot up round my neck...that was IT!!! They are so annoying! One piece cossies ever since! Have a wonderful holiday, with all the "s" words.... xxx

kiwigirliegirl said...

one piece all the way for me but im sure you will look absolutely fab in whatever you wear. have fun, hurry back you will be missed and cant wait to hear about your holiday :) love and hugs xxx

Florida Dom said...

Ronnie: I am sure you will look great in any kind of suit, but I am sure he will like you to wear the bikini for him.

And glad that you are going on a holiday soon.


ronnie said...

Meow - I think I will. Thanks Meow.

Hermione - I'm quite looking forward going out the weekend to choose one. Fun is definitely on the agenda. Thanks Hermione

Prefectdt - LOL, so you will be glued to the Olympics swimming events. Thanks Pref.

Mick - I think we both will:) Lovely to see you Mick.

Daisy - LOL, how embarrassing. I do like bikinis so much cooler than a one piece. Thanks Daisy.

Kiwigirl - Thank you and yes you'll hear all about it:)

FD - Thank you kind sir.


Pink said...

I have a body-hugging, cleavage-showing, bright red one piece. It's better than any bikini on me.

Have a fantastic time, Ronnie!

ronnie said...

And I bet you look gorgeous in it Pink.


Have a fab weekend.


Red said...

Ronnie; Hope you wore the bikini more often